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  1. It's a bear to get to the system in that boat. I know it's under the step when you enter your cabin. I think that's only access to the pump. The unit I think you have to get to from the other side of your sliding door
  2. Bigger the better. All around better performance and way better resale value.
  3. Started my gen the other day and it ran for about 30 secs and then died. I got a UU under voltage code. It's a 5KW low emmisions. Any ideas
  4. Don't think you can. Just add a little cold water when using. Are you using it from the heating element or the heat from the motor
  5. Just buy a year old one at half if not more then half of MSRP
  6. Let's hope so. I hate to pull the boat out of water for a loose plug. But I guess it will be on there dime. It sucks if they messed up on both drives
  7. Went to boat today. Filled both reserviors with gear lube. Took the boat out. Went a few miles at 4000rpm. All is running good. Stop to hang out and check fluid. All looked good. Still holding the fill line. Went back to the dock and all is fine UNTIL . I turn to park the boat down my area of the marina. My port engine gear lube alarm goes off. I park the boat and check the reservior and it's bone dry. The Starboard looked ok but the port was empty. No oil in bilge. A slight rainbow on the water but couldn't tell if it was oil. What to do now. What could it be and why would at 1st in would be
  8. So I should clean the reseviors and then add fluid.
  9. Here's a pic of the resevior
  10. Ok guys. I have a 2008 310 Sig. Twin 5.0 Mpi with bravo 3. Just got the boat serviced in may and everything was tip top. I haven't been to the boat in about a month. I live in Texas and it's been hot. I get out to boat today. Checked things over. Look at both gear lube reservoirs and they are both dry. I pulled the top and there is a small amount of sludge in both. Could the heat have something to do with it. Or could I have a leak of some sort. Any idea how to get the sludge out of the bottom of the reseviors.
  11. Go with a 260-290 cruiser. The 265 ssi is very small cabin. No generator. Only shore ac is an option. The head is storage unless your about 4 ft tall. Then it's still a tight fit. Great boat. But for a family the cabin will not work.
  12. Sounds like maybe a ground wire came loose.
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