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  1. cyclops2

    prop selection help

    Sad fact about all props............... Diameter & pitch are JUST USELESS numbers. Sadly at least 6 different other names & shaped surfaces of a prop affect the performance. High slippage props are just like pulling the wire off of 1 sparkplug & then trying to figure what prop should you pick on next................. A prop MUST>>>>>>MUST get to RAPID rpms when floored. To do maximum dead stop acceleration. Example. Throttle slammed to wide open. In 3 seconds the engine reaches maximum rpms. Result is sprained necks & broken seats. GPS tells you what is a better prop............... What do you use to determine a better YANK OUT the skier with a full load of people also on the boat ? There are G FORCE meters. Useless if a child is tossed out of a bow seat. ..........WE can injure people & pets with hole shot props. 2 different props are ALWAYS NEEDED and changed as needed. My 186 SSI with 5.0L & a Powertech PTC4 21" pitch almost stalled when floored in FOWARD from a stop. Was down to a 19 " pitch before I was at 4500 rpms & 45 mph. Could have reduced to less pitch to reach rev limiter of 4800 rpms with just me in the boat. How much lower would I need with 6 people in the boat ?......................Could not cause prop blow out. No matter what I tried to do. Also 0... 0 Bow lift when floored.............. That prop EATS horse power for prop blow out prevention. O K with me
  2. cyclops2

    1996 1935 sst 4.3

    Cheap old boats become very expensive new ones. You must start the engine. Shifting it thru F N R while pulling away from the dock / trailer. Then check turning. How fast it picks up speed . gets on plane. Does it seem as good as all the other boats you ran ? It should. If not pass on it. The re are DOZENS of parts & oils to check out......... Requires a lot of experience from someone like Wingnut. I would keep renting.
  3. Have you checked the engine belts for a piece that is slapping something ?
  4. Thought ..About how many times per second ? Does it follow the rpm increase ?
  5. ONLY do it floating in water !!!!!!!!! no air high revs. Very bad. The testing is not to damage something else with high rpms out of the water. We are trying to isolate if it really is the engine. or not the engine. Most props wil lose their grip if reved up in reverse.. No need to raise the rpms if the prop loses grip at 3500 rpm. Do the test in open water. No tied to the dock stuff. ...........How did I know the dock cleats or boat cleats would pull loose ?
  6. cyclops2

    Help me make the right boat choice

    News flash from old 1 eye. The prop is a Powertech PTC4 . I almost knocked my self out doing a test of a emergency sharp turn at about 35 mph. Great luck slammed me into the hull side next to me. If the other way ? I would easily been tossed across the boat with sprains and a concussion. I rate that prop as outstanding. It actually has small lips machined onto the edges to prevent " blowouts of the prop. Eats horsepower. But forward thrust is a little scary. I asked the company for the most GRIPPY PROP. Done
  7. cyclops2

    Help me make the right boat choice

    NEVER BELIEVE any boat salesman !!!!!!!!!!! They get a bonus for selling what is in stock. Get what YOU WANT. Or you will never be happy with the boat. Been there more than 2 times
  8. cyclops2

    prop selection help

    Need FACTS about any companies replacement blade........I think you have a fantastic engine in the boat. Does your engine have a maximum REV LIMITER on the engine ? What is it set to ?
  9. cyclops2

    Trailer guides

    I have 4 guides on the trailer. Wind & waves. They are custom bent S S pipe bent by a industrial pipe bender. Have the white PVC pipe that can rotate as the rub rail rubs against them. I can go in slowly at any angle. Force the boat into the 2nd set of poles. Pin the trailer chock. Less than 1 " error on the trailer bunks.
  10. cyclops2

    VP Kick-up Impact Protection

    If you did not hit anything. Your trim UP circuit is in VERY DEEP TROUBLE. It has developed a RANDOM glitch. Will be difficult to find the failing part. UP switch. Up relay contacts are vibrating & pulling the motor up. Serious over revving of the motor is possible......... Me ? I would waste some money & replace the UP switch & UP relay............. Check the wires on the relay socket & switch for closeness to each other. Good luck on this toughee.
  11. cyclops2

    Help me make the right boat choice

    Forgot With the hole shot prop. There is NO NO bow lift when floored. It simply, very rapidly, picks up speed. You do not need to adjust the TRIM of the drive at any time. The amount of torque generated SHOVES THE BOAT forward at almost the same angle as at rest. Trim does nothing at maximum speed.................. It drives like a inboard ski boat. It could strain a overweight skier if you floor it too quick.
  12. cyclops2

    Help me make the right boat choice

    As a comparison of my 2 different 2002 186 SSI with the 5.0L 220hp V 8 engine. 18.5 ' X 8.5" wide. supposedly 3200# dry. Did 51 gps 3 blade Aluminum, CLEANED bottom me only. Took FOREVER to get onto planning speed. Prop cavitated COMPLETLY if not GRADUALLY increased with the throttle. Had a LONG time to climb over the " bow in the sky " position. Was EXTREMELY trim sensitive at WOT to a slight blip of the trim button. At WOT the boat was slowly wobbling around. Fel like a accident was about to happen. Prop blow outs in almost any moderate quick turn. Changed to a massive TORQUE PRODUCING PROP from a dead stop & floored........... Fantastic boat I only do 45 GPS. But I can turn with any PWC at any speed. I hav e Flat Faced good skiers on a WOT start. The PROP MAKES the boat more than anything else. Get it right.
  13. cyclops2

    Help me make the right boat choice

    Simple. Buy a prop that allows maximum power / yank a HUGE skier out of the 4' swell. It will not permit near maximum W O T top speed. If you can accept those 2 facts about either type of ride ?? Piece of cake. If you want your boat to do each type of ride the best ? Buy 2 very different props................ Buy a LARGE engine. You can always adjust the throttle lever to burn less fuel................ You can not increase a smaller engine to become bigger when you have more people in the boat & pulling a big skier up onto the surface.
  14. cyclops2

    prop selection help

    Props are like medicines. A lot look the same. But some are very efficient. High slippage ( crappy designed ) props waste horsepower. Pick a company that LOANS you a new prop to test. ASK the company what the prop slippage is before buying. Some will not tell you or will say........ I will ask Engineering......... Fat chance. The designer is on a 2 year vacation. Some companies are still selling 1980s designs with a new name. I do not know which companies are good companies today.
  15. cyclops2

    Cell phone boosters for the boat?

    As a side note about reception being difficult in areas with steel roofs & buildings. Verizon seems to work perfectly in my 2 main areas. T-Mobile is terrible !!!!!!!!!! The new T-Mobile 4 G cell tower is now transmitting on the lowest antenna with a indicated 2 G power symbol. Hopping from 0 bars to all 5 every few minutes. I complain every year. No change. Clayton, N Y. Same in N J. Used different phones. Oh well. I pick up a Verizon plan next time I am in town.