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  1. Greg@ultimate

    Boat ramps on Winnipesaukee

    Does anybody trailer to Winnepesaukee?
  2. Greg@ultimate

    Boat ramps on Winnipesaukee

    Looking for boat ramp recomendations at Winnipesaukee, gonna trailer up from Ct. Have any recommendations on where to go on the lake?
  3. Greg@ultimate

    Lakes Near Boston

    Hey Pops or anyone? Have a recommendations for a good boat ramp at lake Sunapee and Winnepissaukie and overnight accommodations close by?
  4. Greg@ultimate

    Who's out this weekend?

    Did you guys have your camper canvas custom made? Thought about it several times but haven't pulled the trigger. Looks like it may extend the season. We trailer our 257 everywhere and wonder how easy it is to put up and take down. Thinking I'm going out tomorrow on Candlewood lake in CT. Swam last week there, still talking like a girl.
  5. Greg@ultimate

    Who's out this weekend?

    It's freaking cold in Ct. Bummer!
  6. Greg@ultimate

    More trailer woes

    Assuming you have disc brakes, try gravity flushing brake fluid. Put trailer on hill with ball at the top. Open bleeders one at a time until all fluid goes through. Use only a sealed container of DOT 4 fluid (not DOT 5). Could have a little air in calipers. Is the wheel that's smoking closest to surge master cylinder? I had issued with previous trailer. Trailer alignment is a nightmare! Very hard to get correct even though it seems like it should be easy! Good luck
  7. Greg@ultimate

    Lake Wallenpaupack PA

    Hey Monkey Seall how was Smith Mountain. We had a great time at Norman but will likely return to SML next year. Had a good meal at the landing! Thanks for the recommendation, little tricky to find at first. Thanks for the advise on the Wallenpaupack boat launch we stopped and checked out the lake - beautiful! You must enjoy your time there as well.
  8. Greg@ultimate

    Lake Wallenpaupack PA

    Thanks MonkeySeall, that's is great info! Can't believe your headed to Smith Mountain Lake! We've gone ther the last 5 years! Great Lake! 50th anniversary of Smith Mountain This year. I love it there. Some great restaurants and entertainment on the lake. I've been second guessing decision to go to Norman. I love SML. Hope you have a great vacation. How long you gonna be there? Might be stopping at SML for a few days after Norman.
  9. Greg@ultimate

    Lake Wallenpaupack PA

    Towing our 257 SSX to lake Norman in NC from CT and was thinking of stopping and spending half a day exploring Wallenpaupack. Any advise? Easy on and off ramps from rt. 84? It will be on Thursday July 21st 2016. Suggestions would be great!
  10. Greg@ultimate

    trailer accident - broken out drive!

    Just went to see the boat. It was towed from PA to CT and is at a repair facility for inspection and estimate. At the present my inurance company wants to fix the boat. Well see once the engine comes out and transome can be inspected thoroughly. Bow also got jammed into the winch and bow scuff plate pulled from bow or glass is just flexed in, Boat just got to the shop tonight and they were closed so im going to talk with them in the am.
  11. Greg@ultimate

    Boat Rear ended on highway

    On our way to vacation on Smith Mountain Lake in VA our 226SSi got rear ended! broke the outdrive OFF, props punched few holes in the extended plane, nasty stress cracks along transom around outdrive. Anybody ever have something like tis happen? oh did I mention the boat is a 2011 with 82 hours on it? This whole thing is really bumming me out!
  12. Greg@ultimate

    trailer accident - broken out drive!

    Our 2011 226SSi with 82 hours, was rear ended in traffic on the highway. Insurance wants to repair the boat and I dont like that option! Anybody have any experience with a situation like this? Makes me ill.
  13. Greg@ultimate

    Smith Mountain Lake VA

    Never Got the Chap to Smith Mountain!! Got rear ended on Rt 81 in PA! Tore the out drive off and punched a couple holes in the transome! Sress cracks all around the out drive. Boat is in PA waiting for insurance adjusters to check it out. Ended up in a 20 foot Glastron rental which just didnt compare. Sure do miss my 226ssi!
  14. I just used a plastic tube from a WD-40 can so i didnt scratch the drive and it worked fine
  15. Greg@ultimate

    Splash Date?

    We were in the water on April 13! Trailered the Chap to Candlewood lake in Ct. We went again the 15 and I took my daughter out on the 17th as well. Sure was great to be on the water on our 226Ssi. Looks like this weekend will be a wash out.