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  1. Thanks all. I only want to buy once so I prefer to get it right the first time, regardless of cost as it's cheaper than buying wrong twice.
  2. Hello, I'd like to get into wakeboarding and I know nothing about what to purchase. I'm a snow skier, but know nothing about water sports. I did a brief search on buying wakeboards such as size per weight, etc. but it's daunting. My girlfriend and I would like to both wakeboard, I assume I'll need two wakeboards or can we share one with our weights differing? What do I need for the boots/bindings (whatever it is) and are they universal or do I need also one for her and one for me? Any suggestions on what to get and how all this works would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. BRILLIANT! She does the dishes, why not the boat???
  4. Well, it sounds like we're all using the same thing! Ohyy! Maybe I should bottle up some dog spit, it should clean everything, she cleans herself well with it
  5. No, my buddy stays at my side. It's her boat too I don't let her up on the furniture at home but I do let her up on the bow cushions when we're stopped as she likes to watch the fish jump. It's a sacrifice I'm willing to take. She also tells me her paws are cleaner than the two legged variant with peanut butter and jelly on their paws I just need to learn how to keep things clean as most of the marks are MY fault
  6. My dog says she is not happy with any of this discussion, however, thanks all for the help I'll see if I can take a better approach to the vinyl care. The problem I have that some of you don't is you have to crawl over the pads in the back where some of you have the side walk way. I realize I can take the center pad out and walk through that path but I never do. I do think that 99% of the marks come from me, nothing else, not even fido
  7. LOL - in her defense, not one mark resembled anything from a dog.
  8. Well, white vinyl I'm sure is great in a showroom but in the real world, holy moly, it's like trying to keep something sterile! I don't step on it, I kneel on it, I so much as look at it and it's dirty! I have to use magic erasers to clean it, I tried McGuires protectant thinking I'm all set, nope, that just pretties it up until used! Yesterday I went out on the water, today I did some cleaning and was amazed how dirty the vinyl got from just me and the dog. Driving and boating. I tried using dish soap and water thinking I did such a good job pre-season cleaning and protecting it, nope, I
  9. Anyone have good sources to buy boat flags? I'd like to get one with a Labrador retriever, and who knows what else. Thanks
  10. I, being a chaparral owner, cannot help but fall in love with Paris N. I'm waiting for her to call me any day! http://www.boatingmag.com/gallery/cover-girls/miss-february-paris-n
  11. Jacmat - The 2009 Honda Pilot Touring edition is rated at 4600 lbs. If you read the manual it's about tongue weight, affected by persons on board, etc. It does just fine, she does have to work sometimes but she pulls her at highway speeds (as fast as I'm willing to go, i.e. I typically don't go over 60) and is fine pulling her out of the water as well. My trailer (1200lbs) plus chap dry (3200lbs) is obviously at the limit, and with me being the pack rat everything is on board and she's usually full of fuel - hence, it's over gross. The boat (210ssi) is perfect for me, I wouldn't change a th
  12. Joe / Cecil and his shop make it through okay?
  13. It's not cloth, it's like a very tough rubbery material. When spinning a drill bit by hand for the plungers for the two doors on the upper platform I was surprised how hard it was to penetrate. I don't anticipate a problem with the dog.
  14. I'd have to check, I think the final was about 375. It's a custom setup that skiya setup. When you go to order ask for the same setup I ordered (with your colors) - use my name "Neal Culiner" so they can find my order. I had to reference skiya's name to help them find the template so you can get both swim platforms arranged. Normally it would only be the extended platform. It's worth every deer!
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