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  1. +1 If you have a mechanical fuel pump, been there done that. After pulling mine out I found out that mine was bad. And replaced it with an electric one. Denny.
  2. If you want a permanent repair, remove the screw, insert and glue a small piece of doll rod, then drill a new hole and put the screw back in. Denny.
  3. If it has a hook in the bottom, I doubt it was manufactured that way. Do you have a V bottom at the transom, or do you have what they called a planing plate at the transom? My 1985 235 XLC has a flat spot where there would normally be the finish of the V bottom. Denny.
  4. Use the Dextron ll, you have a leak somewhere. Have someone looking in the back while you start it up, so when they see it they will be able to tell you to shut it down, and you will not loose so much fluid. Denny.
  5. Denny

    Missing plug?

    Doesn't look like anything was ever plugged into it. What year and what engine, and what part of the engine are we looking at. Denny.
  6. +1 And I am too old to retrofit another boat. Denny.
  7. Is it possible that your outdrive is not holding it's selected position? Just a thought, grabbing at straws. Denny.
  8. Check the batteries with a voltmeter to see if they are dead, maybe something was left on. Ask me how I know. Denny.
  9. Denny

    Bow Flag

    It would work, you would have to mount it on your bow rail, otherwise it would interfere with your anchor. The flag would be whatever you wanted to advertise. Denny.
  10. Denny

    Bad gas?

    I would get rid of all the gas and put fresh in, Not only the gas may be bad, it may also have some water in it, which you can check when you empty the gas tank. Do you know when the last time the engine has been run? How does the oil look? New gas, new oil and filter and new spark plugs to start with. What year and what engine, carburetor or fuel injected? Denny.
  11. For the most part, I think that we do it ourselves. Denny.
  12. It's a free lunch, except what they are serving. Compared to the rest of the world, it ain't all that bad. And don't forget, there is a lot of good info being passed around. Denny.
  13. Your props are loosing their bite.That is where I would start looking first. If the hubs are solid then I would start looking into shafts and gears. It sounds like everything engine wise is ok. Does it only happen on acceleration, or while you are up on plane. What happens if you are up on plane, say 2800-300 rpms, and you hit it, have you tried that a few times? Denny.
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