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  1. I know this topic has been discussed previously so I will not go into why I'm replacing the carpet in my '06 Chaparral. My question Is whether or not there is a backing on the factory installed woven vinyl flooring? Sometimes referred to Seagrass. I seem to remember there was no backing last time I checked out a boat show. Maybe another brand. Also does anyone know the brand or manufacturer of the flooring used by Chaparral? Thanks
  2. Lanier Marine Liquidators, look them up on the internet. Last I checked they had almost 30 Chaps, mostly older boats from the 80's & 90's. Most are parts boats.
  3. Goin' on Thursday to avoid crowds. I'm looking for a a new GPS, the Garmin finally died last summer. I want to check out the Dragonfly series by Raymarine, anybody have any experience with these units?.Also does anyone know of a good place to eat near the show? Maybe a good Irish pub or a place for a good crab cake sandwich.
  4. Hey Kyle glad to hear you're looking at Chaparral for your next boat. My current boat is a 2006 246ssi, with a 6.2ltr (320hp) Mercruiser with a Bravo 3 outdrive. As mentioned in a previous post it is laid out differently than the current model. There is plenty of well thought out storage space including an area under a seat for the cooler, this frees up deck space. My first boat was only 17' and always seemed cramped for two reasons, no storage space for "stuff" and it was only 17'. By the time my wife and I loaded up the three kids and gear you could hardly move. Anyway a boat's layout is onl
  5. Rich, sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved boat especially under the circumstances you describe. Unfortunately there is a segment of our society that have no respect for hard working folks property. Rest assured the karma train will crash into the person(s) who did this terrible act. Good luck with your insurance claim. Keep us posted...........Cheap Sunglasses
  6. Forgot to mention they also part out boats..........
  7. Google Lanier Marine..............they sell used boats and parts of all types. Their site says over 700 used boats plus trailers, motors, etc. Last time I checked they had about 30 used Chaps, starting around several hundred deer. One or two from the 70's to more current models. Good Luck!!
  8. Many thanks to our current, past and future servicemen and women, including their families and friends. Let us never take for granted your sacrifices for our nation's (and others) freedom. Special thanks to Dad, Army: Uncle Joe, Army; Uncle Jake, Air Force; Chappy, Army; Aaron, Navy; Art, Army; Allen, Army; George, Army. Check out this link to Ron White, an Afghanistan veteran who has memorized every soldier's name and rank killed in Afghanistan, He travels around the country and writes every soldier's name from memory on portable wall panels.It takes him 11 hours every stop. http://www.su
  9. This is our third high & dry season at Triton Marina. They are good people and the seasonal staff who get your boat in and out are very helpful. I tip them throughout the season, generally every third time out mixed in with giving them whatever left over cold beer I have at the end of the day. Sometimes I think they appreciate the cold beer more than a tip. The one thing I will caution you about is paying attention to the tides......do not leave or return at low tide!!!!........it is extremely shallow during low tide at the marina. We used to trailer our boat but I found I have gotten more
  10. Check out this link for a Garmin install with a Ram Mount.........you can also search the forums with the key word "ram mount" http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?showtopic=10529#entry143274 http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?showtopic=10529#entry143315 Good Luck................
  11. Very unfortunate.... It may not be a cheap repair, but hopefully it will be easy, Is it covered under your insurance policy? Good Luck!!!!!
  12. Insured with Travelers, had one claim with them and they were very easy to deal with. Claim was promptly paid. I agree with others..."Agreed Value" is the only way to go, a little more expensive but worth it.
  13. Sharp looking boat!!.........Happy to have you back in a Chaparral!!!!
  14. Some thoughts on the 2014 Atlantic City Boat Show. Chaparral was well represented with 14 boats: 270,330, 370 Signature; 224, 244, 264, 284 Sunesta; 257, 277, 287, 327 SSX; 246 SSi; 21 Sport H2O.......I forget what #14 was.....oh wellChaparral should have had one of their jet boats there; Scarab, Glastron and Yamaha all were displaying jet boats. More dealers than in past years brought "leftover" models(2013) to display, many with generous discounts.I did not see a single "sold" sign on any boat, usually there are a few. The show continues to shrink in size, as it has over the past 3-4 years,
  15. No argument from me with anything you said. We owe a great debt to our veterans. During the past month I have read several articles about our veterans that cause me great pain. Perhaps some of you have seen or heard the numbers: 22 active duty military members commit suicide daily (this does not include veterans), 63,000 homeless on any given night, 6000 plus soldiers with severe amputations due to IED's and similar dangers, close to one million active service-members with at least one mental disorder. Currently there are almost 200,000 service-members seeking mental heath services from the VA
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