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  1. cyclops2

    Change Gear Lube - found metal filings

    Wingnut can correct me. But can the chips be from the UPPER gear case ?
  2. cyclops2

    Floor replacement

    If you sleep on the boat floor ? Fumes of everything heavier than air will collect there. A small 6" box fan aimed at the people will dilute the concentration. I always had one running on the cruisers berthing area.
  3. cyclops2

    Yet another winterize question

  4. cyclops2

    Change Gear Lube - found metal filings

    FULL checkout of where they came from is in order. NOT a good sign.
  5. cyclops2

    Need better / louder sounds !!! JL Audio or WS ?

    If I want to be a loud mouth showoff ? I can be one. Look at me. I am the greatest !!
  6. A good old boat is just like a great old mistress.
  7. cyclops2

    Just cause we have a bunch of airplane lovers

    My favorite plane is the SAAB Draken J 35. They were used forever at a jet pilot training school in the California desert. Small, very nimble, little bird with very low repairs . Very quick at 1320 mph Mach 2 at 35000 feet. Could carry 75% of the weight of a empty plane. As a ground attack mission. Take off & land on any decent 2 lane paved road. Top view it looks like Darth Vader private jet on Earth Had a 40 year active service life. A great odd ball ahead of its time. Much like the Avro Vulcan bomber. Double Deltas are very good at lifting loads with modest engines.
  8. cyclops2

    Charger and house bank questions...

    R emember to check the water levels in each battery . All the cells. Get batteries with water caps that screw on. So much easier to check. I bought a automatic shut off battery filling container. press the nozzle into the cell opening . water flows . Then stops ..... Hopefully at the correct depth. I only add water right after a long recharging. That is when the water is hottest and has EXPANDED due to heating. Doing the refilling then PREVENTS overfilling a cooled down battery. Which would cause acid to possibly expand & spill out of the hole. A good charger will not cause excessive heating & bubbling out of the cell. ........ASk the Technical Support if their charger will cause excessive bubbling of acid out of the hole. Can it be avoided ?
  9. cyclops2

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    BUT but the driver had to take a crap !! Relax man
  10. cyclops2

    Charger and house bank questions...

    Keep checking out as much electrical stuff as you can. ALWAYS ISOLATE the starting battery....ALONE ….with NOTHING ELSE on position #1 of the big battery selector switch. Is that switch a …..1---2---both----off ? Important for your music running times with the engine not running. I would recommend you keep all batteries Lead Acid types to get maximum life from them on the engine alternator. It is set up for Lead Acid batteries only. Be back in a while Need to check out your charger abilities. The 2006 Protech 4 1220 was a bad failure prone model. Company offered various trade deals to replace it. The better unit was / is the 1220i. Back then. Chargers see VERY HIGH ABUSE when charging near dead batteries. THAT IS NOT what they are designed for. EVER !! Pick a new charger. BASE IT ON charging ….RUN DOWN..... 2 type 31 sized batteries barely operating the music system when you plug into dockside power. Call the company of whoever you like better. Ask for Technical Assistance to help select the strong enough charger. A multi step charger is mandatory with your starting battery always fully charged. House always run down. …....A simple dumb charger can fry / boil out the water rapidly. Can not recommend any make or models to you.
  11. cyclops2

    Yet another winterize question

    Thank you Phillbo.
  12. cyclops2

    Yet another winterize question

    He just takes it out. Bolts the parts together. Not worried about a few drops. IF THAT much. Then removes old gasket pieces cleans surfaces. use a new gasket. Reinstall the T stat.
  13. cyclops2

    Can Trump save Microsoft ?

    Thank you very much. Rich
  14. cyclops2

    Can Trump save Microsoft ?

    I did some readying about some of the Linux systems...……… Who do I take / call for service problem or even hack protection ? The Webroot Secure I have seems to catch most attacks & SPAMs.
  15. cyclops2

    fire extinguisher

    Look at any boat at a dealer that has a factory installation. Piece of cake. A couple of wires to the bilge BLOWER circuit wires. Maybe even to a dash panel if you want a factory look & easy check of the system without raising the seat each time. Great that you do not want to be on a boat with out a fire SUPPRESSION system.