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  1. MSE boxes are enroute from WavesandWheels, I'll update after they are installed. Thanks for input.
  2. My plan was to put an infinite baffle in the port and starboard console firing into the cockpit. But if I remember correctly the consoles are open to the front/back at the top. An infinite baffle/free air subwoofer needs complete front to back isolation for proper operation. So I was going to try the MSE enclosures under the rear bench if they would fit. Would be awesome if you happen to get a chance to measure yours SG!
  3. Boat is in storage and looking to purchase a couple of waves and wheels sub enclosures. Does anyone know the width front to back of the storage under the rear seat of 2008 210SSI? Or has anyone used the MSE marine 10" subwoofer enclosures under their bench in this series of boat? Just need to know if they would fit ? Or even any ideas for subwoofer placement, local dealer has talked me out of infinite baffle as can't find a correct place with front to back isolation in this boat
  4. The first year the warden wouldn't let me drill a hole in the boat so I used a Magma mount for a square rail and bolted it to the rear starboard pop up cleat........wasn't a fan due to it sticking up all the time and figure a kid or someone was going to slip and fall on it, so last year I used a Flush mount Magma mount and drilled and mounted it just behind the rear pop up cleat. Works great, best addition to the boat so far!!
  5. sorry for the delay. I put on a high five 19p and it was a little better then stocker, but not much, so I went to a 17p high five and my god, for my use and loads it is THE ticket! Awesome out the hole pulling 2 boarders, 4 tubes, doesn't really matter, and it still gps'd at 48.9 or something, which I'm not that concerned about, don't cruise wot to often anyways.......just putting it up there if someone is worried about trying the 17p highfive, it seems to be an awesome match for the 210ssi/350mag/alpha, assuming you don't run light all the time..........if i'm alone with 1/2 a tank I can ge
  6. Anybody?? I can't be the only guy on here with a 210SSI 350MPI Alpha drive.......?
  7. Hi all, I have a 2008 210SSI with a 350MPI.......it currently has a dealer installed merc prop 18P 4Blade Aluminum, which seems to be alright..........top speed is only about 43-44 on GPS at approx 4800 RPM, with 4 adults, full fuel, full coolers...we never seem to be able to travel lite! ..............has lots out of the hole..........wondering what I would see if I went to a Stainless High Five 19P......We are generally pulling a 3 person tube with kids 60% of the time, as well as people trying skiing, wakeboarding, hydrofoiling etc..............so I guess mostly watersports..........looking
  8. Awesome, thanks for the responses.........as far as top end, the bottom was just cleaned before I bought it, boat only has 34 hrs on it.........I know with my old boat, weight played a large issue in performance, but it has a little tiny engine........with this combo should I notice a full tank of fuel, 3 adults?? Or should I bet investigating further? What kind of loads are you carrying when you talk about the 50mph+ top ends? Previous owner said he could get a 52mph indicated on dash.......I'm about 8mph slower than that, so I guess that could be the extra people, and fuel..... Thanks, I'
  9. Hi all, Just picked up a new to us 2008 210SSI, with the 350Mag, Mercruiser in it. I'm moving up from an 07 Glastron GT185, with a 3.0L My first impression, is WOW, what a nice boat, lots of room, quiet, and tight! First question is what kind of topend should I see, it has the Alpha drive with stock prop........with 3 Adults(600lbs), full tank of fuel, and probably 100lbs of misc gear, trimmed out on smooth water I seen a GPS of 43.9mph at 5000RPM.......would this be about right for this boat? I was kinda thinking it should do over 50mph?? 2nd question is is the trim gauge is erratic....
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