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  1. Bendinglass

    Magic Eraser is really Sand Paper?

    I use hand cleaner to clean grease stain. It takes it all off! No harsnrubbing and it's gone!!
  2. Bendinglass

    Insurance claim problems

    Go to theinformedinsured.com. And talk to them on the forum. Very helpful.
  3. Bendinglass

    Graphic Ideas

    My wrap is doin great!!
  4. Bendinglass

    280 Backrest removal

    Mine has two threaded rods that go through the setback, and bolt to the bottom of the seat.
  5. Bendinglass

    Boat Insurance says they may not pay

    Request a different adjuster!!
  6. Bendinglass

    replacing floors

    I wonder how PVC board would work. It's lighter and stronger than the 3/8 plywood, and would last longer. Just a thought.
  7. Bendinglass

    93 Merc 3.0 will fire but

    Check the plugs to see it they are wet with gas.
  8. Bendinglass

    Boats for sale - cheap

    If the insurance company considers it a total loss, they will sell the salvage, unless the owner buys the salvage from the insurance company and resales it.
  9. Bendinglass

    unknown carb

    These are easier than hollers, IMO. I have an extra one like that, but probably needs the same rebuild your needs.
  10. Bendinglass

    unknown carb

    Those carbs are simple. If I were in New Orleans I would do it for you. Just take it to someone with a good reputation.
  11. Bendinglass

    Boats for sale - cheap

    I go through theis just about EVERY YEAR!! There are a very few people that have no choice but leave their boat at chance. It's not like it was a surprise like a tornado. We knew it was coming!! There a people that take the precaution, people that just don't care, few people that have no choice, and the ones the say "I have insurance!" in that pile of boats there may be a dozen of em (at most) that the owners had absolutely no choice. I would say a most of them did not heed the warning and underestimate the power of hurricanes. They are the ones that are screaming for help now just like alot of the people in New Orleans after Katrina, and still to this day have not attempted to clean up afterwards. No I'm not talking about all New Orleans or New Yorkers. Just a handfull just like the boats washed up. I'm speaking from experience, not from CNN.
  12. Bendinglass

    unknown carb

    NAPA can cross reference it for you and order it.
  13. Bendinglass

    1992 1900 slc 4.3 yamaha

    Tried the shift interrupt switch?
  14. Bendinglass

    boat name on 246 SSI

    Take a picture of your boat and take it to a local sign shop. the can use your bouat as a template and show you how it looks on different parts of your boat.
  15. Bendinglass

    Water Not circulating throughout Engine

    Check your manifolds and risers. Mine did the same thing. I changed both water pumps, with no luck. Changed the manifolds and risers and that was the problem.