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  1. venom600

    Hour meter has reset itself...

    LOL.....I like where you're head's at.
  2. venom600

    Hour meter has reset itself...

    I've had a tachometer that has been a little sketchy most of the summer. The hour meter would intermittently display the hours on the engine (or otherwise read blank) and the tach itself would have sporadic readings. I climbed in behind the console today and found that one of the wires to the tach had come loose and was intermittently making contact. I tightened it up and the tach is now reading RPM correctly and consistently. But, my hour meter seems to have reset. It's consistently showing the engine hours now, but it started over from '0'. Will a new tach read the hours correctly, or am I just starting over now and have to keep track of the hours previously on the motor (267.4). --Ben
  3. Hi folks, Just this season, my engine won't idle upon initial start up. I start the engine and throttle up a bit to keep it higher in RPM range (~1150) until the engine warms up. If I don't do this, the engine will start to idle and then slow down.....almost to the point of stalling (sometimes it does stall) and then idles back up. Keeps going through this cycle until warm. When it nears the bottom of the RPM (i.e. about to stall) it seems like it's having a hard time drawing fuel, then it overcomes the issue and gets a small surge of fuel.....repeat. I'm sure my description may warrant some follow up questions, so ask away. I've read a number of posts that sound similar to mine and many folks point to the IAC. Does that sound like it may be my issue as well, given that it does seem to idle just fine when warm? --Ben
  4. venom600

    Carver Boat Covers

    Update (I know....a little late): I finally ordered one of these covers. I ordered the 22' 6" version, which leaves the extended swim platform exposed....no biggie. The cover was ordered in yellow to match my boat. It was part #97122P. I also ordered the Carver boat cover support system, which is essentially a single pole with some nylon strapping extending over the tip of the bow and to the rear corners of the boat. I ordered from Cover Quest (coverquest.com). Fitment: It's a semi-custom cover.....so, it's not an exact fit. It's reasonable for what it is, but the loose® fit virtually ensures that this is not a trailerable cover. This is the version that is designed to fit around after-market wake towers. The velcro closure wake tower slots are 'OK'. The fitment of these slots will depend a *lot* on where your tower is mounted to the boat. The fact that the slots don't match my tower mount locations very well impacts the 'trailerability' of this cover a lot (for me). I tried towing the boat on the interstate (75 mph) and I watched in the rear view mirrors as the tower slots slowly opened themselves up and turned the cover into a large parachute. I ultimately ended up taking it off and won't tow the boat with it on any more (bummer). Quality: Seems well sewn, but again.....it's not a custom cover. So, as long as your expectations are correct, it's fine. Only time will tell how it holds up (both the stitching and the fabric itself). Mine is the performance poly-guard fabric w/ a 5 year warranty. Cover support system: This system works pretty well, actually. It's simple and easy to use/setup. It provides ample support for the cover and takes up most slack to make the cover shed water well. Overall: This will make a good cover to use while my boat is stationary. The velcro tower slots don't close all the way, so some water will drip down the tower poles and run down the side of the boat (underneath the cover). I think that's probably the case with almost every mooring cover for boats with wake towers. I'd give it a solid 'B' overall. --Ben
  5. venom600

    Smart tabs on a 210 SSI & wakeboarding

    I've seen this question asked a number of times also, and always wait for the answer.......that never comes. I hope someone does answer this, because I also want to put tabs on my 220 SSi. But, not if it's gonna trash the wake.
  6. venom600

    Lady in the white dress

    +1 If I've ever seen 'ornaments' on a go-fast boat, their 'accessories' were as fake as the tan on the dude driving the boat.
  7. I could definitely see putting them in the location(s) in front of the windshield. Looks like a good spot for them. We sit on that rear pad quite a bit, so I (personally) wouldn't put any in that specific location, but it would be nice to have some on the rear of the boat. Maybe one of those SeaSucker jobbies attached to the inside of the boat.....right at the right ear of the guy in the picture.... --Ben
  8. venom600

    Captain's Choice exhaust HP

    Yeah, I'm usually too busy grinning ear to ear (and watching my wife roll her eyes) when it's on that I forget to notice whether or not it's impacted performance at all. --Ben
  9. venom600

    Best overall prop for 220 ssi

    I guess it really depends on how your boat is currently running. What is your current prop and current WOT at that elevation? --Ben
  10. venom600

    Boat Log?

    I keep maintenance logs for sure. No trip log, but I do keep a notebook of all of the places we've boated (which launches to use, which marinas, nice places to hang on the hook, etc). I keep both in Evernote so that I can edit them on my computer, but always have them at my fingertips on my mobile (where ever I have cell service any way). Since it's digital that lets me take pictures and post them in the notes too. Nice to have pictures of all the boat ramps..... --Ben
  11. venom600

    Shallowest You've Been?

    Yep, just dig a hole in the dirt and trim 'er down. --Ben
  12. venom600


    Awesome!!! That is a boat you can be proud of for sure. Nice work and happy boating!!! --Ben
  13. venom600

    Shallowest You've Been?

    I've tried using my depth alarm, but it's pretty annoying. I boat in some relatively deep water (250+ ft) and when I'm doing anything more than idling along in 250 ft of water, the depth gauge gets confused and bounces all over the place (in turn, sounding the alarm). So, I just pay close attention to it visually while I'm in areas where I might be in danger of seeing shallow water. My depth gauge is mounted such that 'zero' depth means the rear of the hull is touching ground. My drive hangs about 18-20" below the bottom of the hull. If my depth gauge is reading 3 feet or less, I'm trimmed up and cautious. --Ben
  14. venom600

    5.7 GSi plugs, cap and wires

    It's time to replace them. Motor is a Volvo Penta 5.7 GSi in a 220 SSi. I'm thinking that the NGK TR6IX is the right plug to go with, but I'm open to suggestions on cap/wires. Thoughts? --Ben
  15. venom600

    Wanted a Chap for sooooooooo long

    I'm in complete agreement. Even if you were never going to have your boat serviced at this location, supporting that sort of business practice is something that I personally wouldn't do. There are legit business owners out there that would love to have your business (and deserve it). You'll find the boat you want. --Ben