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  1. You should always be able to get home on a twin engined boat. Unless you do not fix problems as soon as they FIRST appear. Your odds are 2 X better than a single engine. Are you destroying the props by running too shallow ? No power left to motor home ?
  2. I like no noise UNTIL I go to W O T
  3. Beats finding your old or new boat filled with water. With no pier power ? I would buy it.
  4. Are they still alive ?
  5. Way back in time I had a Technician form a program to send endless emails at any rate of time. It did get rid of most junk mailings.
  6. Fear not wise old Geezers . You will be busier than any other spring of the past. THIS COMING SPRING !!! All those used boats that were bought up by everyone ? They will be posting a LOT with first start up problems on a hose or in the water. Enjoy the peace while it lasts.
  7. cyclops2

    Props off

    New place put my small boat at the top of the rack. I also removed Everything I wanted to use next year.
  8. cyclops2

    Props off

    I thought so. Been there. I just left my present storage place. Unlocked doors all winter. DDUUUUH
  9. cyclops2

    Props off

    No need to leave off the props. Remove the props Use a clean paper towel to remove the old grease from the splines of the shafts. Put a thin coating on the shaft splines. Slide the props back and forth 2 times lock the props on the shafts. I Have never needed to use a gear / prop puller or pounded props back on. Idiot mechanics cause the need to hammer props back on. I caught a mechanic pounding my prop back on As I arrived early. ASee hole was trying to put someone elses piece of @#$%@#ty prop on my boat. New marina. Took the boat & my prop home & finished the job
  10. The USCG has APPROVED all boat companies to design & build a safe boat. Within in BASIC guide lines of the USCG............ Example Ignition protected parts where it would be required. But the company has a right to stray too far. The failure of gas tanks is a excellent example. Original or a replacement. Technically Chap CAN install a USCG approved gas tank from a sunken boat. All USCG approved parts.
  11. Aluminum has been used in boy scout canteens for thousands of years. We never had pitting with CHLORINE city water. There is something else causing pitting holes. Remember .........Boat companies ARE SELF REGULATED by the USCG !!!! So crap & bad design are O K .
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