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    My boat has two battery chargers in the port side locker, and one of those chargers has a cord to plug in, it also has an electrical outlet on the front of it to plug something in to it   I have the manuals for both of the charges but it does not explain things very well and no one at dealer or my marina really has an explanation.

    The only thing I can think is that one charger is for house battery and one is for starter battery.  But I have no real idea  why one has a plug and what it is for.

    Both chargers are hard wired to boat electrical system.

    The boat is a 2011 285 SSX, fully loaded.


    Any thoughts would be welcome,  Thanks.

  2. Hi Soulman, just saw your post and request. I have a 2011 SSX and finally located the main windlass breaker in the following location. On the port side there is a five inch or so round screw out style access hatch that allows you to get to the port side through hull sea cock lever. Reach in there and feel around towards the stern. Mine was located back in there mounted on a piece of framing wood. Just screwed to it, All it is a toggle style breaker. I believe it works in conjunction with the fuse style breaker under the helm area. My helm breaker was fine but I had an engine prob
  3. Thanks for this post, I have a 285 SSX and this sounds very similar to the problem I am having. I have been trying to find the source of a smaller but annoying water leak for the past two seasons. I will take this information to my service manager and check it out. I don't suppose you would have any pictures to help me out. Thanks again.
  4. I had a similar problem on my 285 2011 cuddy . The last time the VHF would cut in and out and then the windless would not work. It was all traced back to the busbar in the rear of the engine compartment. All the ground wires are grounded to this bus bar and it was as simple as the screws holding the ground wires were not tight. So as the boat rocked around you would get contact and no contact. No ground the device won't work. Check and tighten all screws on the main busbar. Good luck I hope it's that simple.
  5. Thanks Wingnut I am heading to the shop tomorrow and will discuss those two items with them. Luckily the dealer/marina I am dealing with has been in business for a long time and the are very experienced. But it is always worth asking the questions.
  6. I own a 2011 285 cuddy model with a 420 Hp Volvo 496 cubic V 8 with the DPS drive. I was out on Lake Simcoe last Sunday heading to my home port as the water was getting a little choppy doing about 20 mph in a three to four foot chop. Everything was running normal all the gauges, temperatures and pressure indicators when all of a sudden a loud metal snap sound occurred. Then metal grinding on metal and no power at all. I was dead in the water going now where. Nothing visible in the engine room except a bit of extra water, nothing to worry about at this point so I thought. I will keep my
  7. Scott C

    287 ssx owners

    Hi, I have owned a 285 Cuddy 2011 with 420hp Volvo since 2011, I love the boat it has both the ability to go away for a week or day boat with friends. Lots of room up top for people, I had a filler cushion made to fill in the back seating area and a shortened table leg to lower the existing table, makes even more lounging room. Great boat fast and sporty when you want and a good ride for cruising as well. We had a 28ft chap. Cruiser before and I enjoy this boat more. I don't think you will be disappointed.
  8. Would anyone happen to know the location of the shower sump pump on a 285SSX sport cuddy. The hose goes from the drain to under the cabin step and then disappears heading to the stern passing the A/C unit . The A/C unit is just behind the cabin step, the forward bige pump and A /C pump are under the step as well. I winterized the shower drain, heard the pump come on and saw the anti freeze exit the through hull drain. It works I just can't locate it, it does not appear to be in the engine room either. Thanks
  9. Rocketman, I figured I could get approximately 225 miles from a full tank of gas( 105 gallons) at a cruise speed of 30 mph burning 15 gallons an hour and after checking the actual guage it appeared the mileage would be a little better. Just to let you know my engine only has approx 15 hrs on it and is not entirely broken in yet, had a little late start to the season due to a car accident.
  10. Yes I believe the last time I checked it was in the range of 13-14gph obtained from the electronic dash gauge, you can have a split screen view with gph and RPM's set up.
  11. Rocketman, I have a 2011 285, the same boat only the cuddy cabin style. I also have the volvo 8.1 420hp DP. Our boat was loaded when we purchased it new in Ontario. I think the 8.1 is a great engine lots of power, hits 50mph and I find the engine is not over working at cruise which is about 3450-3750rpm or around 30-35mph. We had a chap 28 cruiser prior to this and we find we have more room on this boat up top for friends and family. We day boat for the most part but I believe for my wife and I the cabin for a trip or overnight will be fine. We have a windless which I find very helpful, you
  12. Thank's Richard I appreciate the help. Scott.
  13. I'm looking for a little advice. In my Volvo engine manual in one section it says you can turn the ignition key to on without starting the engine. In a different section it tells you not to turn the key to on without starting because you may cause engine damage. Which is it?. I would like to turn the key to on so I can further set up my smart craft guage. Without having the engine run for twenty minute or so. Anyone know for sure.Thanks
  14. Thats correct, about a 1/4 turn counter clockwise should be enough to release the two small clips holding it on,you can then just access the bulb or take out the two small screws holding the light unit one to the surface. Disconnect the wires ans replace with a new light unit. Really easy once you see the inside.
  15. Black over the white hull, looks goodon the sport cuddy.
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