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  1. They are reproductions, that is why they are similar looking. They were listed as Mercury, got to love the internet. My shifter from 1985 still works and looks good.
  2. If you can find a phone# call the company that made it and see if it is adjustable, that is where I would start. Denny.
  3. Does yours look like either of these? I went on the internet and entered this on the web search ( Mercuriser 3000 throttle control unit) and these came up. If these are not it, at the top of the page, click on images and scroll down until you see the one that looks like yours, click on it and then click on visit. The page will open up to who posted it. Usually it will be a vendor that has it. Good luck, you are looking for a 20 year part. It is more then likely a reproduced part and may not be built as good as original equipment. I would ask them. You might also check E-bay, or a used boat parts yard, maybe a Mercury dealer will have one lying around in the back room, or ask them if the model was super seeded to a newer model, they do that all the time in the automotive industry. Did you try taking yours apart to see why it is sticking? Denny.
  4. You probably seen our Lake Erie water snake. Lake Erie watersnakes grow to 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 feet in length. They are not venomous. Habitat - In summer, the snakes live on the cliffs, ledges and rocky shorelines of limestone islands and forage in the nearshore waters of Lake Erie. During winter, Lake Erie watersnakes hibernate underground.
  5. That is why I like where I boat, there is nothing in the waters that will eat me.
  6. Not really sure any more. 25 years ago when I bought the boat I set up a deviation chart when I added the GPS, and before all the other goodies. I found a large spot on my local river that was calm and free of traffic. I would run some distance and take the readings of both. Then at 10 degree increments I would repeat the process until I completed my 360 degree circle.Yeah, it took a lot of patience and time, but I was on the water and it was a warm and sunny day. You have my curiosity Dan, I will check it out this summer to see how close it is now, after some 25 years of add-ons. It is comforting to know that you have a back up if you need it. Denny.
  7. Finally after a lot of trial and error, I have found 2 hosting web sites. 1 for photos and one for videos, and with great customer care. The photo is (Postimage) if you just up load you can send your photo. When you close out of their site your photo will be gone. If you give them an E-mail and set up a (free) account, your photo will be saved until you delete it that way you can build a gallery or not. The video is (Vimeo) they have a basic account that is (free) you have to set up an E-mail account, and with it you can up load up to 500MB per week, for ever, and your videos are saved. Next they have a (Plus) account, it is 72deer per year, if you pay by the year, or you can pay one month at a time and it is 12deer per month. With it you get 5TB, per week and a lot of other features. This video took 56MB So all of you that have this, including the guy with that (pretty girl and trailer) that are all dressed up in yellow can show her off again. It feels good to be able to share again. Hopefully I have opened up a couple of doors for some of you. Denny.
  8. Congrets, age is not a collection of numbers, it is a collection of memories. Denny.
  9. test Working with this site on being able to up load videos and transfer them to other places
  10. We have some yellow buoys on the Detroit and St. Clair Rivers, and I was told that they are international buoys. Denny.
  11. I could not post with out it. Denny.
  12. Regardless of the the value, what I feel is important to resale value is, to duplicate and copy the original design and color. If you veer from that , no mater how nice it looks, it will look like it was changed and added on. Kind of like the difference between SST's boat and mine, his is of the original design. Not that his or mine is worth more, but because of my adding the arch, (that they never made one for our boat), I have narrowed down the number of people who would buy my boat, that are looking for an original 1985 235 XLC, regardless of condition.
  13. +1 Denny.
  14. Can you post a photo of the damage and show the stern seat to show us the damage in relation to the seat? I help a guy out that has a boat canvas shop, and sometimes the seats are difficult to take apart, not alone getting them out of the boat. Denny.
  15. I went to an electric wench, mainly out of necessity, Too old, and too weak. And mine is an E-Z Roller. Denny