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  1. Man I am putlling my hair out on this one. I tried taking off the sirius transmitter of the radar arch, I undid the bolt holding it but it had one of those rings that once you push them on they dont unscrew. I really didnt want to ruin the keeper ring in hopes of finding the esn so i went to the JBL head unit and pulled it out. It did have the JBL serial number for the unit on the bottom of the unit but i think that is different than the sirius esn. I pushed every concevable button combination and I am not able to get the head unit to change stations to station 1 also there is not a button that says menu? When i use the dial it only adjusts the volume. the left and right arrow keys only switch to preset stations. I know i am missing something simple i just have not needed to change the channel to 1 before. I may try to buy a replacement unit if I can find one that has 2 remote key pads like the JBL unit has.
  2. I try to get the radio to change to channel 1 but it will only go to the preset channel 11. I am not sure how to get the thing to turn to channel 1 by going down one station at a time. The arrow keys seem to only switch between presets. or scan to live channels? I know its simple but so far it sounds like the best bet is for me to look under the Sirius box on my radar arch. thanks for the tips. Brian
  3. We bought our boat as a repo boat. When we got the boat the sirius radio was working. Over the winter the service ran out. I want to put the account in my name but I cant get the serial number to display on the radio so i can register it with sirius. Does anyone know the right buttion sequence to push? My Boat is a 2004 Thanks Brian & Connie
  4. 2009 Chev Duramax with Allison Trans Signature 260 I get 15 to 17 empty and pulling the boat 70 to 80 mph I get 9 miles to the gallon. When I go to california and the speed limit is 55 and I keep it under 60 my milage jumps to 10-12 area. 31" tires helps over the bigger tires i used to have.
  5. Leaving early in the morning the sea is usually very smooth and you can make good time to Catilina but if you wait for the moring fog and overcast skys to turn sunny the winds pick up and make the trip seem long and the waves can get bad to the point even a 30' boat will seem small. If you wait by the Queen Mary there is a huge catamaran tour boat that goes to catalina island back and forth all day long. You can follow it until you get comfortable. All the sailboats come out to play in the afternoon because its almost always windy in the afternoon. Making the trip both directions in the morning gives you the best odds of smooth seas. Our Signiture 260 ran like it was on steroids at sea level and I think the salt had something to do with it also. Between the Queen Mary and Dana Point is a Oil Island and it breaks the waves. Alot of boats moor there where it is smooth most of the time. We sliped at the Harborlight Yacht Club which was way laid back and fun. They gave us a key to the hotel maya pool and hottub and helped us with tying up anything we needed. The area between the Queen Mary and the Bridge is very shallow unless you in the middle of the channel. Brian & Connie
  6. We ride a Bigdog K-9 Chopper. I tried to attach the picture but it didnt work? Brian
  7. I personally dont think its a marketing scam. Walmart only has a layaway for a short time before the holidays. Also Kmart its self is struggling so why not help people and a store that was around before Walmart and Target. One artical I read said it was happening at multiple stores but mainly Kmart. I know that charity is a tricky thing because of all the people who exploit it. (line deleted because I was going off memory and didnt check my facts) I personally think this is a good idea at a time when a lot of people are hurting. I think that if helping a family makes you feel the true Christmas Spirit it can't be all bad. Merry Christmas & Happy Hollidays to all of you! B
  8. With a awesome boat like yours it would be a hard sell that your family will be going without this X-mas...... :-) B
  9. Impact

    PNCRU 2012

    We made our slip reservations and we are really excited to join you other chap owners. We have had our Chap Signature 260 for less than a year and we have taken it to California and we spent a week cruising the ocean but we have not been in this part of the country even without the boat. We are excited to visit and we are looking for as much information as far as must do and see in the general area. We plan to stay a couple days longer and visit Victoria. We will work on figuring out how to best meet people and give you an idea who we are before the rendevous. Brian & Connie From Utah
  10. A couple days ago I read a news story online about a mysterious pheomenon total strangers paying of Layaway Christmas Acounts for People they dont know. I was realy touched by this random act of kindness and the fact it's catching on and snowballing all aroung the United States. One article stated that one family whos layaway had been paid off did have some money saved up to pay on there account so they paid of somones elses acct. I Applaud those who have done this and those who have not yet but plan to. B & C
  11. Impact

    PNCRU 2012

    We have been looking at pictures and video of this area and we are excited to attend! We want to make slip reservations as soon as we can. I have a Sign Company and I will donate any Banners/A-frame signs needed for the event. Brian & Connie
  12. We would like to plan on making it to the raftup. We would trailer from SLC, UT. I guess we would launch at Anacortes, WA ? How far is it boating miles to Roche Harbor? From Google Earth it looks to be aprox 50 miles? Brian & Connie
  13. That happend to me with my previous boat and I used a tow chain to bind up the axle then I removed the tire and rim and drove home on 3 tires. My brother keeps a whole spare axle attached to the frame of his boat trailer in case of emergency. I just keep spare bearings in the truck.
  14. I have never beached my boat and I dont plan on doing it. Not only does it ruin your gell coat but with a large crusier it make is nearly impossible to get to the beach, you jump off the nose of the boat 6' above the ground or walk of the swim platform that is most likley in 6' of water. I can only think of one place I would beach my boat and its at Lake Powell the sand mountain is so steep and the sand so fine I might do it there but i do have a Keel protecter installed on my boat. One reason i would do it under the perfect circumstances is the fact we would only be there an hour or two. I would neve do it over night. If you know the feeling of having a storm kick up and your boat being beat against the shore wave after wave and its hard to get out of that situation because you have to grind your prop on the beach to get into deep water. I think you can tell alot about a boat captian by the way he ties up his Yacht. Just having the right stuff to do it right says alot about a boat captian. If I am anchoring in a protected cove area I would use my Windlass without a back anchor and plan to spin a radius on my anchor that way the wind is alway hitting the bow and the back of the boat does not have the wind. Then I would set the Anchor drift alarm on my garmin to alert me if the boat moves from the set radius. When setting anchor in a beach area with open water I always use a seperate anchor attached (box anchor if sandy bottom) to a Bouy with a shock cord to the bow of the boat. Then I set 2 beach anchors to the rear of the boat. At Lake Powell Double everythng you would normally do.
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