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  1. The owner of the 28' Cobalt didn't know much about seamanship and that is what his family was embarrassed about. Even if you are being towed you are still responsible for your boat.
  2. Our forum rules are very harsh and must be followed blindly without comment. Plus this is a hunting forum and we only talk about deer and antelope not money or politics.
  3. I reread all your post in the thread and you should get an award for not taking a sledge hammer to the boat. But it seems you and the host of mechanics have checked everything. Did you replace the spark plug wires when the rebuilt engine was installed? My mercruiser would only run with OEM wires. Never could figure it out but once I replaced the wires all the hard starting and stumbling went away.
  4. Get a lift, get a lift, get a lift. Boat lifts eliminate the need for bottom cleaning , paint repair , outdrive cleaning, which makes them superior to keeping a boat in a slip. When considering this factor, don’t forget that scum build up on the bottom of a boat cuts top-end speed by one or two MPH, it adds toxins into the environment, and it costs money to maintain the bottom every season. Boat lifts are also incredibly convenient; walk down the dock, press a button, and your boat lowers into the water. And, on top of all this, you never have to worry about a dock line chaffing against the
  5. Take his advice on fuel pumps
  6. This forum is terrible for trying to sell things. I have been advertising my car, "low mileage ", on here for years and no takers yet. The readers are very snooty.
  7. Don't get a girl's paintball gun, get yourself a man's varmint eliminator.
  8. Use good lines and you won't have any worries.
  9. Phillbo, I think the picture is just someone barbecuing on his boat.
  10. I made the mistake of trying to tow a 30' sailboat with a broken mast. With there keel and extra weight it is impossible to tow unless both captains are knowledgeable and sober. Warning, sailboats don't slow down as fast as a cruiser and will come right up your rear end.
  11. it is important to remove the keys from your boat at the marina and docks also. Truck thieves are turning into boat thieves now. It is a crime of opportunity much easier than vehicle joy riding.
  12. Cattle rustlers and truck thieves need hanging.
  13. I think One week from the time it is delivered to the dealer and it should be ready for you. When you ordered the boat all the options and rigging equipment should have been ordered by the dealer. But like others have said patience is needed with all boating related projects. One of my past boats was rigged with the wrong outboards, it took the dealer 3 weeks to correct the mistake. That dealership is out of business now, wonder why?
  14. The term has now changed to BOATS Bust Out Another Thousand Some
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