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  1. cyclops2

    Jayne's Fighters Anthology

    Wingnut Thanks for sharing your model train childhood. I just recently gave all my layout to a train club in N E Penna. Full church basement setup.
  2. I looked up your engine consumption on Mercruiser chart. It is 18.2 to about 18.5 gph. Do a web search of...... Mercruiser fuel consumption chart .....It allows for modifying items. The chart is NOW locked. Older versions allowed changing values................ That is a laboratory set of readings under ideal conditions. Real life ? I could almost drain 28 gallon tank in 1.0 hours a 4700 rpms on the rev limiter in a 186 SSI. Scary.
  3. Your WOT speed & rpm seem good if instruments are accurate. The 24 mph at 3400 rpms is possibly wide to me. I get suspicious when off plane has a large NUMERICAL difference . I would like a close 24 mph & 2400 to 3000 rpm Maximum. But then the top speed is down.
  4. It is a cruiser. Not a bow rider. That " Dead Band " can be massive due to a lot of things stated above. BUTT Have you props checked. Someone might have swapped the right ones out for money reasons. Banged up ? Poor design for boat ? Post the company & pitch & diameter stamped on them. We can go from there High slippage props can spread that off plane range to quit a gap. Cruiser people do not often worry about full planning speeds. Most are after off plane speed and fuel consumption.
  5. cyclops2

    Electrical issue

    My 5.0 L engines would crank fast enough at 12.0 volts easily .
  6. cyclops2

    Electrical issue

    The battery Post & clamps could be corroded. They can carry the current to pull in the solenoid. but not supply enough current due to corrosion . Corrode strands in the battery cables. Both the positive & negative can combine to stop enough current flow. How old are the starter & solenoid ?. Hope you do not have a few teeth missing on the flywheel. But you would hear the starter spinning easily.
  7. cyclops2

    New H2O sport

    Did you give it a HUG ? I always hug a new boat. Feels good for both of us.
  8. cyclops2

    Electrical issue

    I always do a battery jumper cable test to find the no cranking speed with 1 ONE jumper cable. Clip 1 end to the starter bolt somehow. Clip the other end to the battery MINUS post. Crank it. Better ? remember the speed sounds. REMOVE The cable …...COMPLETLY FROM THE boat and BATTERY !!!!!!!!!!!!! It is now not connected at either end !!!!!!!! connect one end to the heavy / thick cable at the starter solenoid. Now clip the other end to the …...POSITIVE post of the battery. Start the engine. Starts ? The …..POSITIVE battery cable To the solenoid is corroded Or the cable clamp is corroded ON the ..POSITIVE POST of the battery. I say 1 or both ends of the positive cable are corroded OR the clamp of the positive post is corroded. Negative battery post clamp may be corroded also. 2 people allows using a meter with the lead tips pressed into the center of the battery lead posts. That tells if the battery is good & clamps may be bad./ The starter solenoid CONTACTS could be EATEN AWAY !!! I do not feel comfortable telling you to jumper the heavy solenoid bolts. A slip to ground can damage small wiring & diodes or a fuse if there. Did a re read of you sent out solenoid & starter . Has / should be the cable or a battery cable clamp. Had those corrode due to water or battery acid creep under the insulation.
  9. cyclops2

    New H2O sport

    Enjoy the " Boat Test " reviews. You are ok if you go and HUG IT.
  10. cyclops2

    New H2O sport

    Oh no Mister Phil !!
  11. cyclops2

    Did I get the wrong pink antifreeze?

    My 2002 Mercruisers 5.0L V 8s Have a ............HIDDEN............small drain valve on the lowest part of the water hoses and piping. It is..........HIDDEN.........You must feel around to find it on the bottom of the curved tube down low. Took a while to just feel up everything down there to find it. I agree with removing the thermostat as the most positive way to drain all the water out of the engine. If the engine is cold enough to close the thermostat ? It eliminates a long dribble time.
  12. cyclops2

    Ideas remove fuel from tank

    What portable pump ?
  13. cyclops2

    Can I tow it? PLEASE HELP

    Any LOONG hilly areas ? With traffic ? Rainy wet pavement ? Tires are new radials? Are you perfect on the trailer hitch weight on the hitch ball ? I would not Even think of turning the key on that setup. Are you going to tow every time to a boat ramp ? Borrow a big enough towing truck if just to a dock at a marina at star & end of the season. Did not see the dates...............Oh well.
  14. cyclops2

    Aluminum Locknut in Bilge, what does it belong to?

    Almost all exhaust noise reduction is done by cooling the hot exhaust gases as quickly as possible. Ever run a O B out of water for a couple of seconds? Very loud at idle . turn on the hose water. Silent. Engine noise is belts & pulleys. With some air intake whistle.. Near WOT under load ? My 5.0 carb is all intake air noise. With some carburators the high speed air flow at WOT can sound almost turbo like.
  15. cyclops2

    Should I buy a new 277 SSX?

    Buy new. You will not be too happy with a good used boat. It is a expensive toy. Buy the one you really want. Or you will be SORRY !! Been there several times in 81 years.