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  1. The 2 of you bring up a serious point Wingnut made long ago about draining blocks completely.................. IF IF you have a lot of sediment / sand sucked into the engine ? It can settle out in the bottom of the block. NOT GOOD. He recommended checking the drains down low in the block with a piece of wire to BE SURE there is no sediment . You probably would need to unscrew the drain fitting to really check for sediment at each drain area. When I backed into a weed covered sand bottom. I was lucky ?? I found no REAL amount of sand. I ran water into the thermostat casting & only had water coming out. Luck beats skill. After having the complete pump replaced.
  2. KILL the pests. Or trap them. Then KILL the pests. They are TRESSPASSERS ! Stupid people HAVAHART traps. Then release them on someone else. Green people love all the excessive animals they feed. I hope their boats get attacked !!
  3. WE are talking about IRON !! Not a super thin walled O B of 200 hp. I have just opened all the drains for the winter in outdoor unheated buildings going below 0 for weeks.. Just like millions of marina boats are done. No damages
  4. That is called Preemptive Thought Reading. You are getting scary. But right.
  5. cyclops2

    2021 267 SSX OB

    City water in both tanks is O K. Just remember to drain both each winter. Simple cure for listing.
  6. Thanks to all the waters of the world now being transported all year long by all the cargo freighters ? The Giant Jelly Fish of Japan are coming . About 6' diameter. Peanut Butter and Jellyfish sandwich.
  7. There really are A I companies. DISH tv is at the top. They send me a free new Receiver. It is Dead. So they say we will send me a new remote. The old remote works sometimes with the old defective receiver... Brain dead A I is now repairing units in Mongolia. Techs are really Yaks with Burma shaves .
  8. cyclops2

    2021 267 SSX OB

    In fairness . I have owned1 brand new 2002 186 and sold it. Heart work done. Went out & bought a 2nd 2002 186 ssi with 5.0 L engines. Both boats are very good.
  9. cyclops2

    2021 267 SSX OB

    Are all the Chap boats designed the cheapest way possible ? This is not the first series of Chaps to be built with a tilt in them over the decades. Even I can set all the equipment in a 16' Aluminum fish boat to be balanced. empty or me sitting in it at the dock. Are ALL The water and sewage tanks supposed to be full ? Chap must be using too much A I . And NO prototypes for testing. Forgot all about the newest caller of designing products........... A Design Certified Production Accountant.
  10. www.centervilletrailer.com has a excellent section on all trailer sizes & braking systems. Including the Break Away Type. It stops the trailer if the chains rip loose .
  11. Bingo Phill Backing up is the same logic as slowing from 5 mph. The trailer surges forward . Causing the brakes to start applying. IF your brakes drag a little you will need a backing up lockout.
  12. By the day or longer ? Who pay air yicket ?
  13. Remember !! There will be a written test during Monday Morning.
  14. Go on the web & read about Fastenal and the TESTED lubricants that can be used on the threads. So many are acceptable. What they did not post was about NON steel bolts nuts.
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