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  1. Low battery voltage? Hmmm, these batteries are freshly charged. So the unit must be bad I guess? Are these worth replacing or should I just leave it unplugged? Here is the adapter...I'm terrible at resizing photos on here but here's a link http://www.go2marine.com/product/384932F/marinco-shorepower-straight-adapter-eel-15a-male-30a-female.html
  2. Sorry, not sure I follow you but it sounds like you had some success? I'm not using an extension cord, just the shore power cord with Marinco adapter. So you turned on the panel in the boat, had the breaker on for the shore power cord and then plugged in to the GFCI?
  3. Hey guys! I use to own a Signature 240 but recently purchased a 2008 Signature 250 with 85 hours this past August and had it put on blocks as soon as I paid for it. I never actually used the boat after the purchase, just the sea trial as I was a two boat owner at the time. Now it's time to wake this baby up from it's hibernation! With having no experience with this boat, I seem to have a few gremlins...and or questions..3 to be exact! 1 - The carbon monoxide detector keeps going off even after it has been reset, even with the engine off! I was about to hit it with a hammer in frustration but
  4. Here it is! Maybe this will better explain if it's worth it? I have the height. I have some heavy duty straps and access to a large forklift may to hold the front. If I can get the front held, I think I would be pretty much home free? I know it's easier just to pay the guy that seems to be gouging! Just thought of this and wondered if anyone has done it?
  5. Hey guys! Here's the scenario, I have a 2008 Signature 250 in my driveway sitting on 3 blocks, one stack holding the bow and two at the stern. I want to get the 250 on my triple axle trailer well enough that I can stick it in the water and make my trailer adjustments from there. The boat fits on the trailer but proper adjustment is needed. I can hire a boat mover with a without the cross members or axles to come pickup my boat but he wants 280 deer for a 5 minute trip to the water. Any thoughts or tips on getting a trailer under a boat on blocks? I may have a large fork lift available, so I wa
  6. Hey Travis! Nice talking with you too! I will be in touch! Probably for the just the swim platform! Matt
  7. I would be interested to know if TT has a cockpit area template for a 250 Signature. Swim platform too ?
  8. MattE

    2013 330 Sig

    A 330 would be nice! Hmmm... Is it a kickin deal? How green bills if you care to share? What color hull? Pics?? We can all drool over it!
  9. This was locally...in the salt! Guy didn't put his new Toyota in park! It makes cell phones and plotter cards getting wet look good!
  10. Your not in to giving us a number on how much?? What did yours cost...that would be a start as we can see how nice it looks???
  11. OSI...is yours an XDP? If it is...new legs are being handed out at a big discount from Volvo!
  12. It`s nice to see some acknowledgement from Volvo on this, if it's enough I`m not sure....
  13. I just bought a Sharkskin cover from iboats for my new 250 Signature. The cover is in transit as we speak. The cheapest way to go is to look up your boat length under the category of boat type (cruiser)? and select one and see if the measurements fit yours. I have a Westland cover for my 240 Signature (that I haven't sold yet), It's a good quality cover! They don't fit like a glove but they are very close!
  14. I love that table! What kind of deer are we talking? I just bought a 2008 Signature 250 and I thought the cockpit table looked BORING!!! That table would look good with Nuteak flooring! The only thing that wouldn't look good would be the total price!
  15. I've been through two deals that I thought were a scam. One was a 21ft Baja Hammer which was a scam and the other was a 2008 Larson 180 Sport which wasn't....it was an incredible deal! Just do your due diligence!
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