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  1. Guys, I need the part # for the forward ladder on my 2000 sunesta 233. I called windline and they said I needed to contact chap. Does any one have? Thanks, jehbal1
  2. jehbal11

    2003 sunesta 233

  3. Thanks guys. I also wanted to know how many people it can ride comfortably?
  4. Guy I am about to buy 2000 sunesta 233 with 312hr. It has a 5.7 mercruiser with a alpha one outdrive. It is six teen. Just wonder about the hrs, price and if it has room for 8
  5. Someone else suggested the bravo 3. I was wondering about room for 8, with a small child. To know if it is worth what they are asking.
  6. Guys I am purchasing a 2000 sunesta 233 with 312 hr on it. It has only been in fresh water. It had a 5.7 mercruiser with a alpha one outdrive. Need Advice
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