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  1. There are 2 types of 4 barrel secondaries . Mechanical & vacuum. And a few odd ball oldies. Is your carburetor A true USCG marine unit ? The linkage or hose may be incorrectly hooked up. Simple fixes.
  2. Have to be VERY CAREFULL with a boat when raising the engine hatch cover !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It can be RIPPED RIGHT OFF OF THE BOAT at some speed !!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT DO IT !! I think it is time for a mechanic to check out the vacuum dashpot that is controlled by engine vacuum. Mechanic can test the unit with a vacuum pump. HAND operated.
  3. FULL TEST RIDE BEFORE ............ Giving them the balance of purchase price. Any of that you have to pay in full first baloney ?? KEEP THE BOAT !! AT that point you now know the place is going to be trouble. Dealer prep fees you paid include a final acceptance ride.
  4. Life looks very good.
  5. Have you seen the secondaries open up fully at the 3600 rpms.
  6. Did you ever get the engine up to WOT ?
  7. Do you have a 4 barrel carburetor on it ? Is the choke fully opening ? Is the carburetor secondary throttle fully opening ? Is it mechanical or vacuum operated? Does it run erratically at WOT now ?
  8. Canada is cool summers & dry weather in summer compared to USA & the Florida gas. I have skipped a full year on the St Lawrence River with 0 % Ethanol from Canada marina. Tank had 1/4 full. I ran at about 3000 rpms to the fuel dock & filled with marine 0% Ethanol. High test. No problems at all. Your concern is. Was any water ever allowed to get into the tank ? Leaking in gas cap ? Cap left off during rains ? Always a tough question to get a accurate answer. I vote pump it out to be safe.
  9. Need to know boat , make, model, length, engine make, size of engine, HP, rated maximum rpms. Prop size that worked OK before being beat up. Never mind. I see your boat information from other postings.
  10. Have someone definitely find what part is worn or loose. Only buy that part.
  11. Year of boat & size of the blown engine? Mercruiser or Volvo ?
  12. Computer was reset to act like a NEW engine ? Rpm limited for so many hours ? Call the engine company ? The rpm & speed seems about right
  13. The Canadians almost all have some thing lashed to all sizes of boats. Heavy duty inflated. Some with the motors on the boats. Some are simply towed behind the mother boat. Calling all Canadians. Please post pictures. Their docks & marinas look very different than a USA place.
  14. Lets get our GPS & speedos recalibrated ?
  15. 70 On the Interstates.