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  1. How can you suck up a rock at that speed ? Impossible ?? Sand maybe, if too shallow across a flat. You have a bottom scoop for input ? With NO grates to keep out the chunky stuff. Need to have the scoops with the guard grates. 50 years ago ? I ran over a old clam shell bed. Cooked the motor. To many G & T .
  2. No way to stop the invaders. I am getting popups on my bank sites . Wife has ordered a good supply of checks. I / we will gradually dump a lot of web use. I am hand writing a list of sites we use. I had this computer stripped & window 10 reloaded. Lasted 2 weeks. New windows is now dropping a block ....advertising web sites. That says it all. Anything goes for a penny of easy money. It just rolls in.
  3. Mine can create that dreaded puffed up bubble with some head on winds .
  4. Anodes DO tell you if there a lot of bad electrical currents in the water. Salt water can be more corrosive to metal. I remember that Jackonville Florida was very corrosive due to all the chemicals dumped into it by big companies. The anodes should be changed to the salt water ones just before you leave Lake Ontario waters A full check of all your cathodic protection system would be good also if it is equipped with one. Enjoy the salt. Call ahead about how often you will need the bottom of the hull cleaned of weeds & barnacles & other animals. You might need to get the bottomed protectedwith poisonous paint or the newer SUPER SLIPPERY PAINT. It keeps the stuff off also................... BUTT Some marinas will not lift your slippery bottomed boat for fear it slides right off of anything they use to move your boat. Call now to any marina you might use & check it out. That condition is in the fine print of any contract.
  5. HOW FAST ? Add in the wind coming at you .Chaparral supplied covers ? What year are the covers .
  6. She is 76 & getting in shape for 2 knee surgeries . Has stayed on the Ketos protein diet. Needs to drop about 70 pounds. She is strong enough to eat right & drop the wine every night & when dinning out. I gladly back her in anything she goes for. I use the rowing machine . She can have the bike. I enjoy a bike also. We are in the boonies. Standing or sitting on a standard bike banana seat is not possible. Thanks for any help on a bike.
  7. Great post Bt. Winterizing a boat car or submarine........................IS NOT................... so simple as reading instructions on a purchased item. Do / does the company selling the great sounding item.............accurately know............. what is to be done in all parts of the country. The steps you need to do if you have a closed cooling system ? Which may have only water in it. YES THAT has happened by new marina hamburger flippers hired for the seasonal OVERLOAD. Life is not always as we think it is.
  8. First year I paid for a good polisher. He is doing very well with our group. He invested in a 10 gauge power cord to do a bunch of boats side by side. Life is good.
  9. I did a quick review of brands & unknowns. several price ranges. Good grief most had the exact same problems. Bearings failing every 3 weeks. Pedal crank threads falling apart. Electronics not working or replacements No or little service . Nordic & Peloton. It seems like we are in business to make money as fast as possible to buy a Chap 30' as soon as possible. Very depressing. Please help . With your 1 year old bikes that have no problems when the guys crank them up. Me
  10. A project like this is great to get started in simple repairs. With a experienced person along side for any questions.
  11. Always treat ALL systems as if somehow or someone put water into the drains & traps. It only takes a cup or 2 in each trap & low point. Do it. Then when someone uses them. You automatically do the correct thing.
  12. So right about Aluminum & how porous some of it is.
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