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  1. Randy

    Birthdays 4/8

    Thanks everyone....Thanks Roy...kinda been more passive member lately...but still enjoying the discussions...thanks again.
  2. Randy

    New Member

    Welcome aboard...greatforum for answers to your questions...some even useful...
  3. happy b-day everyome...hope you had a great day
  4. I remember when you got 'er; love what you've done with her...
  5. Looks like a great trip. We really enjoyed the area when we were there....except the cold...
  6. To add to Matt's suggestion....You might wanna check locally...give a call to the chap dealer, storage facility, etc, then check the biggies--BOATUS, Progressive, GEICO, etc. We ran this thread several months ago and these three dominated the rest...
  7. Not that you need a reason to like your chap but boating mag has a swimsuit edition. Each mfg has its own model....Chap selected a beauty... whether you like boating mag, it's well, check it out...
  8. First, welcome to the forum and congrats on your find. We like pics especially on restore projects. There are several talented members who have rebuilt or restored older chaps. So, keep bringing your questions and updates, you might save time and money learning what not to do or to do. I'm pretty conservative when it comes to my boat, so I tend to stay on the marine side. That is to say that marine products are specifically made for the harsh environment. So, in my opinion, if the motor is an auto motor, it either is shot or soon to be. Go with marine grade products. They're more expen
  9. Randy

    World Series

    two good teams, but since the Rangers have never been, I pulling for them...
  10. Randy

    Still Boating

    Headed out tomorrow (shhh!, I'm calling in sick)...supposed to get our first cold front...temps will dip into the 50s and not get out of the 80s this weekend... ......just kidding I'm just glad we have water!!!
  11. Randy


    Welcome to the forum. Ditto Joe...he's prompt and seems to have everything--including answers to 'stupid' questions. good luck
  12. We had that discussion some time ago. apparently there's several issues to consider...consensus was to not go down that path. probably others will share
  13. Think they'll edit that scene?...just asking?
  14. Good luck GP--like you said, there's one out there..let us know when you score (the boat)
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