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  1. 216 might be an option would give same size as I have now. No sure about the tower though ...Monster MTK is just so good. It would depend on price .... Key for me is that it can fold to below screen top rail. How do duoprops compare to a High Five? ... had High Five on last 3 boats excellent pull for water sports. The 220hp 4.3L MPI on a 20' works fine .... due to price of fuel in UK, (~$6.26 per gal) For recreational towed sports 4.3 MPi seems fine. The next step up would be V8 5.0L and that is not a well respected unit, and power to weight does not compare favourably .... for same weight you can get the 5.7 .... but it will burn a lot more fuel. Open to idea of duoprop if they suit towed sports. I had read that that the extra weight on the transom can cause bow to run too high.
  2. I don't own a Chaparral yet .... but I am not a newbie to boating, been owning boats for 35 yrs. My use is inshore saltwater boating, for towed sports ... SkySki, Wakeboard, Kneeboard etc. Don't need particularly high top end ... need good pull, with stability straightline tracking and good handling when water is choppy. .... don't go out when above 15mph wind so not after real rough water performance. Want a bowrider, in overall length of 21' or less. I have what I consider a quality boat now ... a 21' Monterey 204FS .... this is 19'7" hull overall length incl swim platform of 20'4" has a deadrise of 19 degrees and an 8'4" beam, with the 220hp MPI mercruiser, a High5 prop & a Monster MTK tower, coupled with GPS speed control it has been my best package to date. However I live in UK and there is no longer a Monterey dealer .... so when time comes to change looking for alternative .... Chaparral is one of names that I considered as being quality build. I am unfamiliar with Chaparral hull range ... there is a UK dealer but, its a couple of hundred mile drive, so trying to get my facts together first. So in the overall length (incl swim platform) of 21' my looking at web site seems to suggest that the SSI 206 is a possible match or the XTREME 204, these may even be the same base hull ... Any advice/comments on the capability of these boats when used in-shore, they may be fine on lakes ... but I need something with good build quality, that will be solid & predictable when used on salt-water. A flat bottomed lake boat will not suit.
  3. I did see his reply ... I think 350mag will be too expensive to run for me. The options seem to be 5.0 + B3/duoprop or 5.7 with alpha/sx I will start a regular look at those sites.
  4. Is there an optimum engine/drive for the 216 ? ..... i.e 5.0L & duoprop Maybe I should look for a 2011 low Hrs used 216. Just did a quick Google ... first 2 turned up were with 4.3L engine, which I would assume a bit too low power for the weight & length of 216.
  5. Still considering what to buy for next boat. Had advice to look at ssi range, and surprised to see the 206 and 216 in same range .... seems a bit unusual to have only 1' difference in length. The key difference other than the length is that 216 has a 20 degree deadrise, which I'm assuming will mean there is more of the hull in the water, and could be better handing, esp. in rough water. Anybody any experience if the 216 is better handling that 206 .... I don't need the 12" and 100lb+ extra weight, unless it gives meaningful improvements.
  6. Struck out with Cecil marine. They can't supply a CE spec boat. Anyone have an email address for someone at Chaparral direct? I could contact them to see if they will authorise sales of CE spec boat.
  7. Cheers guys ... I'll contact them
  8. I am in UK, I work for a US company, and travel frequently to NY/NJ and to a lesser degree to Florida. I am considering buying a Chaparral in US, using it there and at some point later importing into UK. Would welcome any recommendations for a really good Chaparral dealer on the East coast ........ if you prefer to PM me then no problem. (I am aware of the requirements for importing boats into Europe, and the CE directive.)
  9. The one I'm looking at does have a Tower fitted & SS Prop Do you have Smart Tabs on yours ? found they made huge difference on current boat. Most of time it's wakeboarding, kneeboarding and for me particulalry riding a SkySki ... on ocasions I do ski I use an HO WideTrax Slalom don't use a narrow comp ski.
  10. I'm a big fan of Smart Tabs .. have them & retractors fitted to current boat. We are normally 2 in boat & 1 in the water. The 190hp with a High Five prop and Smart Tabs has never struggled, but do need to get make sure 4.3L 225hp would be OK on the 206 Is there a High Five equivalent for VP drives ?
  11. I had been focusing on a separate boat, but have come across an almost unused 2011 model 206 SSi ....... This is fitted though with VP 4.3 L which is stated as 225hp Anybody any experience of how this boat performs with this engine ? Advertised as 55mph top speed, but that is not particularly important ... my use is for towed recreational watersports ... so low end pull, and planing time is more relevant. My current boat is a 20'6" .. although 2' of that is bating platform, 127kg (2705lb) it has the 190hp carb Mercruiser ... it performs perfectly adequately for the towed sports. Assume the 225hp VP especially with fuel injection would e a step up form what I have now.
  12. don't have that option ... wish I did Guys you mention 210 and 220 were these the predecessors or 216 and 226 ? is the 6" just difference in for example bathing platform, or are hulls significantly different
  13. Chaparral only offer dual prop with 5.0L on the 216 SSi ... hence my dilemma
  14. After advice here taking a I am looking closely at a possible 216 SSi purchase. The question of what engine & drive combination to go for .... the 5.0L or the 5.7L. There were comments made to consider getting a twin prop drive, for better tracking, more efficiency etc., which surprisingly is not an option with the 5.7L engine So I have a number of considerations .... 5.0L single prop 5.0L Dualprop aprox +$2k 5.7L single prop aprox +$3k If I go single prop then the informed choice seems to be Volvo Sx drive, as it has better gearbox & clutch For 5.0L Dualprop then no real diff between Merc or Volvo - other than Volvo is about $1k cheaper. My use will be in-shore salt water boating mainly recreational towed watersports. Don't need particularly high top end speed ... majority of use is 22-16mph. Welcome advice whether to go for 5.0L single, 5.0L Dualprop (B3 or DP) ... or forget twin prop and pay extra and go for the 5.7L single prop. Economy is important consideration, been told that Dualprop drive is more economical than single prop ... but also be told that 5.7L will be more economical that 5.0L ... better torque, not having to rev for hard for given power etc. Advice welcome.
  15. I salt water boat and fitted the Nylon SX tabs rather than metal, and also the mechincal actuators (low speed troll lock fitted upside down)... then if I want to beach boat, I can retract tabs up out of the way .. simple stainless lever where the cylinder attaches to tramsom. TABS made a huge difference to handling. Bought them from a dealer Nauticus pointed me to ...who sells them on ebay ... great deal. At time they were also running a 10% cash back. I had one cylinder fail after first season (these things happen) ... no issues Nauticus sent a new one out no problems.