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  1. It's call "black interior" but it's white with gray and black trim. Doesn't look like it will be too bad for heat. The engine is a Volvo V-8 350 Gen V EVC 2.32 DP 350 HP Catalyst with the closed cooling system. The porcelain toilet is a must have for the admerial, she's done trying to keep a plastic potty clean. The pump out will be a lot easier than toting the plastic potty for me as well. The boat come with Twin Simrad NSS7 EVO3 Chartplotter/Multifunction Display (Includes: 7" Color Multi-touch Display's with Chartplotter, GPS, Wifi, Insight Charts Inland & Coastal, Transducer and E
  2. Gibby

    2021 237 SSX

    1st. I would add the seadeck snap in carpet, great on the feet and knees, and easy to clean plus the wife will love it. Then I would add the Sinrad GO7 chart plotter fish finder touch screen for Dad to safely navigate the water way. Then if you wanted to fish off the boat your all set up. The chart plotter with the way points is fantastic for navigating and finding those great spots. You won't regret buying a Chappy our 2005 Sunesta 254 has bee a great boat and the initial build quality is top notch. Soon to be a 2021 287 SSX. Plus the 5 year warranty give you 5 trouble free years of boa
  3. New to Lake Norman and could use some suggestions about boating on the Lake, such as: places to eat (have been to the Blue Pelican like it), decent places to buy non-ethanol fuel, areas to AVOID (I need 4' draft), places to raft up, and any other suggestion you may have. Currently have a 2005 254 sunesta but will be replaced in early May with a 2021 287 SSX from Boat Rack. We're on the upper lake the "quite end", and the boat is in a slip with a lift at Long Island Marina. We have noticed, being up on the upper end of the lake, that a lot of debris comes down after heavy rains. Gibb
  4. We're replacing our 2005 254 Sunesta with a 2021 287 SSX. We have until 2/26/2021 to make any changes so I need some must have suggestions. Her's what we ordered on her: porcelain pump out toilet, 12v fridge in front of helm storage area, Sea Deck snap in carpet, Windlass Stainless Steel anchor, fresh water sprayer for bow and stern, Volvo 350hp with closed loop cooling system, Premium Pkg., Fire Extinguishing System Automatic/Manual, Blue under water LED lights, EFX Electric Folding Arch Tower - White, Trim tabs, Cockpit and bow cover, JL stereo upgrade 6 speakers and subwoofer, cockpit tab
  5. Cyclops 2: Sorry i didn't say before but, I used a dentist pick to probe both cracks and both times I hit a hard surface that the pick had trouble penetrating. I have not been able to use the gopro just yet but, will very soon I hope. The black area is from the prior owner changing fluids and not cleaning up. I'm not to worried about that area.
  6. While de-winterizing my boat I noticed that each side of the motor mounts had slight cracks. My bilge never has water that high, but I'm worried about moisture getting into the stringers and rotting the wood from within. Would you suggest gel coating that area and maybe using a gopro to inspect further?
  7. Gibby

    Graphics B Gone!

    Much improved....... Nice job.
  8. +1 Cyclops2, when you hit the motor you engaged the worn brushes causing them to come in contact with the armature and make a complete circuit. Sounds like a new motor would fix your issue.
  9. Gibby

    New Toy

    He almost looses it in the first few seconds, had he not braced his foot.
  10. So when a state implements a drug program and, test welfare recipient only 5% fail. Seems like it's working to me? I don't want to stereotype anyone but, if you want my hard earned tax dollars then pass a drug test showing your at least trying. Don't just test welfare, test unemployment as well. Kwood92 +1 on people in the military needing welfare and, there are a lot of people out there working their hardest and still not making it that need help. I Have no problem giving them a hand up just pass the drug test. Not a pee test, a hair sample tells so much more. Heroine is a real problem
  11. My F150 is a 2010 Platinum and the one cool thing the Admiral wanted was the heated and cooled seats. We have the Extended mirrors and love them but not electric fold . Do wish it had been an option back then it would have been a priority item. Love the high tech stuff we use the weather radar all the time prior to going out with the boat. You will enjoy the Ford for a long time Congrats.....
  12. In the olden days, you put paste on the bottom of a long wooden stick to "Stick" the tanks in the am to measure volume and water content. The paste was brown going on and when in contact with water would turn red. Water is heavier than the gas so it sinks to the bottom of the tank. Back somewhere around between the late 80"s and the 90's all gas stations were required to have non metal tanks installed to prevent ground water contamination. Then ethenal came to pass and, water became a problem for our fuel. Additives, is really the only help and, not always a cure. You can remove the gas
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