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  1. I have had 0 problems with both 2002 Sunbrella original covers. Still look new & even colored. Sunbrella was never cheap. I have old patio Sunbrellas. Excellent also. Droppings on any fabric will cause a problem. Move the boat or tree.
  2. Excellent points Toddavid......... Why I never buy the first 3 years of a car model change. My old brain forgot that when I bought the NEW model of the 2018 Honda Accord. Minor problems............. Biggest one is the constant updates to all the electronics. I never know what will be changed.
  3. Lawyer & Mercruiser at this inspection . Damm close to a Lemon Boat.. Enough of that boat destroying your boating summer !
  4. Save all paper work. It will make your lawyer more effective.
  5. Your problem seems to be random ? Are both engines now perfect. I Have Done a advanced throttle shift by accident. ..... Have your linkages checked for sticking. Or looseness. A loose gear shift will allow advancing throttle without the perfect throttle tracking. Had 1 of those.
  6. You really need to check out some of those boats with your list in hand & a camera & rate each item 1 to 10. High numbered nice boat wins. With a good surveyor report. Hand him a copy of your needs to check out with you.
  7. I picked up a ACE Hardware catalog. I will order 3 white throwable cushions. $ 16.00 each. Lots of nice extras in the booklet. I, wife & a friend use them on hard chairs. Almost makes me want to go work again.
  8. Bad run of transducers to me seems obvious. Demand another transducer. Free of charge installed.
  9. That is the correct way to get stoned ?
  10. A engine that can make oil ??? With 0 oil pressure. that much stuff in all the filters. Has not been taken care of correctly.
  11. Over heated engines in my opinion cost WAY WAY to much in labor costs to be worth a rebuild. Warped surfaces, cylinder heads, Cylinder walls. The block can even have a misalignment between the front, center, and rear bearing surfaces of the block. Requiring a " Line Boring " To be done. The cylinder heads can be " Bent " . Camshaft bearing alingment. Requiring a Line boring also. Cooked engines EAT man hours of money............ Just found out we also need to do this step also............ 50 hours of repaired running reveals......... I should have bought a new engine............. What happened to all the sensors temperatures ? ....... There is nothing you can depend upon. Save a bundle. Buy the engine that is the horsepower you want . That simply bolts to the drive you have.
  12. Slow boats usually have the WRONG PROP. If the motor can reach RATED rpms at W O T. There is no other important reason. Weeds & ropes around a prop do not count. The less blades the better. DO NOT GUESS !!! Get some experienced places to LOAN you the props. You simply pay shipping costs back & forth. Prop selection is simpler if you do NOT guess.
  13. Always a iced drink. Except for water. I am just different.
  14. If you want a snap in ? you need to remove the pump to get make & model ?Not which colored lead goes to the pump terminals. Take a picture . Loosen the hose clamp on the pump hose.That is about it. Your problem is JUNK blocking the water in or out. Turn the pump ON & OFF with the dash switch. Get lucky.
  15. Dropping 10 degrees in 30 seconds at idle is a big deal. Go with Paul & engine coolant system problem.
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