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  1. I have some experience driving one of these boats. The maneuvering is better that a conventional drive. That is the only positive thing I can say about it. Leading with your props is never a good idea. Even conventional inboard tow boats have a skeg and or guard around the cutlass bearing. You have already read what it costs to replace one. Too much risk in my opinion. The problem is that many manufacturers like Chap have adapted to this drive because they don't have to start from scratch and build a true tow boat. IMHO If you want to surf you need a boat designed to do that
  2. As a former Draftee during the Viet Nam era, (yes I'm old) in basic training we referred to career military as "Lifers" We use to hear the saying "Lifers are like flies! All they do is eat S%$t and bother people" Now we just need to substitute Scammers and we're good!
  3. Assuming that you are looking at the front facing Volvo lower unit, I'd look for a standard used Surf set up with a V Drive.
  4. Where I work, we have used Tundras to pull similar loads and have replaced two transmissions. IMHO the Japanese trucks just are as beefy where to need to be reliable towing vehicle. I know this comment may start a S___ storm but I've seen too many failures to be comfortable. To be fair, a good friend of mine just blew out his Allison Tranny on a 3/4 ton GMC Diesel. The best overall towing performance vehicles we have had are the RAMS. Al
  5. I believe that being owned by Brunswick, has created some limitations on what can go into their boats i.e. no Volvo, no Minnkota for fish models, Sea Ray has always been a little pricey but they also have been very innovative in design and features. They build a nice boat but I agree, they will have to cut some overlapping models. The real problem for them has been the Cruiser Market. It sucks. It has been way down since the recession. Then you have to consider the growth of Outboards, Center consoles and pontoon boats. Hard times for Sea Ray with that mix.
  6. i just recently attended a seminar hosted by a pontoon manufacturer. In that seminar, total marine sales and product mix was posted. Interesting facts jumped off the page. 1. Outboard powered boats sold from June of 16 thru June of 17 were 89% of total boat sales. 2. Stern driives inboards only accounted for 10% of the US market. 3. Stern drive sales have been flat since they bottomed out during the last recession. 4.The pocket cruiser market has been abysmal for the same period. Total units sold during the period above was 200,000 units. Total units sold in the
  7. I am amazed by the number of boaters who don't have a clue when it comes to rules and just plain common sense.
  8. Don't forget..... Do not pull a tube from your tower. Best for wake boarders.
  9. Most deposits are non-refundable. The dealer paid for the boat when he got it. Without knowing the issues that you observed, it would be hard to suggest a remedy.
  10. Welcome to he group. I highly recommend the Coast Guard Auxiliary training. I hope you enjoy your new boat.
  11. In my opinion, I really don't believe that the dems in power had any intention of making the AHCA work. Once the plan fails, and it will, we will be forced to a single payer system just like Canada, GB, and most of Europe, all run by our Federal beaucracy whose goat it is to control our lives.
  12. Gel coat is solid. I don't know how old your boat is but it looks like ;it has been re-coated with something. Some older boats are "repainted" with a very durable product called "Imron". It is made specifically for marine applications and it is sprayed on in a controlled environment. It is only used when the original gel coat is beyond help. I have never seen clear coat used on a standard (Non-metallic finish) but there clear gel coat for those applications. On some boats that have multi colored gel coated hulls, Often the gel coat overlaps inside the boat from over spray. This is
  13. ;I installed the "Add -A-Battery kit. I like the idea in the immortal words of "Ron Poppiel" , The infomercial king of the Poppiels pocket fisherman and that rotisserie that he sold, "Just set it and forget it" . Iggy is right, you cant just isolate battery 2 for starting purposes, however, the system uses that battery only while at anchor for toys and keeps battery 1 safe for starting. While underway, the charger directs juice to battery one first, then to battery 2.
  14. Government cuts will not lower taxes. If we ever get a surplus, it will take several generations to pay back the current national debt.
  15. It is typically the 80/20 rule where 80% of your sales come from 20% of your staff. I have worked for companies that have a planned target for sales turnover, always trying to replace the 80% that don't produce. Back in the day when MBO programs was the standard corporate program (Management By Objective). Sales managers were provided an Objects of XX% turnover or planned turnover. If you didn't achieve that goal, it affected your bonus. In other words, you were always being forced to improve your sales force quality.
  16. Depending upon your tow vehicle you may also have a blown fuse for your back-up lights or some vehicles have a separate fuse for trailer function. Boatman definitely has the right idea but whenever my brakes lock up, First thing i check is the back up lights on my vehicle. If they don't work, then you will lock up.
  17. Wow, Having been in sales all my working life, I have seen some bad eggs, but at the management level, particularly when involved in recruiting for sales people,you learn that good sales people are more motivated by peer and management recognition for doing a good job, and the euphoria they enjoy each time they make a sale. It's a "thrill of the kill" mentality. When you enjoy success in sales, the money follows. Good sales people represent their products with integrity and with a goal of providing real benefit to their prospective clients. Bad sales people may achieve short term succes
  18. Welcome. Several members have restored boats of your vintage and put up great photos during the process. Photos are good!
  19. Take off your Radar Arch, carry over to your local PPG Auto store, they will scan it and match. Easy as Pie! Glad I could help.
  20. Baum's aweigh


    Good job! Sometimes you just have to adapt! It must have been blowing pretty hard!
  21. I have enjoyed this thread immensely and hope it continues. The quality and quantity of posts here is indicative of the type of people on it. Diverse, intelligent, respectful of others, tolerant and open-minded (except me) to other points of view. I always thought that I never met another boater that I didn't like. Merry Christmas to all everyone here. I hope Santa brings lots of new "toys".
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