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  1. Size the passenger load to the boat size works out just as well.. Or rent a 40' cruiser 1 or 2 times a year if you MUST take a crowd. I rent a boat & crew 1 time each year now. More of our friends are becoming unable to do the rides. There are reasons to not buy a oversized boat. Friends move. Drift apart. Can not make the date. You move. Lose some of the big group interest level...... I am doing more 23 guests at a nice restaurant with A C or at the yacht club . D I Y party. I cooked it all. Past years. The staff now far surpasses anything outdoors I can or want to do. Nice to be a guest at all our parties. Buy for your family cruises & 2 to a maximum of 4 others. Done.
  2. I NEVER BUY any personal pleasure item for someone elses pleasure or benefit. ME, MINE, all mine. Never did anything for later resale. They might not want the item at all. Could kill a sale.
  3. Shepherd1 Thank you for that info on a jammed Alpha with a cooked Corsa. I am felling really good now. Was about to put a Corsa on the replacement 5.0L 186. I love a 1 minute blast every time out. I would panic if they jammed the shift fork . MOMMA MOMMA I come in faster than most people. SUPRISE old 1 eye.
  4. I like Futzin logic. You really do not know until you have the boat for a while. Some preconceived ideas do change after usage. Enjoy the togetherness.
  5. My N J total electric house with lots of glass is 3, 000 KW Hours in Jan - Feb about 68 F daytime Our 1500 s f ranch. 2 retired people. The furnace is 4.... 5.5 K W heating elements. Glows like a huge toaster grid. 7 days on the big 17.5 K W generator was $ 850 of gasoline
  6. I have tons of space on each side of the engine space. Several 5 gallon pails for toilet & seat Lines lifejackets, insulated coolers Anchors & 300' lines. Other things in smaller latching closed boxes. Do you want to use it as a cruiser for a several day trip? Plan great fuel stop & food places. Check your long range weather for a dock near enough to a pre rented room IF needed. You need to post the overall needs.
  7. Shepherd1 Can a correctly threaded brass pipe nipple ( straight or pipe threads ), 2 flat rubber O rings, 2 S S flat washers, 2 s s tension developing washers ( split, wave or dished ), 2 S S flat / thin nuts, 2 correctly sized barbed fittings replace the plastic part ? Would the above parts work to prevent another breakage ? I have not looked at a boat with that setup.
  8. Try to forget the bad. On to the boating.
  9. Please Mr. Custer. I want to go RUMP RUMP again.
  10. I think the south home has both pumps running at the same time occasionally. could be inaccurate thermostats. Or the sensitivity control is too wide. Overshoots the shut off temperature a lot. Check how the rates are calculated in the winter. Windows or a attic door open. basement windows open. Some systems have TOO MUCH outside air allowed to be brought in. Lots to check out. Not enough insulation in attick ?
  11. Something to remember about all types of circuit breakers. A bad / loose connection can cause VERY HIGH CURRENT SURGES. A C, refrigerator, battery charger on high charge, bilge pumps & any other items on shore power. Can over time cycle on & of AT THE SAME INSTANT sometimes. Current can be hundreds of amps for a second or a while. Happens. That can / may / WILL sometimes cause a tripping. As stated. REPEATED tripping ALWAYS weakens circuit breakers or fuses. They fail. Takes a while sometimes. But it does happen. With power off. ALL POWER cables disconnected from the dock.............. A careful quick check of all connections I a good Idea in your case. Might find a loose or DISCOLORED connection. Also check the connections in the ENDS of your shore power cable. The cable may have a loose connection in a MOLDED END. Can find that be leaving the boat fully powered on shore power for at least 24 hours in hot A C weather. A bad cable will have HEAT at the loose connection. Sometimes a bulge or discoloration will be there.
  12. Do they have proof of WHERE the leak is from ?? At least a definite type of oil ? There has to be a positive trail from some place. Engine . Stern Drive. Plastic bottle of oil with a loose cap leaking. Power trim / steering............... WHAT !!!!!!!!!!! GOOD grief. Charley Brown is working on the boat.
  13. A 2001 boat can have none standard parts by now. Would need data for Shepherd & Wingnut to help you. Engine make & sizes . Drive type. Maybe even a couple of photos to confirm the equipment ?
  14. You may need Chap to call Volvo for assistance. But Volvo may balk saying. The computer says not the engine or any sensors. This is why a new boat gets unwanted in a hurry. Dealer & Chap may argue over who pays how much on a long troubleshooting problem. Dealers can only find what IS defective Damm good mechanic NEEDS a lot of hands on to figure your problem out. Get lucky.
  15. Have ALL hoses and clamps That can be seen. Been checked ? Can a inspection hole be cut out over the tank fittings plate ? You would need Chaparral to give a accurate location to use a LARGE hole saw . Drill the pilot with a 1/4" drill bit. Then remove the drill bit in the hole saw. Replace it with a piece of rod. It prevents the guide hole from getting bigger. It also prevents cutting or winding up wires under the deck as you break thru. NOT A DIY job to learn on. A...B IG floor fan is mandatory to dilute any fumes. As you cut thru & expose the tank space. Checking out is then possible. Warning !! The electric drill HAS BIG SPARKS to ignite & cause a explosion & fire...............This job IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. There is NO NO learning curve or mistakes to be made.......... Can be fatal !! A marina may or may not cut the inspection hole. I would guess at 17 years old. Tank, hoses & wiring are on last safe time.