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  1. Friscoone

    Ski Boat Kayaking

    For those who like tow behinds!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yp6yRSFEyqc
  2. Friscoone

    Road Boat

    Guess this guy just can not give up his boat so took it on the road. http://www.watchersweb.com/sub_preview.php?sub_no=8Y9ZU1474672292
  3. Friscoone

    New Toy

    My next toy to play with on the river http://www.watchersweb.com/sub_preview.php?sub_no=dnd5H1461202853
  4. Friscoone

    Boat Just Stopped Running

    The cicuit breaker on the engine is the one I pushed seveal times but nada
  5. Friscoone

    Boat Just Stopped Running

    1989 178 XL 3.0 Mercruiser with Alpha 1 drive Wife and I were out today and engine just stopped running. There is no power to the gages on the dash and nothing happens when turning the ignition switch. The tach is stuck on 3000 which is what it was at when the engine stopped. Anything that is not connected to the ignition switch works : bilge pump, tilt and trim, blower. Checked to make sure no loose wires as well as pressed the circuit breaker several times, I am at a loss. Any thoughts out there? Thanks in advance Frisco
  6. Friscoone

    Power Steering Pump Oil

    I know that some say to use 10-30 oil in the power steering pump. My question, would it be Okay to use 10-30 synthetic oil. 1989 178XL Alpha One Thanks In Advance
  7. Friscoone

    Smart Tabs

    WOW is all I can say. Just got back from my first trip in my 1989 178 XL with Smart Tabs installed ,which was as easy as the video claims. The admiral like to go slow <10-15 MPH> and before was always adjusting the steering No More. can take my hands off the wheel and she runs straight and true. Gets on plane so much faster. So if any of you are considering Smart Tabs, well worth the one twenty investment.
  8. Friscoone

    My season finally begins next week

    Lucky you. Am looking out my window at the river where I keep my boat all summer and ice is still 300 feet or more out on both sides. Will be another 2-3 weeks before the ice is all out
  9. Friscoone

    Windows 8.0 & the lack of Out Look Express !! Help

    Cyclops, Had the same problem with Win 8 and Outlook. Downloaded Win Live mail and it works fine for me. Also tried Thunderbird but like Win Live Mail better. Did the Win 8.1 update yesterday and Win Live Mail still work fine. Hope this helps.
  10. Friscoone

    Belt Dressing?

    Thanks for the opinions and advice. Changed out the belt and was not all that bad. Also took Professor48's advice and old belt is now zip tied away from the pulleys and ready to be used if ever needed.
  11. Friscoone

    Belt Dressing?

    Thanks for the opinions. Guess I will have to bite the bullet and replace the belt. Does not look to be easy. Any hints or suggestions other than take it to a mechanic? I am pretty handy and would like to do he job myself. Thanks
  12. Friscoone

    Belt Dressing?

    Wondering that forum members thought are on using belt dressing on the alternator belt. The belt on my 89 3.0 is glazed and squeals pretty bad on start up. After a few minutes it does quiet down. I really don't want to replace the belt. Have used belt dressing on my tractor belts but not sure about using it on my boat belts. Thanks in advance for any advice and opinions.
  13. Friscoone

    Where do I find a replacement axle for the trailer?

    http://www.northerntool.com Has quite a selection of axles Good luck in finding one.
  14. Friscoone

    3 blade to 4 blade prop?

    Due to an unfortunate encounter with an unseen rock, I need to replace my prop. Fortunately it spun the prop so hopefully no other damage. Now to my question... I have a 1989 178 XL Alpha 1 3.0 130 HP Mercruiser, present prop is 14 1/2 x 19 pitch 3 blade. Would I gain anything by going to a 4 blade prop or should I just go with a similar 3 blade prop. Thanks for input in advance Frisco
  15. Friscoone

    Replacing Radio/CD player

    Time to replace the radio/CD player on my 1989 178 XL. Do I really need a marine radio or can I just go with an auto one? Thanks for the advice