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  1. How is a tear out possible ? If the PILOT HOLE DRILL BIT is of the correct size ? Unless the hull is too thin ? Ever notice that many bilge pumps DO NOT have screw down holes in the bottoms ? The under 1,000 GPM sizes ? I clean the hull & base of the pump with Denatured Alcohol or Acetone. The RTV is then put down. It CAN BE that simple if the pump sits FLAT on the bottom . Before gluing it down.
  2. NADA is the price a ............DEALER PAYS..................for anything. It is always below the retail selling price. Buy with NADA if you are not sure of a good price. Sell at NADA PLUS 20 % added for a starting retail.
  3. Tilt the drive up .... until the ..... The FIRST .....ELECTRICAL limit stop. DO NOT hold the tilt FULLY UP !!!!!!!!!!!!! That WILL ruin the universal joints for sure. Have someone show you how to find the ..........SAFER......... lower trim up limit setting. You should hear a KLUNKING noise as you get too much up angle. DO NOT run the engine over 2000 rpm with the drive up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damage will build up. I have screwed up 1 time approaching with wind & current causing me to panic & go to about 3500 rpms. The noise & vibration were obvious I was wrong.
  4. I only inspect & repair as needed. I do grease & oil moving surfaces every 5 or 10 years. Weather it is needed or not. I am a very P M minded person.
  5. Most dangerous skier I ever saw was behind a large cruise ship. Myth Busters had the Asian fellow skiing on a long line. What they did not know ? Was that some cruise ships can have a group of sharks following the boat. Waiting for garbage to be dumped / pumped into the water. Oh well.
  6. Calling a total strangers boat selection is a sure way to be disappointed.. Condition of engine is ALL important. Size & weight of people. Prop on the boat can be totally wrong. My 2002 186 SSI is 8 1/2 WIDE. With a 305 V8 with 220 hp. It has a perfect water skiing prop. The engine is perfect. with 3... 220 pound guys in the boat and 2 220 pound skiers in the water. The boat YANKS them both up in 1 to 2 seconds. Way way perfectly setup. Do you get to do a test run with the same set up I run with ? 5 ... + 220 pounders ? Pull all the sparkplugs to see if they are pe
  7. My you fall into the coil winder.
  8. Stalin was guilty of wiping out anyone who could be a threat to him. Sounds like Trump using Covid -19 on Democratic states and minorities he dislikes. He has had almost the same numbers of Americans die by withholding medical supplies to American hospitals. As the total USA military deaths in WW II. Why has he withheld emergency medical reserves to hospitals ? Think of how many more Americans Trump could have killed in 4 more years.
  9. Bingo Phillbo. Some 11s may fit better than a 6. Shape is everything in replacing..
  10. You eat CRAP 414 !!!!!!!!!!! Choke on it.
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