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  1. Denny

    Vinyl Cleaning Recommendations

    Magic Erasers do work, but you have to be careful. They work like a very fine piece of sand paper and remove a little the top surface. That is why you have to put on a protector, because you have opened up the surface. I have used them to remove marks on painted walls, and when you look at the eraser, it has some of the color of the wall on it. Denny.
  2. Denny

    Hull Cleaning

    Toilet bowl cleaner. Denny.
  3. Denny

    Windless anchor for a 276 ssx

    They told me to power off of my start battery. Denny.
  4. Yes, and thank you again for all of your input
  5. Yeah, this is a very nice state launch facility, and is very well protected from waves.
  6. Docks have a built in rubber cushion on the edge. Thanks for the observation. When I feel that I need fenders, I will use them.
  7. Everything is working great, even with all the bouncing and jarring it gets. Thanks to you and your input, and my many-many hours of trial and error, I have to say that it was a great adventure, and I would do it again. Now that I know what has to be done, the second time around is always easier.
  8. Well, I got to play with one of my toys that I built and added to my girl. Last Saturday we decided to go perch fishing. It was 48 degrees and a constant 15 mph wind. We went to the lee side of Kelley's Island where the waves were only about 1ft. All the people on the other boats around us had their Nanook of the north outfits on. It was hard to see if they were jigging or shivering. A couple of years back I added a Honda 2000 generator, had a top cover made that I can put up in less then 5 minutes, that goes from the top of the windshield to the top of the radar arch, which covers everything back to the jump seats. Then I built and added my heater/ air-conditioner. Story is, with the back open for fishing, the area near the helm was 65 degrees and the area just inside the back opening was 61 degrees. And with the top up there was no wind. This was the first time that I thought about doing this, and it works. I figure without the wind and the vacuum it produced, that it might even be warmer. It may not be pretty, but it does serve the purpose. Denny.
  9. Yes I do, after a long day on the water, (doing water things) I use it to watch videos at night, then I fall asleep, and it watches me.
  10. No, it sets nicely protected in it's little box. As far as I know for now the only 2 things that my girl doesn't have are, radar and autopilot, and only because I have no need for either.
  11. Already got one. Another one of my automotive accessories.
  12. The angle on the handle allows the top to be over the box. I see your rocker switch now. You could extend your wires for the bow switch so you could stand up and hold it in your hand, and when you are done with it, roll it up and put it in your locker. I have seen some that look like 2 miniature hockey pucks, they come in a pair, you step on them, one for up and the other for down. Maybe on a large boat, but on mine I thought that they would look tacky. Believe it or not everything on there has a purpose . The cigarette lighter is original equipment, and has a dual purpose. I do not smoke, so I don't use the lighter portion. There is a switch and when you flip it, it then becomes a light that shines down to illuminate whatever you may need it for. I think ash trays are an option now, you have to request one, and then again they may not even be available on some models. The cup holder does fold up, I got it years ago at BoatUS, before it became west Marine. I'm sure that they still sell them. Mine are plastic. Yours look like they will hold up a lot better, being that they are S.S. The unit on the teak box is a light to illuminate the level gauge above it at night, so I can see the gauge to balance the boat form starboard to port. Not to mention the light is off of a pick up truck rear chrome bumper, it is one of the license lights, that was left over from one of the jobs I did in the body shop. This is the best way that I could come up with to try and answer and comment to everyone. Denny.
  13. Denny

    Snap-In carpet question

    +1 S.S. If you mark the spots and take it to a place that does MARINE canvas work they can put them in for you. Denny