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  1. chappie190ssi

    Where to go

    Hello, I live/ and -in Indianapolis and we have been all over Indiana boating by far the best lake is Patoka, always been leary boating on the Ohio because of debris, however you can't go wrong going to Dale Hollow absolutely beautiful. My dad lives 20 minutes from Patoka so we go there a lot including this weekend 9/6-9/7. look for a red 190 ssi
  2. I live in Indy, we boat just about everywhere in central and southern Indiana and we love our Chaparral!

  3. chappie190ssi

    wakeboard tower

    I have a 2007 190ssi and my boys are trying to convince me to add a tower to my boat. I have heard it will void the hull warranty anyone ever added one or have you had any problems resulting from adding a tower.