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  1. Richard is right, it all depends on how you boat, there was only once or twice in the 25 years that i have had my girl that I wished that she was larger, and that was due to getting caught in heavy seas. I have everything that the big girls have, except radar and auto pilot, only on a smaller scale. There are two advantages about trailer boating, one you don't always have to leave from point A and when you put her to bed, she will be as you left her no mater the weather or how long it is before you get back to her.
  2. I'm with you, I don't like commercials on TV either, that is why I tape everything. Thanks again for the info, looking forward to trying it out.
  3. Found this web sight. 11 Free Image Hosting Sites for Your Photos - Lifewire › Do More › Web & Search › Best of the Web Upload your images to these sites to share them easily. ... Wondering if there are there any good sites out there made purely for free image hosting? ... Here are 11 of the best sites that offer free image hosting and make the process of uploading and sharing your images easier than ever. I have been playing around this one, so far it seems to be working. Similar to Imgur and Free Image Hosting, Tinypic (a product of Photobucket) gives users a fast and simple way to upload and share photos without having to create or log into an account. Just choose the file you want to upload, add some optional tags, set the size you want and you're done. Tinypic provides you with a simple link you can use to share your photo anywhere. Adding tags will help users who use Tinypic's search function to find relevant photos. Photos (and videos) that are not associated with a user account will remain on the site for at least 90 days, after which they may be removed if they haven't been viewed. Best for: Uploading photos fast and sharing them anywhere online–especially forum message boards. Max image size/storage: No larger than 1600px for both the width and height with file size limits of 100 MB. You can also upload videos up to five minutes in length. More » This is some of what I have done with it so far. It has a few quirks, but so far it is the best that I have found. Hope this is helpful. Denny. I am trying to add a video at the bottom, this is one of the quirks, it will not load automatically. View My Video
  4. I personally think one of the down falls is it segregates your passengers, unless you have a really big one. I have been helping a guy this summer that does canvas work on boats. I have been on several boats with bridges, and some of them are a real pain in the butt to get up and down, especially if you are carrying anything. Ever try going up an extension ladder with one hand? Yes I will agree the view is great, and so is the rocking. Denny.
  5. I have an Anchorlift with a turner, and love it, and the service that they give you too, John is super. When the line is new it will tend to slip because of the smoothness of it, it works better when it gets a little dirty and a little worn. Went fishing the other day, fishing was not so good, however deployed and retrieved 150ft of anchor road 11 times, with no issues. Like the credit card commercial says, don't leave home with out it. Denny
  6. Thanks TNBRETT, I'll play with it. Can you put it in a post or just in the Gallery? What about videos? TNBrett
  7. Thanks, I will research the others.
  8. It is shorter, you will not have as much boat in the water when running. Denny.
  9. test,. sorry, working on photo up loads. Look up my post on dock talk, Tiny Pics
  10. test,. sorry, working on photo up loads. Look up my post on dock talk, Tiny Pics
  11. I like them cold
  12. I have a small Danby fridge, without a freezer compartment. But if I set it too cold, it will and has tuned my oranges into orange ice cubes. If I run my 1750 inverter on my deep cycle house battery, it will last 24hrs. Denny.
  13. I have the new anchor from Anchor Lift with an anchor turner, and believe me when I say that it literately sets it's self. I drop it and when it hits bottom, it never moves. I'm on the south western end of Lake Erie, mostly soft black clay weed beds and Zebra Mussels. I was going to get the bow foot pedals, because the anchor some times would seat backwards. I got the turner, now I do it all from the helm. Push a button, it goes down, push another button, it comes up, and if it comes up backwards, the turner corrects it, I don't feel safe hopping over the windshield in 3ft waves at my age anymore. It is by far the best safety convenience piece of equipment that I have added to my girl.
  14. +1, I also believe that you need to put down a moisture barrier first. I was told to do that when I did mine. I did not have nor do I have any blisters. When I bought mine at 7 yrs old, it had black Pettit on it, don't know if that saved her or not.
  15. Restored her 25 yrs ago. Granted, I trailer, but her bottom has never been washed. I put on a copper base product called VCR 17, that I think is no longer available, do to today's regulations. Denny.
  16. Type it in the search box on the net and there are a number of places that show it. One place shows it for 30 deer. Denny.
  17. I have a Mercuiser and with mine the reading became very sporadic, so I took them apart and cleaned them, and hand packed them. If you get any water in them they will not work right. I have had the same ones since 92, with 1700hrs. Even though there are zerk fittings, it still may be not enough to get all the water out. Denny.
  18. +1, Denny.