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  1. Any with enough safe water at low water levels.
  2. Arsenic is all natural. Try some. Post back on how it helped you.
  3. I scare animals with my .22 pistol using shorts. A head shot always prevents cripples running away to become rabid. If they come on my or a neighbor property who is afraid of the bold animal ? Goodbye danger to pet or child. The idiots are animal LOVERS who feed them on & off . Then go away for awhile on trips or vacations. Best wild animal was at the end of a Christmas party. Woman opens the back door & says. " What a beautiful little black kitten you have . "
  4. Do you own a Chaparral boat ?
  5. I can hear the yelping during dark hours. On the Delaware River at central N J. N Y has the yelping also on the river frontage.
  6. Only you can take care of you. Fast recovery Stuart.
  7. Use a accurate voltage meter to read the battery voltage. You may be finding a low voltage battery condition. I would think the computer system would post that for you. If the mechanic cleared a locking code ? He repaired nothing. obviously. Get a Volvo Approved computer mechanic to read the codes & really find the problem. Avoid any mechanic that wants to be paid if he finds nothing wrong & the error pops right back after a key removed shutdown. Then fails to restart normally. TRY ?? To reach Volvo factory support & send them that picture. They should not charge you f
  8. I can not give a exact correct answer. Turn off the battery or disconnect the Plus or Minus cable on it. So you can do a Ohm meter test of the sending resistance. I am guessing that F & C sender are the same resistance . Boiling water is the same . So lets find out if the sender is still O K & the wires & connections at both ends. Another Ohm meter check with a long Ohm Meter wire. Might be a burned open wire also ? Key off. Are both of the meters all the way down scale or up scale ?
  9. Enjoy the sound when appropriate.
  10. I quit just before you arrived. Thank you Life Is Good Again.
  11. Chaparral Web is in control again.
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