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  1. It is where the boat looks correct from any angle in fresh or salt water. Or on a full plane. Is it sinking a little bit at 1 end ? Pictures would help other owners make a decision. Some pictures compared to that boat size in Boattest reports would help you. My 186 SSIs with a 5.0L always cause me to look at the transom. When going by in another boat. No water in the bilge.
  2. Need to do a slightly dangerous check while the engine is running during bright sunny day with engine cover up. 2 people 1 drives. other is watching the engine for a VERY VERY fine water spray / misting. do about 4 different angles to the sun position. stopping about every 90 degrees. run the engine up to about 4,000 rpms for 5 seconds. That will help you to see it better. I have found 2 leaks that way on 1 boat. both were cheap repairs.
  3. This is Why I continually post & harass the daylights out of some perfect people. Be hopeful that it is something to laugh about at a enjoyable dinner. Edit Always post .....WHAT......was the real problem & how it was solved. Some are real pains. Like original factory bolts that were too long or never coated with water proof sealant.
  4. Must have it checked !! Before any more running. I had the exhaust flappers clicking in neutral with a definite ticking metal on metal sound. It disappeared above a normal idle speed. Sounded like a car lifter or sticking valve.
  5. chaparral 2335

    Also look for a waterline / rusty parts line anywhere on the engine.
  6. Oct 1 and they chain the entrances . Then it is to my basement hobby workshop to finish the 6 .....4' long racing hydroplane boats for very old racing boat friends. One was killed 2 weeks ago in a boat flip up & over right next to a close friend. He is overreacting I think. Wants to sell all of his race boats. He has had wonderful times with the " sport ". Social, pit B S , hosting events. Lost a favorite wife & favorite son. Life has hurt him deeply. But if we stop doing the thing we spent massive amounts of time, money, get togethers & bandages on. Life is a bore. Seniors run up against this sometime. So 1 friend has given me the green light to help bring the group together again if possible with the large models. As most are in 70s. I will see about just buying ready made boats & rc equipment to get the guys back into selecting their boat colors on each boat. Hate to see great people tossing in the towel. Need to jump start the social juices flowing again.
  7. Stuck roller will act like board. Just back in a little farther. Or grease them now if possible. Had 1 used roller trailer. Had to ALWAYS remember to keep the chain on at the bow. Several VERY LUCKY times. I greased the roller shafts. ALWAYS KEEP THE BOW CHAIN BOLTED ON. I have driven the 16 aluminum boat 2 miles with just the winch strap on it. Bad Very bad. No rollers just bunk boards.
  8. SST Best green summer we have had on the river. But you called it. Well fed tree roots are putting the plants to sleep early this year. Water plants are still green. Been a good summer. High water took a while to get used to.
  9. The real problem with ANY .........Preventive Checks ???.........The risk of accidental damage to the boat. If it is not giving a problem ? Why play with it ? Nothing I buy EVER GETS ANY P M at a dealer or specialist place. How PERFECT does something need to run before YOU CAN LEAVE IT ALONE ? The Honda Accord told me it needed new plugs. Very light occasional stumble on acceleration changes. Changed them. Perfect running again. NOTE They looked good. BUT 2 original plugs had almost NO tension sealing the plugs in the holes. I find 13 pounds of tension a little light for something that heats & cools a lot. Been a week of running. Will retorque to 13 pound feet. Probably should do the whole engine. NAAHH Even I am human. Getting old. The car since new has 132,000 miles. I keep good, old, equipment & friends.
  10. I recall in the old days. 2 holes in the metal case of the gauges. Top & bottom. Close to the lettered plate. There was a hole at the top & bottom of the black painted plate also I and others put tape over the holes. Made the fogging worse. Removed the tape. LED gauges should not have any problems. UNLESS the there is a Nitrogen gas inside of the gauge or instrument. ALL Humming Bird fish finders leak out the gas in a couple of years. I have heated them & sealed them while hot. works sometimes. I now use the cheapest obsolete Walmart leftovers. I just heat them up & reseal them when bought. Lasting for over 15 years on 3 boats of mine & friends. As TNBrent stated. the heat vaporizes the moisture. Then I seal the seams & joints while still hot with GE R T V.
  11. Try replacing where you have your repairs done. You can do better.
  12. I clear mine by turning on my lights first thing. They clear out in about 5 minutes. You could have the gauge lights powered off the ignition ON position. That prevents forgetting that the light are still on all week.
  13. chaparral 2335

    How well will it run after you fully install it in the boat ? What do you do if it has a problem ? I helped buy a used motor. The owner had it running in his boat perfectly. Said he wanted put in a bigger hp engine We bought it & it ran great
  14. A jet pump drive usually does not have a big selection of pump blades for higher altitudes. I did a quick check of losses. Might not be correct way. 20 % of 7800 rpms is 1,560 rpm loss. So 7800 rpms - 1560 is 6,240 rpms. That seems far enough away from the result you get. Call Vortex directly. Only sure information. Might have a pump exchange for your height. Maybe a freebe if the dealer DID NOT specify the optional pump.
  15. Try to get each roller to be on a flat surface of the bottom. Might not be possible in wind & current retrieve.