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  1. I use sea foam as a stabilizer and fuel treatment it seems to work well
  2. Happy to hear it is up in some areas sad to hear not in others here's hoping you get a wet spring.
  3. When you are about half way through your test ride open the engine hatch a look for water in the bilge.
  4. How are the water levels for you folks in Texas looks like lots of rain or so says the weather folks on CNN
  5. Please note I said cut spending first and the cuts where large and painful. The tax code was overhauled. I will give you a quick break down on what i pay in taxes on a per week basis. 1083 gross 52.23 Canada pension plan 20.43 Employment insurance 232.89 federal income tax Plus 13 % sales tax on just about everything but food. This is to give you an idea of income taxes this does not include $6000 per year in property taxes that go to schools and the city. Mortgage interest is not tax deductible. To the housing market issues it is more complex and much simpler at the same time. Simpler in that my mortgage was issued by the bank that then holds it, terms are 1 to 5 years with a amortization of 25 to 30 years. Canadian banks tend to be very conservative in nature and if you want to avoid to pay CMHC (Canada Home Mortage Corp) fees you need at least 25% down The complex issue is the way the rules differ between the countries.
  6. Well up here we cut spending and raised taxes the most hated of which was the GST which is a federal sales tax set at that time to7% now down to 5%. Here in Ontario the sales taxes are 13% called the HST ( harmonized sales tax) which is federal and provincial combined. The tax is on everything except food essentials, pop and chips are not essentials and are taxed. The military spend was cut to an extent that I do think that you would tolerate, I believe that about half of the US budget is spent on the military. My view is that the country is bankrupt but no one will admit to it! Instead the discussion is on gay rights and contraception! To quote a famous/infamous Prime Minister " the government has no business in the bedrooms of the nation"
  7. Well 2002 CBR 1100 and a1997 Valkyrie both great bikes in their own way.
  8. Well there is only a few little issues you folks have to deal with. Like public finances. The banking / system. As an outsider I have a few questions and observations but I will not mention them unless asked as I know many here will object to them.
  9. lrb

    420 Premiere

    No boat since oct 1st no street bike since nov 1st mayhap it is time to start the video games.
  10. Chaparral is spelled wrong. Does not prove it is or is not a chap but I would be very careful.
  11. We have a 246 ssi with the 5.7 dual prop volvo very happy win the power. I did a little research and found that the dual prop design is about 15% more effecent . Try really hard to get the biggest dual prop you can get or if you are a little creative and have a few screws loose you could get the 5.7 and "find" a dual drive to attach to it.
  12. lrb


    Yup time to make sure the snow blower is ready.
  13. Some small differences in trailer lighting requirements more marker lights. Depending on the size of the boat it may have to have a fixed porta potty with pump out only but other than that not much different. As a rule Canadian requirements are tougher than in the states.
  14. At 6'3" I find the seats in the 246ssi just fine
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