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  1. All the used boat places disappeared 20 ? years ago. Marinas strip parts & trash the none mechanical stuff of a boat.
  2. Good news on a treatment from a Malaria drug !! That would really cut down the time to being given a treatment. HOPE HOPE
  3. cyclops2

    depth gauges

    NO This test requires some common sense & a driver. Hang over the stern with CHEAP DIVING GOGGLES on. Look downto see where yo have solid water at WOT. Just you & the driver & a light tank of gas if possible. Position the stern mounted transducer in the solid water. The company instructions will have you get the de3pth correct. Piece of cake job I use a magic marker or grease pencil to mark where the transducer should go
  4. cyclops2

    depth gauges

    Is it mounted in the bilge bottom ? Or hanging off the transom ? If transom ? See if it flips up too easily. Or above the hull bottom. I set the top of a wedge shaped transducer to be even with the hull bottom. A photo of it on the boat would help a lot.
  5. Check the motors brushes ? Age of the boat / windlass. Dows it ever blow the fuse or circuit breaker ?
  6. I get mostly I R S agents in India.
  7. Jack was it a pinched wire some where ? Or a hot wire touching a metal ground ?
  8. You have a wiring error. disconnect the battery cables. Check if they could be on the wrong posts. If O K Then pull the big multi pin connector apart at the top of the engine engine. DO NOT connect the batteries POSITIVE cables !!!. connect the NEGATIVE cables ONLY to the battery - minus terminals. New fuse . turn on the key again. With a V O M meter set to R 1 scale take a reading between the battery NEGATIVE post & both sides of the fuse that blows. Almost 0 Ohms both sides ? Remove the fuse check again on both sides of the fuse. what amount of Ohms does each side read ?
  9. Change the O ring under the screw ? Then refill it.
  10. Just remember. You must use a new gasket & lubricate it correctly. So it does not distort & cause air to be sucked into the fuel line. Did that more often as I passed 70 years old.
  11. I was at a Fort Drum air show years ago. A-10 pilot next to the plane. I thank him for saving a lot of our guys so they can be home for the holidays.. I then ask him if I clean the Titanium Bath Tub for him. He looks straight at me and tries to suppress his laughter. We joke some more. He asks if I ever wanted to fly in the military. I tell him my Sinus condition was my only rejection. He has a ladder brought over . He climbs in. Calls me up to look in as he does a preflight checkout. He looks at my teary eyes. Then says. " You would have been very good in the seat. " I thank him very much . He extends his hand to me. We shake.
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