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  1. love2boat

    Rub Rail Replacement

    Looking for advice on replacing the rub rail on a 1999 2130 SS Sport. I have seen an online guide for replacing a rub rail on another boat and it was recommended the same screw holes NOT be used to secure the new rub rail. Is this a true statement? If anyone out there has experience specifically with rub rail replacement on the 2130 SS Sport please provide information on correct replacement part number and supplier along with steps/techniques. Thanks.
  2. love2boat

    GPS for 1999 2130 SS Sport

    Got ya. I do appreciate your advise. I'm going to keep using paper charts for now until I get this sorted out between GPS product, Sonar/no Sonar, mounting location, mount type, etc.I don't want to make a several hundred dollar mistake or make holes in a perfectly good helm when there is a better solution.
  3. love2boat

    GPS for 1999 2130 SS Sport

    Thanks Iggy. Do you happen to have any pictures of your Garmin mount with and without the Garmin unit attached? If so, please send. There are so many choices out there, I want to get it right (As much as possible). Thanks.
  4. love2boat

    GPS for 1999 2130 SS Sport

    Hello fellow boaters. I want to put a marine GPS unit on my 1999 2130 SS Sport. So far I like the Raymarine Dragonfly 5M (No Sonar) because of it's size, mount type and no sonar. My question is about the mounting location. I'm not exactly sure where on the dash (Or maybe somewhere else) would be the best place to mount GPS. The dash has limited space to begin with. I don't want to drill holes in the dash without being absolutely sure about the positioning and possible interference with other components under the dash. Does anyone out there have a 1999 2130 that they have a GPS unit mounted to? If so, your insight (Do's and don'ts) as it relates to mounting location would be greatly appreciated.
  5. love2boat

    1999 2130 SS Sport parts

    These parts are called an "Engine Lid Catch" and keep the engine lid in the closed position. There are also two straps at both corners of the engine lid that help prevent unexpected opening of the engine lid while under way or while being towed on the road. As it turns out these parts have nothing to do with vibration dampning. Thanks again to Joe at Cecil Marine!
  6. love2boat

    1999 2130 SS Sport parts

    Hey Joe, I'm impressed! Not only did you respond with the correct part/parts but even included a picture of the parts before I sent in my own pictures. The only parts I need are the two "sockets" or "receptacles" but if they are sold in pairs that include socket and pin I will take two sets. I left a message on your work answering machine. Thanks for the fast help!
  7. love2boat

    1999 2130 SS Sport parts

    Thanks for the lead on Cecil Marine. I'll post some pictures of the boat soon.
  8. love2boat

    1999 2130 SS Sport parts

    I'm running a 13 3/4 X 19 stainless. When I bought the boat it had a 21 stainless but the engine did not reach optimum RPM. I researched this out to the best of my ability and ended up with the 19 pitch which is the perfect prop for this boat. It holds plane at a slower speed and has much quicker acceleration and still tops out at an indicated 50 mph.
  9. love2boat

    1999 2130 SS Sport parts

    Hello All, I am new to the Chaparral Owners Club but not new to boating or to Chaparral boats. I am currently on my second Chaparral which is a 1999 Chaparral 2130 Sport powered by a 5.7 MerCruiser/Alpha One with the sport seating option. As you raise up the full beam engine hatch/sun pad there are two vibration isolaters (for lack of a better descreption) located on the port and starboard sides of the underside of the hatch. The actual rubber isolater part is bonded to a metal washer like base where the mounting bolt goes through. This rubber and metal bonded part is mounted to the fiberglass perimeter of the engine compartment via aluminium brackets on the port and starboard side. The engine hatch has two cooresponding locator pins (again for lack of proper nomenclature) made out of hard plastic that fit into the rubber isolaters when the hatch is closed. Can anyone help me locate a pair of these rubber vibration isolaters that I can replace mine with? Thanks in advance!
  10. love2boat