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  1. Gibby

    Cracking Motor Mounts

    Gel Coat or Fiberglass/
  2. Gibby

    Cracking Motor Mounts

    Cyclops 2: Sorry i didn't say before but, I used a dentist pick to probe both cracks and both times I hit a hard surface that the pick had trouble penetrating. I have not been able to use the gopro just yet but, will very soon I hope. The black area is from the prior owner changing fluids and not cleaning up. I'm not to worried about that area.
  3. Gibby

    Cracking Motor Mounts

    While de-winterizing my boat I noticed that each side of the motor mounts had slight cracks. My bilge never has water that high, but I'm worried about moisture getting into the stringers and rotting the wood from within. Would you suggest gel coating that area and maybe using a gopro to inspect further?
  4. Gibby

    Graphics B Gone!

    Much improved....... Nice job.
  5. Gibby

    outdrive wont go up and stuck on ramp

    +1 Cyclops2, when you hit the motor you engaged the worn brushes causing them to come in contact with the armature and make a complete circuit. Sounds like a new motor would fix your issue.
  6. Gibby

    Who Will Be The Next President?

    +1 Kwood on term limits.
  7. Gibby

    New Toy

    He almost looses it in the first few seconds, had he not braced his foot.
  8. Gibby

    Who Will Be The Next President?

    So when a state implements a drug program and, test welfare recipient only 5% fail. Seems like it's working to me? I don't want to stereotype anyone but, if you want my hard earned tax dollars then pass a drug test showing your at least trying. Don't just test welfare, test unemployment as well. Kwood92 +1 on people in the military needing welfare and, there are a lot of people out there working their hardest and still not making it that need help. I Have no problem giving them a hand up just pass the drug test. Not a pee test, a hair sample tells so much more. Heroine is a real problem in our area as well as meth.
  9. Gibby

    Thinking new F-150

    My F150 is a 2010 Platinum and the one cool thing the Admiral wanted was the heated and cooled seats. We have the Extended mirrors and love them but not electric fold . Do wish it had been an option back then it would have been a priority item. Love the high tech stuff we use the weather radar all the time prior to going out with the boat. You will enjoy the Ford for a long time Congrats.....
  10. Gibby

    Water in fuel tank of 2008 33 ft Signature

    In the olden days, you put paste on the bottom of a long wooden stick to "Stick" the tanks in the am to measure volume and water content. The paste was brown going on and when in contact with water would turn red. Water is heavier than the gas so it sinks to the bottom of the tank. Back somewhere around between the late 80"s and the 90's all gas stations were required to have non metal tanks installed to prevent ground water contamination. Then ethenal came to pass and, water became a problem for our fuel. Additives, is really the only help and, not always a cure. You can remove the gas tank float opening and test for water in your tank (new gaskets only, don't try to reuse the old). Paste is on amazon Kolor Kut 460-KKM3-Tube 2.5 oz. modified water finding pasts 15 deer.
  11. Gibby

    Who Will Be The Next President?

    Mandatory drug testing if you want a government check for unemployment, or welfare. If you fail, 1 year waiting period till you can then take your drug test and reapply. Just like working people who are paying for these "FREE" services and, have to pass a drug test to get a job. I do believe in these services, but if you want us to continue to pay for them, show us you are drug free.
  12. Gibby

    MD 10% Ethanol

    Always Stabil, keep a bottle in the truck.
  13. Gibby

    Camper canvas instructions for 2007 310 Sig

    It must be warm. Zippers first then snaps. And only use pledge with micro fiber towels on the isinglass sections. + 1 on the snap repair kit. It was the very first tool and I bought for the boat and it has saved me lost of time and trouble. I always start from the front and work my way back. Silicon dry lube on the zippers worked wonders after the first time lol.
  14. Gibby

    Seeking 264 Sunesta

    Sweet boat... Why this site does not have a boats for sale section is beyond me. I'm on a lot of other forums Jeep, Keystone, F150 and such and all have a for sale section. Anyone know why this forum doesn't? Something to do with Chap?
  15. Gibby

    Stereo Remote Fix

    Nice job. Where did you end up buying the remote from and how much? It's on my "long to do list" but my system is still working after 12 years.