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  1. Dingy and my girl all clean and polished, and tucked away as of this week-end. Now I'm waiting for Mother Nature and the calendar to catch up to my thoughts of my shake down cruise of 2020. O.D.C. Denny.
  2. Ya, my girl had 9 yrs on her when I got her,. Counting everything I have spent including the purchase and running for 27 yrs, I have less than the cost of her replacement. Denny.
  3. When I got my girl in 92, my 87 octane at the pump on the street averaged out at the end of the year at $112 per gal. A number of years back I checked my log. I ran 1/3 rd less hrs then my first year and my cost was 4 times as much, it did not make me cut back on my boating , I just said, wow. Years ago Bayliner put a lot of poor people on the water, today poor people don't boat. Everything is relevant, if you have to count your pennys to do something, then you should not be doing it, because it is not as enjoyable. The old school of thought was, to live within your means, which for today's generation it is very hard to do. If I were of this generation and trying to raise a family on 1 income, (which in these times is almost not impossible) the last thing I would buy would be a new boat. I think everyone is aware of the cost of things no matter what level you are at, it is just that what you may be worried about, doesn't concern me, and what I am worried about may not concern someone else. Just my Denny.
  4. I might be wrong, (which I usually am, so I've been told), but I thought that I had seen somewhere on the net where they have a frame and chassis unit that is hydrogen powered and you have a choice of bodies that you can put on it. And it is supposed to be self sustaining? Denny.
  5. I have never boated that far west in Canada, however back in the day I did snow ski in Alberta I was there for 1 week,and flew with the Toledo Ski Club. (late 70's early 80's) I can remember standing at the base of your Olympic ski jump, saying noway! Standing on top of the mountain I could look out and see Lake Louise, well not the lake actually, because it was frozen and covered in snow. Although I could see this gigantic building, not sure what it was, maybe a lodge. I do remember that all retail spending shut down on Sunday in Canada, including the lodge that we were staying at. The other thing that I remember, they had a deal if you skied 3500 vertical feet you got a little stick on pin, which I did, along with some very tied legs. It seems that most of the posts are on Boat and Dock Talk, I think because it opens up the whole World, members watch them closer. I thought that it would be nice to have a section dedicated to The Great Lakes, because of how diverse they are. I hope you get this, and for the first meeting you, welcome to the club, we love pics and videos. Denny.
  6. I repainted mine in 1992 and every year I had to clean it with a mixture of vinegar and mild rubbing compound to remove the minerals that were boiled on the drive because of the heat. Chuck told me that, that was what was happening, and why there was residue on the upper part of the drive. The 1st year I had the shower there was a little residue on the area where the bottom bolts are that hold the drive on. So I drilled another set of hole across from that area, and it cured the issue. I called Chuck, and told him what I had done, and he said that he was going to add those holes. So you will be getting an up graded version. I Cannot remember exactly when I added the shower, maybe 5-6 yrs ago. Believe it or not, when I wash her down, I wash everything but the drive, it has never been washed since I added the shower. What you see in the picture is the way that it comes out of the water. If it were to cost twice the price, I would buy it, and save me the 20+ yrs and the hour of scrubbing it took me to get it back to what it looks like now. Denny.
  7. Ya, Chuck is good people. I dealt with him when I got mine. Great product, the bonus is that I have not had to scrub and detail my out drive in 3 years. I do not know how it will work for you that dock all season, but for you trailer boaters, this is what you can expect, and their are others here that can attest to it also. 1 season before drive shower. 3 seasons after.
  8. Thanks for sharing. Will be nice to see how much space the batteries will that up, my brother in-law has one of the Fords, and said that there was not enough room left in the trunk to put a set of golf clubs in. Maybe they can hide them in the floor. Hopefully it will get better mileage in between charges then the cars do. Wonder about the cost factor, has to be in the range of outboards. Denny.
  9. No, just typed it in. Denny.
  10. (at night or in the fog is just crazy unless you live there) Boated in both. When you loose visual, it really kicks up your adrenalin. It makes it a lot easier when you have a second set of eyes. There are some routes that I have created to get from one place to another, and totally trust them, because I was there in the day time and put in the waypoints as I passed the buoys. The buoys may move, but my waypoints stay where I put them. Denny.
  11. It is not fading, those are real fine scratches, and they will rub out, if not then a little 2000 grit and soapy water first. After 27 years the passion is gone, now I do what needs to be done to make her mechanically sound, and just buy her new gadgets now and then. However I still love taking her out for a ride, and would never trade her in. Denny.
  12. Found a 2010 in Mich. All white. You did not say what year. Denny.
  13. Thumbs up to you, great job! May you have many hours at her helm. Denny.
  14. Denny


    If my theory is right we still have a long ways to go. Calendar wise, we just cleared the first month. Mother Nature wise I believe that she is running at least 1 month behind. I hope you are right, and I am wrong. They are still fishing in boats on Lake Erie, how nuts is that. Weather wise and people unwise. Denny.
  15. Denny


    I punched in Lake Powell and 30 something came up. I watch the weather in phoenix, I have a son that lives there and I go there once a year to visit, for about a 3 week stay, then go to San Diego and Carlsbad to visit another son and daughter, along with grandchildren, for about a week or so. I have a high school buddy that lives in Prescot, and we take a day and do lunch and a round of golf. I also fix things that might be in need of repair to fill up my days while they are working, and the kids are in school, when I am not playing golf. Denny.
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