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  1. Never had any issues on any of the lakes that I have boated on out there, we always boat during the week. Denny.
  2. I had a friend that lived in Tuscon and he would trailer his boat to I think to Lake Pleasant. Denny.
  3. Call Chap, or Cecil Marine, they may know who supplied the seat. Denny.
  4. Denny

    aft bilge tube ?

    I understand the high spot, I have one on my vent hose for my gas tank, but none on my bilge hose. Denny.
  5. Denny

    aft bilge tube ?

    The higher the hill climb, the more the resistance. Denny.
  6. Denny

    aft bilge tube ?

    There is really no reason for the J-Traps, the pump will stop pumping when it runs out of water, no mater how much water is left in the line. Denny.
  7. Denny

    aft bilge tube ?

    My first thought would be to eliminate the loops and try it and see what happens. There may be some resistance there with all the J-Traps. Denny .
  8. Call Clarion. Denny
  9. Denny


    If you do not have the knowledge and the tools, I would quit grabbing at straws, and take it to a reliable mechanic. If it is carburated, you need three things, gas, spark and compression, and it is easy to see if you have all three. If it is fuel injected, then it is a different story. Then there is the possibility of water in the gas tank. All in all it could be a simple fix, if you know what you are looking for.Denny
  10. I help a canvas man, and what I have learned about boat manufactures is, they use what is available at the time. I would get a sample and match it up to be on the safe side. You can try to contact the manufacture and see if they can give you the info. Denny.
  11. No warranty, try Cecil Marine, or a good marine canvas shop. Denny.
  12. Denny


    Maybe Cecil Marine. Denny.
  13. +1 It looks like there is nothing there that is good to even start with. I would not even take it if it were given to me for free. Sorry , just my honest opinion. Reminds me of an old saying (rode hard and put away wet). Denny.
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