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  1. Mike Olson

    Where are the Parts Guides?

    When I click the "Parts Guides" link I get a page not found error.
  2. Mike Olson

    Has anyone added a radar arch to a 2000 280 SSi

    I like the looks of the Samson Blade towers, and the Monster MTK. Has anyone had any experience with them? Anyone installed one on a boat with a 9' beam?
  3. Hey Guys, I have a 2000 280SSi. We love the boat but have been coveting some of the newer boats that have reverse radar arches with integrated biminis. I'm wondering if it is possible to add an arch to my boat? Has anyone done this?? Regards Mike
  4. Mike Olson

    Has anybody added a wake board tower to a 280 ssi?

    Thanks Brick. I've been reading through some of those threads and it is reassuring to hear that everyone loves the upgrade. I really like the Samson blade and reverse arch towers. It would really help to see a picture of a 280 with one installed.
  5. Hi, I'm kicking around the idea of adding a wakeboard tower to my 2001 280 ssi, and I would love to hear about others experiences doing this and see some pictures if possible. Mike
  6. Mike Olson

    My Vacu flush toilet has pulled out of the floor

    Thanks, I'm hoping to hear from someone who may in fact know if there is access from underneath so that I can add a backing plate.
  7. Mike Olson

    Leaky Transom Shower

    Thanks guys.
  8. Hi, I have a 2001 280ssi with a vacu-flush head system. The toilet bowl is installed with four screw through the base into the floor, and all 4 screws have stripped out. I'm wondering if any of you have experienced a similar problem, and if so what did you do to fix it? Thanks in advance for your responses.
  9. Mike Olson

    Leaky Transom Shower

    I need to replace the hose and handle from the transom shower on my 280ssi. While I'm sure that I could order the parts from Chap, I'm also pretty sure I could get generic replacements for a bit less. Has anyone done this and can you recommend a supplier?
  10. Mike Olson


    This is an interesting thread as we have a vacu flush system on our 280 ssi and have had multiple problems. Thanks for the tip about holding the flush valve open when pumping out. That made a huge difference. I do have a question for the group...We've had our system in for repairs twice and it just stopped working again this weekend. We've only gotten between 5 and 10 flushes after each repair. Same problem every time, the pump stops working. The first two repairs required replacing a "Bad Relay", and I'd bet this one will be the same thing. Can anyone explain what relay they are replacing, and any idea why it keeps failing? Has anyone had and solved this same problem? Thanks in advance for your replys. Mike
  11. Mike Olson

    Moisture in Speedo - pls help

    Boat is a 2001 280 ssi. I have so much moisture in the speedo that it's almost impossible to read. Is there a way to dry this thing out?
  12. Mike Olson

    Problems with VacuFlush Head

    Thanks Delaney. I did get material out when pumping. The problem was it built a vacuum up while pumping and when the poor guy released the hose he got sprayed. I'm starting to think that the two problems might not be related. I think that we had the vacuum pump switch on while pumping out, which might explain the pumpout problem. I am still concerned about the vent issue.
  13. Mike Olson

    Problems with VacuFlush Head

    Hi Guys, I'm having head problems and hope someone can help. The boat is a 2001 280 SSi. Second time out this season and the head was only used once over memorial day. Not sure what it is about a bathroom on a boat, but as soon as the kids get on they all want to use it. So the first kid goes and when she flushes we notice that stuff is coming out of the vent. Looked like a combination of liquid and thick white foam. I start wondering if it could be full even though we didn't fill it maybe the mechanic dumped a bunch of anti freeze in there when he winterized it. So... i stop and ask the gas dock to pump it out. Well they try to pump it out and they get a big pressure build-up so the vent isn't allowing air in. So the vent will allow liquid out but not air in. This doesn't make much sense to me. Is there a check valve in the line that could be backwards? Would they have removed this when they winterized? I did have the unit worked on last season but we've used it quite a bit since I would think that we would have noticed. Any help or troubleshooting suggestions is/are greatly appreciated. Mike
  14. Mike Olson

    Upholstery Problem

    Interesting. My first impression when I saw this was that it reminded me of the old days when we used to have those thermal fax machines, and the paper would get dark if it was exposed to heat.
  15. Mike Olson

    Upholstery Problem

    Hi guys, I went to the lake today to install my new mooring cover. The boat has been sitting since October on a lift in a covered dock with the snap-in bow and cockpit covers installed. When i pulled the cockpit cover I was greeted by the staining in the attached picture. The stains are isolated to the area where the cockpit cover rests on the very back of the boat. I tried to clean this with 303 cleaner and also a magic eraser but nothing would touch it. Anybody know what would have caused this staining? Anybody have any ideas about what might clean it? Thanks in advance for your help.