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  1. Boat trader is a good source for listings. Most dealers websites feed the listing. Some dealers use it as there inventory list. You can put in the radius miles that you want to search.
  2. Baum's aweigh


    It doesn't take much to make a Vee hull list when not moving. Think about this. Most of the buoyancy comes from the deepest part of the boat. the center. The outer edges of the hull are shallow in comparison. So extra weight on either side would easily cause a list. If you look at my signature picture, that an 8' wide boat. It has two batteries on the port side, gas tank in the middle and at that time an empty storage locker on the Starboard side. Notice the Port side is lower than the starboard, caused by one extra 50 lb. battery.
  3. Baum's aweigh


    Since the H20 can also be a fish and ski version, that configuration would require extra batteries to run the trolling motor. Perhaps they would be on the Starboard side? Since your is a sport model, lack of extra batteries might cause the list on the fuel tank side? I can't imagine moving the gas tank for different configurations of the same boat.
  4. The problem is not with your boat. While it is true that the H20 has a reputation for being an entry level Chap, it still beat lots of others for quality and design. Your problem lies with the fuel system which is designed by whoever built the tank. The EPA has mandated the Charcoal filter which adds to the problem. If you tank is not vented adequately, it will kick back fuel and shut off the gas pump nozzle. There has to be a restriction somewhere. If it were me, I would temporarily bypass the charcoal filter by connecting both ends of the vent line to a connector fitting and then try
  5. Baum's aweigh


    Trim tabs would solve this problem. As the above poster pointed out, prop rotation can be a factor as well as extra weight from batteries. If you have two batteries on one side or extra weight on one side, as you come up on plane, you raised you center of gravity. The boat is riding on a "V" bottom so you have less buoyancy on the edge of the boat than at the center along the keel .
  6. I remember when GM had crappy starters that would begin to fail after just a few year. The symptoms were exactly as you described. I pulled a starter and had it rebuilt as it was calling for more amps than the battery could deliver.. A cold motor( not frozen) is not as tight as a warmed up motor thus less resistance when starter engaged. I'm betting on a bad starter.
  7. According to the brochure, your Waste tank is 28 gallons. My "waist tank" is too big!
  8. Smoking out of the valve cover?
  9. Baum's aweigh

    Not Good

    That vehicle looks like a late model Dodge. Those are one of the model vehicles Chrysler recalled to fix shifter issues. I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee ltd. It has the electronic shifter as well. It had a bad habit of staying in reverse even when the lever was moved to park. They have just fixed mine so if you aren't in park, and you open the door, the unit shift to park assuming your not moving. I'll bet he skipped using the parking brake, shifted into "Park" but the truck was really in "reverse" and voila, truck in water. Hello to your insurance company.
  10. if you trying to fine tune it by 1 mph, perhaps you need a product called "perfect pass". It is like a cruise control only for your boat. you can dial in .1 mph.
  11. I think your analysis is correct but I am concerned that you can only get 4400 out of your current prop. You should be able to get 4800. Is the boat loaded up with extra stuff? Does the boat have a dirty bottom? When was the last time plugs, wires or distributor cap was checked. Point is, I would want to be sure that the engine is running at optimum standards before I would start changing props, IMHO.
  12. Ill take the propeller over jet drive any day.
  13. Oops, forgot to answer your question. A deep water slalom start is not a problem, even with 4 adults in the boat.
  14. I was mistaken, my ratio is the same as yours. Before you buy a new prop, I would find out why you can't get to max RPM's. On that year, what is the rate HP for the 4.3 with an SX drive?
  15. The drum on the windlass has to be on line with the rode.
  16. I have the same boat, same engine and outdrive, but mine is 2012. I run a volvo 19" Pitch 4 blade aluminum prop. Get the same speed on speedo that you do but my hole shot is more than adequate. I'm not sure what your Outdrive gear ratio is and that could be different than my 1.66. That may account for the lower rpm performance with your current prop or you may need to get her tuned up. I can hit 4800 with normal trim.
  17. You may just need to adjust your shift cables.
  18. I have the same drive and shifter. NO problems with reverse. No extra throttle, etc. Your dealer is full of SHIP!
  19. How well does your 1994 truck run?
  20. Chaps buzz word for wood is "perma-panel" It is manufactured by Inland Materials. It is Marine Plywood. It has a lifetime warranty. That doesn't necessarily transfer to the boat. Their warranty assumes no penetration of the product. I don't quite understand how you could use this stuff with driiling or screwing etc. But if sealed properly, I doubt that you'll have any problems.
  21. I hate to ask, but is the safety lanyard in place?
  22. I assume you are talking about scupper holes. Does your boat drain water from the deck into the bilge, or do the holes on the deck drain overboard?
  23. Yes, if you are priming/pumping, dis-engage the shifter. I don't know about your particular engine, but cyclops is rights, your choke may not be working properly. Some have electric chokes, and I've seen some chokes set when you pump the throttle once. You can see the choke operate with the flame arrestor off. On my boat, I pump it twice and start. I keep the rpms up for about 30 seconds whlle the engine smooths out. Then I can idle down and put in gear. It has been that way since it was new. If you have to do a lot more than that, then you may have other issues as mentioned abo
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