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  1. I had very good results dealing with Power tech Props. I have a S S prop that CAN NOT blow out at any angle of trim. Or turning the wheel sharply. 0 bow lift when floored from a stop. Pure level acceleration. BUUTT I did go from 51 to 45 mph. Love the pin me in the seat G force.
  2. Engine runs fine. But no starter spinning. No need to reset any breakers. Time to measure voltages on starter relay & starter main terminals while in a no start condition.
  3. Only the thickness of 1 layer of grease molecules is needed to prevent sticking props . That is all my boats have. POUNDED ON PROPS ?? You got it. We did that on a racing boat. Had to CAREFULLY heat the S S prop hub. Then it popped off with the hydraulic gear puller. EDIT Since they pounded the prop on. We know they PROBABLY Ruined a bearing or gear teeth set in the process
  4. I do that with the 16' Aluminum boat all the time. Rickie Nelson singing. "Bee Bop Baby" in the car.
  5. Especially all the boats in salt water. Or the guys thinking a Chap is a big PWC. They love that spray being sucked into the engine room. Grease & rubber covers. Perfect together.
  6. Bingo Bingo
  7. I am very lucky with Alpha 1 splines. Super thin coating of grease after 15 years of summers only. True, the splines are a perfect fit. The hardness is correct. Bad batch of splines ? Soft metal ? I would say yes.
  8. I just bought a Charbroil 2 burner 24,000 BTU propane grill. It can go very low or to 800 F. The thing cooks a perfect hamburger. Medium pink. Seared top & bottom. With no shrinking or swelling up of the center.
  9. My 186 SSi with 5.0L 220 hp Could not plane with 6 200# seniors with the high speed wot 3 blade Aluminum. Put on the correct grippy prop. Bingo 3 seconds on a fast plane. 1 prop can never do all things well.
  10. O K ??? Here say & old mechanics tale ?? If Volvo & Mercruiser say no. I would believe them.
  11. Check on the divers work under the boat. Buy a cheap goggle at Walmart. Your face to HAIRY ? Get a clean shaven person to dive under. I vote with Brick on so slow after 1 year in water. What state are you in ?
  12. Buy those all white, 1 piece, suit for toxic work .They are / where sold Home Depot. Just wear a full face mask respirator. Cheap for the COMPLETE PROTECTION it gives.
  13. If they did such a sloppy job ? Cut the hose & splice a new piece on. They could have laid a piece of clear plastic over the tank connections so you could repair a factory error.
  14. Check the tachometer accuracy before doing anything. I like 10 mph increases for every added 1,000 rpms. If true. Your engine is way over propped. Check every thing again carefully. Data on parts. Tachometer selector switch position if it has one.
  15. Some splined shafts can get JAMMED to anything slid onto them. If a SPACER washer is left off. That can allow the hub / prop / gear to SLIDE to the end of the splines & become FORCED TIGHTLY to the up turned end of the splines......... REALLY BAD NEWS for any bearings or other parts on that shaft if banging is used. Must use a HYDRAULIC gear puller. I have done the too tight ones. When the 5 to 10,000 PSI breaks the prop loose ? The prop yanked the hydraulic hose & pump about5 ' across the floor. Our ears were ringing for a few minutes. Scary but all were lucky. We used a 2 piece Clam Shell puller behind the prop.. I now slide the prop on the grease spline to make sure we are not close to the end of the splines. Piece of cake.