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  1. cyclops2

    290 Repower with 5.0 GL-E Engines

    The site totally is a liar ? The parts will not fit ?
  2. cyclops2

    290 Repower with 5.0 GL-E Engines

    Depends on what failed & the rebuilder. Some people are highly unethical. www.volvopentashop.com Shows almost every major part available.
  3. cyclops2

    2005 310 Signature

    Suppose your trim tabs STOPPED working in a position that would prevent planning ? Can you SCUBA & have someone operate the tabs thru the ranges & steps ? maybe 1 is in a anchor position? To continue with waterdawgs ideas of how touchy the boat can be . Are both drives operating correctly ? do they track together ? More scuba. NO prop spinning.
  4. cyclops2

    I’m back!!!

    Good news everyone. New boat . No problems. No posts for 3 years ? Welcome back.
  5. cyclops2

    Starter issues and rust

    A non working Pump ? Over a period of time ?
  6. cyclops2

    Engine Alarm

  7. cyclops2

    Engine Alarm

  8. cyclops2

    2005 310 Signature

    Is any bilge compartment pump not working ? Heavy boat ? Any way to check each floor compartment ? I am way out of my box now.
  9. cyclops2

    2005 310 Signature

    DAMM IT………… You say the engines are rev limited in NEUTRAL. Is there the slightest chance that the neutral sensor is loose & extending the revlimiter range ? Would need that limiter to affect both engines as a design feature ? MAYBE ? Worth checking a few service dealers that handle your boat & engines. There is probably no code for the rev limiter neutral operation.
  10. cyclops2

    Anchor recommendations

    My storm anchor is a big flat fluke style with a full length sliding ring on the long shank. Caution These flat flukes WILL WILL dig in VERY VERY DEEPLY ! Last time I used it in mud / sand bottom. I spent5 minutes PULLING with the 30 hp motor in forward going side to side tugging...………… I already had removed the line from the bow & retied it to the cast Aluminum handles at the stern. I went down to the anchor with the 2 line ends & locked them at the chain ring. What a LONG involved battle to pull out of the soft bottom. All this effort in a 16' 15" transom Lowe Aluminum light weight boat. When you let your boat get 2' Waves beat it for a couple of hours ? You might not get the anchor back. Rock ledges & big boulders are Another place not to use Fluke style anchors. A big Mushroom & short chain is easy to free & pull up. In a 2 mile area I have every type of bottom. 40 years ago I was losing2 flukes a year to old fish nets & other abandoned stuff in deeper water. I then switched to smooth chain shackle with the 300' line passed LOOSELY thru the link opening and back to the strong deck cleat . Jammed anchor ? free the none looped end & pull up all of you anchor line. Simple as it gets. Expensive Anchor ? With long expensive braided line ? Do the open loop way. Works in any tangle. Trees roots nets ledges etc. Edit The last ring / loop that the passes thru ?? MUST be PERFECTLY smooth to prevent wearing out the line there. a Caribinier Link is usually very smooth on the inside of the bend. I am on my first coffee.
  11. cyclops2

    It is 8: 25 am.

  12. cyclops2

    2005 310 Signature

    How about a failing rev limiter sensor / circuit part ? But both engines run the same. Make & model of engines & drive ratio ? You are approaching Factory engine support point.
  13. cyclops2

    2013 206 SSI-getting to top end

    Do remember my 186 has a planning pad at the transom. I can ride on that flat surface above 48 GPS...……. The prop is ventilating easily . If a cheap high slip job. The PTC4 prop looks like a REJECT. Those ridged hooks grab & hold the water. IMPOSSIBLE TO " blow out " the prop doing anything at any speed. I have scared the stuff out of PWC clowns when I roared up behind them & jumped their evasive wakes. After playing their type of jumping . They no longer jumped my wake.
  14. cyclops2

    2013 206 SSI-getting to top end

    Do a web search of...……..Power Tech PTC4 6 sites down is my question about them. Hull Truth site. Dated 2014 cyclops2 posted it. I could kiss the prop at 4500.
  15. cyclops2

    2013 206 SSI-getting to top end

    For decades Michigan was a leader in high slip props.