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  1. David, what a great post to wake up to. Loved the tour of her - brought a tear to my eyes! Glad you are happy with her, glad she made the tow to her new home! Am most happy that you love her and are as proud of her as I was for her first 5 years! Best to you and M - stay safe and enjoy! Thanks for the smooth transaction. PS - i have to update my signature line later - now that I am boat less.
  2. I tow about 40 miles each way, every week at freeway speeds, without a cover, and have never lost a cushion. But, I do tape the rear center cushion down with blue painter's tape just to be sure it doesn't come out. That is the only cushion that concerns me because it did lift up and back against the sun pad / engine cover once but I saw it in the rear view mirror, pulled over, stopped and taped it down. Not sure it would have actually blown out of the boat - but didn't want to take any chances.
  3. Those OEM gas struts were the only things that failed when I bought my boat new. And, they did several times. Each time the dealer replaced them with the same OEM ones, with the same result.....failure. I posted a thread here just like you did and got a similar response from Cecil Marine like above. I ordered their set. Problem solved. Good luck.
  4. I have a 206 with the 5.0 270HP VP SX and I am plenty pleased with the power and performance. More often than not, it is usually just the admiral and me aboard but even when we have our grown (football sized) sons and their families with us and we ski / pull tubes, the boat does fine. No complaints here for our specific needs and uses. Good luck and enjoy it when you get it.
  5. Very nice! Congrats on the boat and for the "first time posting photos".
  6. May just be the camera angle, but doesn't the starboard side of the boat look at lot more dull (read:oxidized) than the port side? No 'expert" here by any means, so I can't comment on power pack. Good luck in your search, keep us informed.
  7. Update: Have now towed the boat twice with the new truck mentioned in my above post. VERY pleased. Seems to me it does even better than the 2010 F 150 with V-8 that we traded in for the Eco Boost. So far, so good!
  8. Sure is getting cold. Went out solo yesterday and it never got above 75!! (Ducking for incoming)
  9. I just purchased a new 2013 F-150 Super Crew Platinum Eco Boost too (coming from a 2010 F-150 with V-8) on Labor Day. Been putting miles on it like crazy to get to the 1,000 mile break in period. While I just might be a bit shy of 1,000 miles, I plan on using it for the maiden tow trip this weekend. So far, admiral and I love the truck and all the bells and whistles. It is really the admiral's truck. Only time I drive it is when the boat is behind it. Looking forward to seeing how it tows this weekend.
  10. I use a mixture of 1/3 white vinegar, 1/3 distilled water and 1/3 Performance Boat Candy quick wipe in a spray bottle. Spay it on, wipe it down after each and every retrieval while still at the ramp - in the staging area, of course! Then about twice a month (use the boat weekly), I use Meguire's Ultimate Detailer at home. Boat looks as spot free as the day I bought it. Good luck.
  11. No question but that I would take the boat, use it and enjoy it. Haven't yet towed mine 850 miles one way (but plan to go to Powell in the not too distant future) but I have towed it 300 miles on way twice, 225 miles one way twice and at least 40 miles one way at least once, on average, (sometimes 3 times) every week since I bought it.
  12. Welcome, congrats, be safe, good luck and ENJOY!!!
  13. I have the 206 with 5.0L, 270VP, with SX drive. Love the boat - both space wise and performance wise. I don't ski (bad back stopped that) but my two adult sons join us on occasion and do ski. They are both former football players (read:big and strong) and I have no difficulty yanking each of them up. Boat performs great with them aboard and skiing. Having said that, my prior boat a Maxum 1900SR3 was powered by a Mercury 4.3L, 190 and also pulled them up just fine ( that boat weighed a lot less tho). While I am quite happy with both the space and power on the current 206, there would be nothing wrong with having more space with ANY boat (if you went with the 226)! Good luck
  14. Ah, the first scratch "blues" (pun intended).....been there, done that! Hard to answer your questions without seeing photos of it. But, unless it was deep enough to get to the glass, probably can wait to fix it - meaning it is only cosmetic. Any scratch bothers me only because of pride (usually evidence of my screw up) so I take care of any scratch right away. Happens to us all. Since it is a new boat, matching color shouldn't be an issue - assuming it can't be buffed / polished out. Spectrum sells a kit for most colors, most OEMs (ask me how I know!). I would simply take it to the dealer or a reputable gelcoat guy and get an estimate / their input - then decide which way to go. I know this isn't very helpful but best I can do. And, trust me on this........won't be the last scratch. Good luck.
  15. Congrats and nicely done. Enjoy! PS: Looks as though it should have been more than a "one beer" job!