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  1. (trailer repairs) There isn't an ill wind that doesn't blow someone some good. Denny.
  2. I added an amp gauge to my gauges, so I can monitor both at the same time. Denny
  3. Thanks cyc, that one is for when I am on 110V with the genny or shore power. This one is set up like your car heater core, (actually 2 cores) and runs off of the hot water from the engine when I am running on those chilly days and nights, and does empty right under the helm seat with 3 exit ports along with a squirrel cage type blower motor that blows across to the port side. Denny.
  4. Yesterday went fishing for lake Erie Perch, got 51. 58 degrees out side of my girl, 70 degrees inside, with some help from her 2000 Honda genny, and heater. This is probably her last run, unless we get one of those Indian Summer Days, of the past. Denny.
  5. Nothing to be sorry for, he just has more to love. Denny.
  6. I have to admit, they all sounded good back then, and they did not have to be loud to do it, it was more of a mellow sound. Denny.
  7. Nothing sounds as sweet as a 1950 ford flat head. Denny.
  8. Why are you going to put it in? Are you putting it in for the noise and looks, or for performance? If it is for performance, you do not generate enough power for it to matter. If it is for looks and sound, go for it, if it is for performance, save your money Denny.
  9. Call Chap and see if they can give you the color, or the vender that supplied the cushions. That is how I found the carpet for my girl. Denny.
  10. Readjusted the lower cable, everything is good again. Shifts fine and accelerates in reverse now. Thanks for everyone's help and input. Denny.
  11. If the water does not bead when it gets wet, you might want to have it water proofed. Locate a boat canvas shop in your area and take it to them and they can advice you on what can be done. Denny.
  12. Denny

    CO poisoning

    That's ok, no matter the condition, it is teak. Something that the new boats don't have. They come with tricked up lighting and boom boxes. Denny.
  13. +1 If you don't click on it, it will slowly disappear into the archives.
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