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  1. SMLWinds

    Wakeboard Holders on Tower

    I have a 2011 206 SSI with a wakeboard tower and the wakeboard holders that come from the factory. They work great but I have an issue--I have my boat on a pretty large river part of the year that can get rough at times. Furthermore, the river is shallow so when putting my boat on lift you have to lift the trim. In the end, I have a very hard time navigating with the trim up in rough water and thus end up bouncing off pilings. While I love the wakeboard holders, they often take a beating trying to get the boat on the lift. It would be no problem if I didn't have the wakeboard holders, but they stick out past the side of the boat so catch on the pilings coming into the slip. Are there any wakeboard holders to fit the Chaparral factory installed tower that can rotate out of the way for docking, storage and travel? It would be nice if I could find a way to fold them in and get them out of the way when I'm trying to navigate into the lift in rough water. Thanks!
  2. SMLWinds

    Rope Around Prop...Damage?

    If it matters, I have a 2011 206 SSI with a 4.3 Volvo-Penta
  3. SMLWinds

    Rope Around Prop...Damage?

    So I was docking in rough water and the person holding the rope attached to the back of the boat dropped it and it promptly got wrapped around my prop. The boat them simply cut off. I didn't try to restart it and when I took it out of the water, I easily unwrapped the rope which was wrapped around the base of the prop 2-3 times. The rope was actually still intact! My question is this--is there a shut off that protects the engine and shut the boat off or did I possibly do some damage to my boat? I think I'm going to go try to start it but wanted to ask if there is a safety shut off build in that protects the boat of if I have done some damage. Thanks for the help!
  4. SMLWinds

    Drain Plugs

    Guys-Very basic question....when I got my boat winterized they pulled the drain plug and appear to have misplaced it. So, I need a new drain plug. I have a 2011 206 SSI. Is there a standard plug I can pick up for the back drain or does my boat require a special plug I have to get from Chaparral? I thought about just trying one but didn't want to cross thread it and hurt the boat and certainly didn't want to risk it leaking if the seal wasn't perfect. Thanks for your help!
  5. SMLWinds

    Vinyl Repair vs. Replacement

    Are these repair kits you are talking about just patch the hole? Cost really isn't an issue, which is why I was just considering purchasing a whole new cushion but I don't know how much they cost. I thought $175 seemed a bit steep to do a few minutes of sewing but I admit I may not know everything that is involved in the repair. Thanks!
  6. SMLWinds

    Vinyl Repair vs. Replacement

    I managed to gash the rear stern seat (directly in front of the engine; the center stern seat) on my 2011 206 SSI with a wakeboard fin. The rip is probably about 3 inches. I had it priced to get it repaired by an upholstery shop and it costs $175. My questions are: 1) Is that a reasonable price? 2) Would I be better off to just buy an entirely new cushion? 3) If I wanted to buy a new cushion, how much does that cost and is there anywhere online where I can purchase it? Thanks!
  7. SMLWinds

    Plugs to drain the engine block

    I have been away and have not winterized my boat. We are hitting cold temps this week and it has been concerned. I have not been able to find anyone to to a quick winterization so I was hoping to be able to do some damage control myself. I hear there are engine block plugs you can pull that will allow the water to drain out. Can someone tell me where these plugs are located? I have a 2011 206 SSI with a Volvo-Penta 4.3L engine. I finally located a shop manual, but don't think I have time to wait for it. Just want a back up plan in case I continue to have trouble finding someone to winterize the boat before this storm reaches us later this week.
  8. SMLWinds

    Looking for Manual for my boat

    Dear All-I am looking to buy a shop manual that will tell me how to winterize my boat and do other basic maintenance and repairs (things like changing the impeller, etc.). I am very confused by all the manuals out there as to what I should buy. I have a 2011 206 SSI Wide Tech with a Volvo-Penta 4.3 engine. I have searched this board and found several links to manuals but none of them seem to work. If someone could post a link to what I need to buy I would REALLY appreciate it. Thanks!
  9. SMLWinds

    Vinyl Issue--help!

    So I dragged my wakeboard over my back seat on my 2011 206 SSI today and the fin on it sliced a gash in my seat cushion. It is a clean cut, about 3 inches long. It is on the center back seat, which pops out. Is there any way to repair the gash and make it still look good? I have the sand colored tan interior. Does anyone know how much it costs to just buy a new seat totally? I know it can be repaired but I'm weighing 1) how it will look and 2) how much it will cost and wondering if I should just not worry with it and buy a new seat. Any help is appreciated! If there is a chance it will look right, I'll definitely take a shot at fixing it!
  10. SMLWinds

    DIY Repair Manual for Volvo Penta?

    Thanks! Will put in my order right now! Anything else I should get, or does that about cover most everything?
  11. I have a 4.3 Volvo Penta in my 2011 206 SSI. I am inexperienced working on boats but am fairly handy and looking to become more proficient. Can any recommend a good book/manual or two that would serve me well as I learn more about maintaining, fixing basic problems, and repairing things with my engine? I am certain there are several books and manuals out there, but I don't know where to find them or which ones are good. Thanks!
  12. SMLWinds

    Help! Trim reservoir leaking on 206 SSI

    I forgot to add that I have the 4.3 Volvo Penta engine. Would really appreciate any thoughts people have. Thanks!
  13. I had a problem with the trim on my 2011 206 SSI last week. It was stuck up and would not go down. Eventually, I figured out that the power trim fluid was the problem. I refilled the reservoir, which is located on the outboard side of the boat in an apparently closed system. After that, the trim worked fine! However, I noticed when I put the trim all the way up, fluid would shoot out of the side of the black reservoir like a water gun. There is a small white circle, that appears to be a plug, around which the fluid comes out. Although the trim worked fine after filling the reservoir, it continued to "sweat" fluid. I returned today after being gone for 5 days. I left the trim up on the boat (which is now on my trailer) and when I returned, the trim is completely down and there is a spot on the ground where the power trim fluid has leaked out. There is no dip stick so when I filled the reservoir I completely topped it off so I was hoping that the fluid shooting out was a pressure relief valve. Now, I'm thinking I likely have a leak. Is this something that I can replace myself? Where is the best place to order a new reservoir? If the process is not too involved I would love to do it myself, otherwise I can take it to the dealer (and get charged $500 upon entering the parking lot...). Any thoughts on the problem and how to handle it are appreciated!
  14. SMLWinds

    Trim Stuck on 2011 206 SSI

    Fluids look good...will check on the trim limiter switch in the morning. What exactly does that do? Any other thoughts are appreciated!
  15. SMLWinds

    Trim Stuck on 2011 206 SSI

    And, correct me if I am wrong, but I think unfortunately my warranty is long gone! I think the warranty was only 1 year. Does this sound like a potentially really bad problem?