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  1. Congrats on the trip! Thank you for sharing!
  2. Friction brake!!! If this is true, it's great news! How is this accessed?
  3. My boat will not hold speed at all, it is always in slow down mode unless i keep consistant pressure on it. Is that normal? 5.7 VP on a 220. To me, perfect pass would potentially be quite valuable, especially when my wife is driving...ugghh.
  4. Names: Take Off, Blue Skies, Blue Yonder, Landing Gear, Flaps Down, Wet Hangar, Grounded, Main Gear, My Other Rudder is Dry. Ok, I'll quit now, that was fun!!! Sweet boat and great post!
  5. Lake LBJ is my favorite place to boat. I'm not sure its a big Chap lake, in fact, I see alot of Kayot, which is kind of an odd looking boat. Anyway, don't leave the area without going all the way to the "top" of LBJ in the Colorado arm. That's where we boat exclusively. It's really scenic, mostly protected from the wind, and there are a few coves and areas that are great to hang out in. For location, check out Heart of Texas Resort, which is near the top and just about as far upstream you can go. Log Country Cove is up in that area too and it has a really cool (and huge!) log cabin right on the water that is really a sight to see.
  6. I just got mine in the mail and will probably install it this weekend. I've done a few projects that require power, KC lights and stereo in the jeep, but I'm a little unsure where and how to get the power for this device. Is there a way to simply tap into the power that runs to the stereo or does it needs its own power run?
  7. After seeing your post, I spent some time checking out this crossing on the internet. It really sounds great if you can get good weather or have the flexibility to wait for good weather. This is something i want to do someday, so I really hope you will provide us with trip report. Someone suggested the Keys as a backup plan, so i think either way you could have an amazing week. Couple questions: Is the shipper responsible for getting the boat in the water in FL or are you meeting him there and taking care of that? How many people are going on your trip?
  8. My 07 220 had a polarity issue as well. You can swap them in the back.
  9. If I were you, I'd keep my lower unit in my speedo while cruising at the speeds mentioned.
  10. Wow, thank you for sharing! I'd love to get there some day!
  11. For a two week payoff, I'm hauling it. One day I will do something like that....to some Colorado mountain lake. It looks like you have plenty of tow vehicle. With that big rig, does your fuel mileage take a big hit when pulling the boat? Just curious, what mileage do you get with and without the boat? Where is the vacation destination? Upstate New York?
  12. Ric, you are one pleasant individual.
  13. To each his own, but I'd be making that road trip myself. Could be a fun adventure!
  14. I added an amp and new speakers to my stock head unit. They also installed an ipod cable that allows you full functionality with your ipod or iphone, not just audio in. They were able to plug this new cable into the back of the head unit. This also charges the device.
  15. Merzescorner

    Barn Find

    Wow! She looks great! Lets see the engine and the after pics!
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