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  1. cyc, I totally understand where you are coming from. I do not dwell on what is broke, I look at what is left, and make it work. Denny.
  2. I'm not talking about the government, I'm talking about this forum. Denny.
  3. It is sad, eventually you will have no one to talk to. Denny.
  4. All it will take is the right people posting the right things. Soon as the weather breaks, there will be questions and many answers. Denny.
  5. Yes, so is mine, I just wanted to show you that the vent hose top hump has to be higher then the fill hose for it to work properly. Denny.
  6. I am also using the original fittings and locations. Not sure how I did the vent hose, other then running it higher then the filling spout. Next time I get over to the boat, I will check it out. Denny.
  7. The main key is make sure that the bottom edges of the fill and vent hoses are above the top of the gas tank. That way there will be no fuel in either. As far as gas coming out the vent, that is determined by the pressure produced by the gas pump, sometimes gas will come out my vent. Maybe the outside temp, or time of day will factor in. Denny.
  8. How are your new vent and fill hoses' run now in relationship to your gas tank? Denny.
  9. Can this old man tag along? Denny.
  10. +1 something has obstructed the valve area. Not in your case, but when in the trade, we would take a hammer and hit the side of the horn and knock the rust out of it. Denny.
  11. If they work for you, that is all that matters. Denny.
  12. The shelves are an add-on, and have nothing to do with the structure of the boat. Clean off the carpet to see how they were installed. if you don't have the skills, or the money, you don't have to replace them, just clean the area up, and put in new carpet. You may want to check the vertical side panel about it, push on the lower edge, if it feels hard , you are ok. Denny.
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