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  1. Denny

    Water in bilge

    Two person job, one person driving, the other looking in the bilge. Denny.
  2. Denny

    Windless anchor for a 276 ssx

    It would be interesting to see how they came up with that design, and what they modeled it after. One size fits all? Denny.
  3. Denny

    Windless anchor for a 276 ssx

    That is why they call it universal, it is made for everything, but fits nothing. Yours will look and fit better, because it is being tooled to fit. Denny.
  4. Denny

    mooring cover lining replacement

    Try Taylor Made first, they will be cheaper then going to a canvas shop. Denny.
  5. Denny

    Lake Powell is many things

    I have been back there in that area, not a lot of fun when consideration of others is lacking. I feel your pain, I know what you mean. I was on Lake Pleasant last summer with my son. There was this island there, that is now a peninsula. They said that they were down around 50%. I was looking at bath tub rings that were 40ft above the water we were on, That is one big lake, and a whole lot of water gone. Here on The Great Lakes we are a couple of feet above normal, so boaters are crossing areas and going places that they normally don't. Denny.
  6. Denny

    Replacing the fuel water separator

    + 1 Denny.
  7. Denny

    Who owns a 2018 247 SSX or 2019 257 SSX?

    Yeah, all they would need to do is make the transom more vertical, add a little teak, and enclose the bow. She is a good looking boat, nice lines! Going to the Detroit boat Show this month, hopefully Chap. will be represented, and I can get a closer look. Denny.
  8. Denny

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    Went night fishing with a buddy one night on an inland lake. We were casting with jitterbugs, we decided to move, we stopped a short distance away from where we were. I cast my line, and there was no sound of the plug hitting the water. So I got out my spot light, and shined it in the direction I cast my jitterbug. The reason for no sound was, because it landed in someones back yard. I like boating at night, but not without my Garmin, and fixed way points. Everyone one my waypoints and routs that I have, I have personally been there to mark them. One winter I planed a route to a place that I had never been. That summer I want there using the route that I had planed, I missed the entrance by 100yrds and was in 4 ft of water. Denny.
  9. Denny

    265SSI windlass

    If the wire is the size of a battery cable. I don't know if they pre-wire boats the way that they do cars. Get ready to spend a K or better. Denny.
  10. Denny

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    I don't have radar, but I too boat on the Detroit and St. Clair Rivers, along with Lake St. Clair and at night any times, I have been out there on black nights, where you can not see your hand in front of your face. My concern is what radar and you can't see, and that is something floating. For me I have to watch out for that NON-BOATER, running with no lights, or with a ball cap over his mast head light so he can see, hopefully where he is going. And now with all that LED stuff that people think it is cool to run with, instead of leaving it at the dock, it is no longer red, green, and white lights to help you navigate. That is one of the reasons that I boat Monday through Thursday, all the party people are off the water, and all I need to watch out for is the weather, and something floating. Denny.
  11. Denny

    Windless anchor for a 276 ssx

    That reminds me of what we said when I was in the trade, (a good body man knows when to quit), I am more than sure that you have a handle on it. Denny.
  12. Denny

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    To begin with you have to be nuts to run 35 mph at night. 35 mph in a car with head lights down a country road can be scary. Denny.
  13. Denny

    Windless anchor for a 276 ssx

    Looking good! I used to use a 5" grinding wheel that went on my hand air grinder for grinding down welds, cut fast and lasted a long time.
  14. Hey Chuck, Denny from Toledo here, good to here from you. Do all the showers have the additional holes on the bottom now? Going on the 3rd season now, and haven't cleaned the out-drive yet.
  15. Denny

    Trim tabs for a 256 SSI

    My Bennett's are also flush mounted, like you say Hatem, they are part of the hull. In my case they add length. mine are 18" wide and 12" deep. Because of my slower speeds, mine are all the way down and I adjust the list from there. The higher the speed the more I raise them. I normally cruise between 2600 & 2900 rpms, which is my comfort zone. Denny.