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  1. I'm sure she knows which ones she can hold like that, and which ones to leave alone. Denny.
  2. Kind of gave me the chills too! Denny.
  3. I am not a lover of snakes or spiders, I think it is like everything else, it is the fear of the unknown and under standing their purpose and what we need to know to be able to cohabitate with them. They actually are harmless to us, it is the unknown that makes us uncomfortable. I think that humans need to leave Mother Nature alone, she knows what she is doing, She has her way of doing things, and has been doing a fine job of it for a long time. Denny.
  4. Just another reason why I love my Great Lakes. I do love watching them on the large HD TV's though. Denny
  5. Well Hatem, I said that I was not going to put a windshield wiper back on my girl. Then got caught in some seas that put spray over the bow and onto the windshield, and lost all visibility. So I said if you are going to do it, do it right, no diny original equipment. So I went to my favorite boat junk yard an picked up a good used motor and blade holder, and a new 16" blade from O'Reilly's, after some testing as to which blade would work. I then did a mock-up first to make sure it was going to fit and work. My windshield is 22" high x 32" long, and the parts of the windshield that are not hit by the blade are not in my view. Still need to water test it. Denny.
  6. I know what you mean on all points, my girl still looks good from a distance, but up close she is showing her age a little. She has her bangs and bruises, a little touch up paint here and there at the end of the season. Teak needs to be redone, I too am getting tired, it is a lot of work to do it right, but I'm not sure if I am up to it. So maybe I will lust keep up maintenance, put on a couple more trinkets and keep her looking good from 20ft away and going down the water. Denny.
  7. If the gelcoat is in good shape there is no reason to remove it, it will make the best base you can have. I used a DA sander, and sanded the gelcoat as far as needed to remove the pin holes. The holes are too small, no paint or primer will fill them, they have to be removed. Then I applied 2 coats of epoxy primer, and as I did with all of the cars I prepared for painting, my finished sanding was by hand ( all of my finished body work was done by hand also) using 400 grit wet or dry sand paper and a soft rubber sanding block, and dry sanding it along with an air duster. She was pretty naked, only thing she had left on was her rub rail, too difficult to remove. Denny. .
  8. For being in the water all season after season she looks pretty good, it's a lot of work to keep her looking that good under those conditions, your diligence is paying off. I think she looks great, and something to be proud of. I get on a lot of boats through out the summer that set in the water all season, and the ones that do not get the care that you give yours, sure shows their age, and can't hold a candle to yours. Denny.
  9. Looks nice, having a zipper door is a great idea, you never know when you might have to get inside for one reason or another. Does it fully cover the swim platform, it looks a little short in the photo? Denny.
  10. +1, the only option you have left is to paint. Power sand every inch with 150 grit, because if you don't the tiny porus pin holes will show up, because the paint will bridge over them and you will see them in the new paint. Spray on an epoxy primer and final sand it with 400 grit. The better quality of paint, the better quality paint job. No matter how much or how little you spend on her, it will be more than she is worth, so it has to be a labor of love, and you plan on keeping her forever. I took mine to the next level, for 3 reasons, 1, because doing it was in my wheel house, 2 when not in use, she is in a headed building sitting on her trailer, and 3, I will keep her forever, next year will be our 28th season together. Like others here have said, make sure that her frame work is solid, if so then go for it. You don't have to make a show piece, the most important part is the prep, because no matter what you paint her with, you don't want it to fall off. Keep us posted, with lots of pictures. Denny.
  11. You bring back a lot of memories. When I did mine I spent ten 40hr week-ends over the winter of 92 and 93. Yeah, a good 400hrs. Loved every minute of it, except removing all of the bottom paint, that someone did not prep right when it was done. Denny.
  12. I know how you like to make things. Take the whole unit and slide it down the post. Design 2 metal plates to mount on your existing roller. Then add the 2nd roller to the top of the metal plates. Everything can be custom fitted, I'm sure that that will be well within your expertise. Maybe adding a bow roller to the front part of the trailer will bump the nose up so your anchor will clear. You might have to do both. This looks like it would be a good job for a couple of guys and a 6pack. Denny.
  13. You don't reposition the boat, you fit the post and rollers and leave the boat where it is. That is the way I did mine. Denny.
  14. Mine has 2 rollers and the bow eye rests up under the top roller. If it were mine, I would add an upper roller, and drop the whole unit that is mounted on the post. If you flip it over, believe me, you will not like it. Adding a second roller will achieve the same thing. Denny.
  15. Not nice to talk about your girl's parts what way. She may develop an attitude, and then you will really have issues. Everyone knows that you always get more with sugar then you do with vinegar. An oid mechanic of mine told me if you have an issue, the first place to look is where someone has worked on it. I would go back and retrace your steps and check things out as you go, and be nice to her.LOL Denny.
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