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  1. So, I have finally discovered the source of my leak... Everytime the boat is in the water it's been leaking in about 2 gallons of water an hour, and I just couldn't find the source. The water runs down the transom behind the engine. Today when I was doing one more thorough inspection I found it! There's a massive crack in the gimbal housing where it meets the transom. I don't know how it happened, but the damage looks real old, and I'm sure the guy who sold me the boat knew about it. Pulling the motor and replacing it is just out of the question for me right now, I don't have the time and there's no way I'm going to pay someone as much as the boats worth to fix it For now I have a layer of JB weld firming up, and I will probably top that with some calking... I hate to do it this way, but what choice do I have? Around the left side of what you can see in this photo the hole actually opens up quite large. If I could reach it I bet I could put a finger in it. I'm hoping this wasn't caused by the transom swelling and cracking, but everywhere else the transom seems solid so maybe i'm just paranoid.
  2. It's definitely coming in from pretty high up. The water actually trickles down from behind the engine where it meets the transom, and it may even be coming in from above it. I'm going to look this weekend.
  3. It's a thru-hull, and it's tight.
  4. It must be below water level, almost the entire outdrive is under water when it's sitting still. The top just peaks out a little.
  5. I trailer the boat. If I could fix the leak I might actually moor it though... The dashboard speedometer always works fine, the one I have trouble with is the depth finder, it doesn't seem to keep up once I get above 30 knots or so, but that's unrelated. I don't know how the wire is run through the transom yet, but the wire that runs to the trim sending unit is completely disintegrated... I hope to patch that up. I suspect I'll be able to figure it out once the outdrive is off, and I hope I don't have to remove the gimble. Another thing I've never tried is just letting the water build up and see if it stops at a certain point...
  6. Hi Friends! Some of you know me from the restore I did on this boat last year. Thanks again for all the help and tips! Well I used the boat several times last year, and with every trip I found issues and was able to fix everything until it was running real nice, and reliable. The next issue I need to look at I want to do now before warm weather is here. I have a small trickle of water coming down the transom under where the motor goes through to the outdrive. I can't see if it's a mating surface or a hose, but I am planning on pulling the outdrive this weekend to have a look. I removed the outdrive last year after a trip and found the bellows were nice and dry, but I didn't really go further... I was just replacing the impeller. Anyone have any ideas? It leaks regardless of running or idle, and it leaks while sitting or traveling. I just leave the bilge pump on and it takes care of it quickly. I would say I'm getting maybe 2-5 gallons an hour. I have removed and rebuilt the drain plug and that looks good. Also the transom is rock solid from what I can see. Honestly it's not a lot of water, but I don't really trust the bilge pump... I guess I could just get a backup, and some kind of alarm so I know how mauch water is in there... Thank you,
  7. I found out why she was running rough. I did a compression test on each cylinder and they all had between 165 - 175 psi except for cylinder 6. Cylinder 6 was registering zero psi... Well having never in my life recorded a reading of zero psi on a cylinder I knew right away that I had over-tightened a rocker on that one. Sure enough, I had spun the intake down an extra turn and the valve was never closing. I'm lucky I didn't wear the lobe off the cam! I went ahead and redid all of the rockers and retested PSi and they're all good now. Once the hubs arrive I'll be good to go for a second trip.
  8. I took the family out on it yesterday. We launched out of Plymouth Ma. and spent the day hanging out at a sand bar and cruising around. It was quite evident that I'm not entirely finished working on it as it ran a little rough. It really would run WOT and started chugging and spitting above 50% seemed to run reliably enough and idled ok... The last thing I did last week was turn the rocker studs down another half turn, so I wonder if I went too far. I'm going to pull the fuel system apart and replace filters, and clean it up before I open the engine again. Secondly, as I was turning into my driveway the starboard side trailer wheel fell completely off I had just topped off the buddies before leaving and they looked fine... After stripping it to the spindle I found the bearings had simply disintegrated! So I have some work to do before going out again, the new hubs are ordered, and I'll start working out the motor issues tonight. On a positive note we had a great time on the water, and the motor oil is still nice and clean!
  9. Ok, lots to catch you up on, and I don't have much time... I replaced the heads, and gaskets, and changed the oil and filter, and took her out for a quick run about 2 weeks ago. It ran well enough but couldn't get her to go past about 25% throttle. I took a look at it last weekend and found the cables were just stuck, so that was an easy fix. This past weekend I put down the new carpet and greased everything and changed the oil again just to get the rebuild dirt worked out of it. Well I'm please to announce that after a one hour ride around the lake today It's finally complete, and running great! I pulled the dipstick again just now and it's a nice clear amber just like when I put it in. It's been about 8 months since i bought this boat, and I've put an amazing amount of time and money into it, but I feel it was all worth it! I learned so much through this process and I will always be more confident working on this boat as well as future boats. I'm going to keep this boat since I can't possibly get my money back, and at this point I know the thing front and back Thank you everyone for your support, and advice! Me and my youngest son out on the boat this morning.
  10. There's not a lot to update you all on at the moment, but that should change over the next week or so. Here's where I am... Yesterday I stripped the motor down to the block again and cleaned and inspected everything. There was so much grit in the block that it was about 50% full and the drains wouldn't work. That's been sorted, and I'm so glad I found it. I'm learning something new at every turn, and the biggest lesson I've learned is to take it slow, and be thorough! Every time I have just done something and figured it would be close enough I have been burned... I ordered all new gaskets (again) And I ordered a set of rebuilt heads. These things are beautiful! surfaces are all redone, valves and seats all done! I figure I have a week before the parts are in so I'm going to spend some time cleaning the floor and laying the carpet, and making sure the engine is absolutely clean and ready to go. I also have some small issues with the trailer I hope to get sorted. I'm hoping to get it in the water by the first week of August.
  11. I found it! I just finished going through the whole block. I flushed out all the years worth of sediment, and apparently the pieces of the rusted out port side cylinder head It may seem bad, but I'm actually glad its just the heads! Now I just need to find a replacement...
  12. So, I put the engine all back together and fired it up! Sadly, it hydrauliced again after running about 5 minutes... I need a new block for sure. I have called around, and worst case senario is $200 from a junk yard, best case is $75 if they have it already removed. I'll try and keep you posted, but it may be a long time before I have some progress.
  13. This is great, thank you! The choke stove looks just like mine, which is good because I was afraid that a hose may be missing to bring in fresh air. It just stops right at the top of the intake manifold. I'm real close to finished, and I'm putting the exhaust manifolds on tonight.
  14. That would be great thank you! I'm also looking at a few weeks of solid scheduling conflicts I might have a couple hours on Sunday to work on it, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  15. What I could really use is some close up engine pictures especially around the carb and intake. I was to make sure I have the linkage and choke tubes run correctly when I re-assemble.