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  1. cyclops2

    Time for Oil Change

    Thank you all for some humor.
  2. cyclops2

    Is the hull really not covered?

    Hair lines can be from the gel coat OR glass mixed into the mat strands. If there is too much hardener added ? The glass just keeps getting harder. Then any stress just starts those lines. Obviously a slightly not hard enough is better for the top coat. You might get mold in the cracks. Not always. EDIT............ Hardener company could be at fault also.
  3. cyclops2

    Time for Oil Change

    To safely save money.
  4. cyclops2

    Freezing temps, help

    Flavored brandies warm me up.
  5. cyclops2

    What do you clean and protect your seats with

    W O T does pretty good.
  6. cyclops2

    Time for Oil Change

    For some reason I seem to think the USA ...REQUIRES all oils & gasolines to be a certain recipe so machines WILL NOT BE DAMAGED. Imagine the dead boats planes & cars all over the place.
  7. cyclops2

    Time for Oil Change

    Good enough for normal driving ? Save the difference for Gin & Tonics ?
  8. cyclops2

    Time for Oil Change

    I read up on the Valvoline oil site about the good & not so goods of both types of oil. No mention of a danger about switching either way.
  9. cyclops2

    Time for Oil Change

    If you can not go back ?? Lawsuits down the line if damage really occurs.
  10. cyclops2

    2009 Chaparral 226ssi with 383 stroker with Bravo 3

    I would not lose any sleep over the broken rod. Could have been any of several defective parts. Or assembly reasons. Move on to the next engine. Enjoy it more.
  11. cyclops2

    I can't figure out what engine my boat has

    Get a experienced mechanic. That old of a boat. The H I N numbers could be gone also. Experienced people are what you need. Nothing else.
  12. cyclops2

    New trailer advice please

    I prefer Galvanized trailers. They are the toughest metal to use in different chemical waters. If you drill holes in them ? Think out COMPLETLY why & where a hole is needed. Sometimes you can get lucky & NOT need that quick simple hole. Side marker lights are a good example of careful hole drilling required. I now, last 40 years, drill the hole for the wires. Make it Large enough to get my gloved finger & some liquid tar on the inside bare metal edges. Let it dry firm. Snake in both wires. HOT & a -12 vdc wire. Then clean the frame with Acetone. Make the water proof splices. Seal ALL holes in the light fixture water can pass thru. Then put 2 small blobs of RTV UV resistant on the light. Press it onto the frame. Center it. Piece of tape to hold it till firm. I prefer a NON WIRED trailer. So I can seal the raw metal edges of holes.
  13. I think we are over worrying the cooked & melted wheel bearings on all vehicles. In 80 + years I had I front wheel bearing failure with standard grease & seals. Cars, trailers & light duty trucks. The real cause of probably 99.9% of bearing failures is too tight of a bearing clearance / tolerance. Too tight is a ruined bearing in the middle of the night in the woods. 1967 S S Chevrolet 2 am at the lake. I always check for a bearing clearance on any new / used vehicle I buy. I found 1 bearing that was too tight. The rollers & flat surface had a slight color change. That was 33 years ago on the small fishing boat trailer. No color change since I reset the clearance. I do a cleaning & completely filled with water resistant grease method. Adjust for a slight rocking of the tire top as my gap setting guide. A quick empty trailer run for 5 minutes at 75 mph equals 0 heat increase. I then do a loaded trailer run of 5 & 15 minutes on the 75 mph interstate. No real increase? I am done............ Too loose is never a problem. A smidge too tight ? MAYDAY MAYDAY P M by people with the wrong training is the biggest cause of wheel bearing failures. It is Russian Roulette if you get a good mechanic.
  14. Look up. www.etrailer.com/faq-grease.aspx
  15. cyclops2

    New trailer advice please

    My fresh water Loadrite painted steel & Galvanized have all lasted for decades with no problems.