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  1. All Chrysler products seem to rust out soon. You can see them going down the road every day. Denny.
  2. A lot of times the seat cushions are held on with wide strips of Velcro. Also in the deep crevasses, like where your blue and white come together they will put screws in there. Hope this helps, Denny.
  3. As in everything else, usually you will get what you pay for. A good quality after market wheel will be expensive, for the fact that it is not specifically a replacement for your Chap. Denny.
  4. If you have have a copy in your pictures on your computer, go to (Postimage) and you can up load it from there, that is where I get all my photos from. It is fast and easy, I have up loaded sometimes 15-20 photos at a time, in 5-10 minutes. It puts Photobucket to shame. Denny.
  5. Hey brick, when are you going to put your pretty girl dressed in yellow back up for show? Denny.
  6. To be safe put them away some where when trailering. A good canvas shop can add straps and or snaps. I have seen it go both ways. Denny.
  7. Firestone Destinations, I'm on my 2nd set, good wear. Denny.
  8. I was about 3 miles off shore. I was facing North, when I heard this whooshing sound coming from behind me. The next thing I knew was, my whole bow rail, covered with Blue Jays. It looked like birds all lined up on a telephone wire. By the time that I realized what had happened and got my cell phone this was all that was left of them. I don't know how many of them there were, but there was a lot of them. They appeared be heading N.West out across the lake. In the direction that they were headed, they still had another 5 or better miles to go. It also made me think about how wonderful today's technology is. Years ago I never would have been able to capture this great moment and share it, because of not having a cell phone.
  9. Add foam rubber to the lower portion? Denny.
  10. I posted a web site that will allow you to post pics. at no charge, all you need to do is give them an E-mail. Denny
  11. It's funny when you experience nature, it seems to make everything alright again. Denny.
  12. Don't remember if I caught any fish or not, but this made my day. Denny.
  13. I have been in areas where the idle speed is posted at 6oo rpms, my shifting rpms are 450 Denny.
  14. Sorry, wrong post. Old men don't multi task. Denny.
  15. There are true seamen, and then there are people that own boats. Doesn't matter which you are, it's just about being there. Doesn't matter if you tie up with a rope, or a line, just as long as your girl is secure. Most of the people that I take boating are land lubbers. I was corrected at the end of the last boating season when I asked a blow boater that was preparing to leave the dock, if he was going to get in that last ride. His answer was, we are going for a sail, and that was how I found out that you don't take a ride on a sail boat. Denny. (they will mess them all up ) The one thing I have learned about golf, you never touch another man's putter