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  1. My favorite place, going for 2 weeks again next August! Already can’t wait!
  2. Spent 2 weeks on Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia this year and going back next! Amazing place, dozen restaurants on the water, beautiful place and Nice warm water! Lots of time just floating around. Lots of rental homes with docks. Bit of a cruise but worth it in my opinion.
  3. Not sure if this weather pattern will ever change? Hoping to get there this year. Thanks for the offer.
  4. Had a very similar issue last year that my Chap dealer couldn’t re simulate out of the water. A week before I took the boat on vacation I got a trim sensor and replaced it. I cheated (for time restraints) and cut the wires, soldered and heat shrunk, because there was no way I was gonna get that harness through my transom. Resolved the erratic behavior so I at least confirmed the fault.
  5. Hey Hatem, guess you can see I’m not on here much. Never did make it there last year, try again this year? We have a 257 that we spend a lot of time on Candlewood Lake in Ct. We almost never make it to salt. We prefer fresh water and top of the food chain, haha.
  6. Does anybody trailer to Winnepesaukee?
  7. Looking for boat ramp recomendations at Winnipesaukee, gonna trailer up from Ct. Have any recommendations on where to go on the lake?
  8. Hey Pops or anyone? Have a recommendations for a good boat ramp at lake Sunapee and Winnepissaukie and overnight accommodations close by?
  9. Did you guys have your camper canvas custom made? Thought about it several times but haven't pulled the trigger. Looks like it may extend the season. We trailer our 257 everywhere and wonder how easy it is to put up and take down. Thinking I'm going out tomorrow on Candlewood lake in CT. Swam last week there, still talking like a girl.
  10. It's freaking cold in Ct. Bummer!
  11. Assuming you have disc brakes, try gravity flushing brake fluid. Put trailer on hill with ball at the top. Open bleeders one at a time until all fluid goes through. Use only a sealed container of DOT 4 fluid (not DOT 5). Could have a little air in calipers. Is the wheel that's smoking closest to surge master cylinder? I had issued with previous trailer. Trailer alignment is a nightmare! Very hard to get correct even though it seems like it should be easy! Good luck
  12. Hey Monkey Seall how was Smith Mountain. We had a great time at Norman but will likely return to SML next year. Had a good meal at the landing! Thanks for the recommendation, little tricky to find at first. Thanks for the advise on the Wallenpaupack boat launch we stopped and checked out the lake - beautiful! You must enjoy your time there as well.
  13. Thanks MonkeySeall, that's is great info! Can't believe your headed to Smith Mountain Lake! We've gone ther the last 5 years! Great Lake! 50th anniversary of Smith Mountain This year. I love it there. Some great restaurants and entertainment on the lake. I've been second guessing decision to go to Norman. I love SML. Hope you have a great vacation. How long you gonna be there? Might be stopping at SML for a few days after Norman.
  14. Towing our 257 SSX to lake Norman in NC from CT and was thinking of stopping and spending half a day exploring Wallenpaupack. Any advise? Easy on and off ramps from rt. 84? It will be on Thursday July 21st 2016. Suggestions would be great!
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