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  1. Denny

    Duo Prop Repair

    Where are you located at? The guy in my area learned from his Dad and does great work, trust me i know 1st hand. Denny.
  2. Denny

    Oldest Chaparral Boat on Forum

    Nice looking old girl, how old is she? Denny.
  3. Denny

    Fuel tank size

    According to the Chap booklet on it they say 58 gal. Denny.
  4. Denny

    Where can I find a Replacement Bimini

    You will not find an original equipment any more. Your problem is that you are a captive audience. the sail maker knows that he has no competition, so he can charge what he wants, with the attitude, take it or leave it. And as you know Hawaii is expensive, because everything is shipped in. So his cost for the materials will cost him more. You might check the net and see if there is a company that is able to copy the original specks here in the states. I help out a guy that has a boat canvas shop, I will check with him as to what he thinks your options might be. Denny.
  5. Denny


    Maybe we should name it a cuddly or cozy cabin. Denny.
  6. Denny


    It is your home while you are on the water. Now is it a full sized apartment, or an efficiency apartment, or a motel 6. Bottom line if it fits your needs, that is all that maters. Denny.
  7. Denny

    Late 2000's SIG 250 = Current Sig 270?

    Measure from bow to transom, that is the true length of the boat, and that will be the size of your foot print on the trailer. Denny.
  8. Denny

    Thoughts on a windlass anchor

    Back in the day, we filled a 3 lb coffee can with cement, stuck an eye bolt in it, got some cloths line, and were good to go. Man those were the days! Of course, that was all we had, living on the poor side of the tracks. Denny.
  9. Denny

    1996 2130 Sport - Decal Letters

    Your girl is 22 yrs old, try a boat junk yard, or advertise what you are looking for on Craig's, E-bay or the likes there of. I wish you luck. Denny.
  10. Denny

    Late 2000's SIG 250 = Current Sig 270?

    If the swim plate form is molded into the boat , it is now part of the boat and is added into the length Measure how much boat is in the water, and that will tell you how big it really is. Denny.
  11. No, the friction plate goes between the U-bolt and the mounting bar. The rollers are all free spinning. The first photo is of the broken and worn parts. Sorry, I will be of no help on the bow thruster, that is not an avenue that I have not gone down
  12. Denny

    New upholstery estimate

    Sunbrella Denny.
  13. Not exactly a new modification, but none the less an up grade. After 33 years,my trailer rollers needed friction plate needed an up lift. Denny.
  14. Denny

    Notice how little I post ?

    Age is not a collection of numbers, it is a collection of memories. I don't dwell on what is broke, I consider what I have left and keep on trucking. Denny.
  15. Denny

    Notice how little I post ?

    So this is what you find under the heading BOAT TALK. Good stuff. Denny.
  16. Thanks, I don't like to hear mine at 1500 on the muffs.
  17. I don't know if they put a rev limiter on my 1985
  18. Maybe I got it wrong about what Bt Doctor said, I took to be that it was ok to run it at high rpms without a load on it.
  19. So that means that I can run my 350/260 1985 chevy all day at 4000 rpms in neutral, and it will not hurt it?
  20. Denny

    Here we go again! Boat off trailer!

    Looking at the photo, my guess, it was not tie down to anything. My boat is not tied in the back, only at the winch, and I have made a couple of power stops at 55mph, and she stayed right where she was. Denny.
  21. I once heard that if you run an engine at high rpms with no load on it, that the valves may start to float. iIam no mechanic, so I do not know what that means. Denny.
  22. Denny

    Anyone have these?

    The dinghy was not added in the original 3-400. It+the platform are about 225 lbs, and that is hanging off the back end. Without the dinghy I can run on plane about 18 mph at 2500 rpms. With it to stay on plane at 18 mph, I'm at 28-2900 rpms. In the beginning before all the add-ons I could hold a plane at 2300 rpms. and at 3000 rpms she would run 30 mph. Without my 12"-18" over sized Bennett tabs, I don't know how fast I would have to go to hold a plane, or even get her up, with or without the dinghy, looks like it is time for a sea trial test.
  23. Denny

    Anyone have these?

    You and your wife can thank your lucky stars, that could have gotten real ugly,
  24. Denny

    Anyone have these?

    Good shot, yeah she is mid 80's. Even though she is weathered, she still has character. I love that era of boats, they where like the mussel cars of the early 70's.
  25. Denny

    Anyone have these?

    Not sure of the exact weight, but it has to be 300-400 lbs. over the years, maybe more. And it is also how some of it was added. One factor is the addition and weight of the radar arch. Then the canvas adding wind drag. Along with the A/C, heater, small fridge, microwave, windlass, and portable Honda 2000 generator. Just to mention a few.