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  1. cyclops2

    Engine noise - “popping” or “missing”

    They are billing 35 hours .At what rate? I would not let them clean my windshield. Ask for the owner The paint problem has been known for 100 years ? New marina is my call.
  2. cyclops2

    Can I tow it? PLEASE HELP

    Distance is not a factor . The reckless idiot coming at you takes ALL control away from YOU / ME. I Have a blind hill 200 feet from my drive way. IMUST lower the window & listen for tire noise out of site. Window up. I would be hit by a idiot doing 60 on a 1.5 lane road posted as 35 mph. The slower vehicle has no control.
  3. cyclops2

    Hurricane Michael Photos and Discussion

    Money is VERY Slow to storm damaged areas from the government . I agree with Eric. IF you can afford to move out.
  4. cyclops2

    Signature 29 Cover

    Some 1 piece covers for a 29 footer ? . Boat will be stored outside or in a building ? Canvas gets VERY heavy. Tossing a canvas cover over a arch is fun on a ladder. Out door all winter ? Can wear out most materials in windy snow storm areas.
  5. cyclops2

    Something bizarre happened in Tewkesbury...

    New Jersey, U S A is the same. Feeling another Cabin Fever attack coming.
  6. cyclops2

    Add a battery

    delaswm Do you check your battery water levels & refill correctly as it needs water ? Have you ever found the water level in them out of sight ? Too low.? Do you check them before they dry below the platesEasy to have the batteries get too low of a water level. I prefer wet acid cells as I have found that sealed no maint. batteries are low on water right from the factory. I open the seals & check then do a slow charge to remove any storage sulphates. on the lead plates. If you do not want to do a lot of water checking & correct only add water a day after charging ? I would recommend going to sealed AGM on both batteries. They will last far longer & crank faster & longer as they age. www.batteryuniversity.com has excellent information on all types of batteries. Read about the plus + minus of each type to make a good decision on what to do at this point. In the upper right search box...…...Type in charging acid batteries. you will become a expert in 1 evening. True Enjoy.
  7. Constant down sizing has also created a small boat shortage. My area since about 2010. It became noticeable.
  8. cyclops2

    2018 267 SSX - Transducer?

    Room for a bow and stern thruster joy stick ? You know ir would be the greatest. " RUDDER AMIDSHIP. ALL STOP. " " Thrusters engage. " " Line handlers to stations. "
  9. cyclops2

    White Smoke / Gauge Cluster / New Owner / 1997 Sunesta 210

    I still am leery of the white smoke gauges. How can that happen? STeam ?? Several gauges. But the gauges are working close enough now ?
  10. cyclops2

    Improvement of steering

    Nice boat to sightsee on.
  11. cyclops2

    2018 267 SSX - Transducer?

    I have wanted 1 for fish finding and seeing the size of them. Hatem You need a catchy posting name...…….. The holee one.
  12. cyclops2

    Add a battery

    Was brings up a good point about using the BOTH / COMBINE switch position . LOTS of us forget to change the switch back to 1 or 2 after the emergency. Untill winter put away . Brother in law In Florida was sold a new defective battery...……… Guess why it died so soon ??? Found the switch still in BOTH when changing the battery. He was using ACID & AGM with just a engine alternator. Oh well.
  13. cyclops2

    Add a battery

    The boat mounted ACR charger types of in boat chargers do put both batteries across each othe during rechargingr. Keep the battery types the same or 1 will die a early death.
  14. cyclops2

    Add a battery

    Yes there is a problem . You would need 2 different in boat chargers or a unit with 2 separate outputs. 1 acid & 1 AGM . You are not running a 3000 watt music system ?? A acid battery will do just fine. size 29 or a 31 should be excellent for you buy the battery AND a battery box to fit the 2nd battery. You will need to SCREW THE BOX into the Hull. Buy a battery with the same style of battery posts. As you can see company boats leave off a lot of desired items as you become more used to your boat. VHF radio & antenna would be nice with a list of names & phone numbers of people to come & tow you if necessary. Lots of creature comforts to add Like a 12 vdc coffee cup warmer. Ask us how much we enjoy the little projects to add to our boats. Hot or humid days ? I carry 2 suspender type... inflatable vests.... for me & the wife or Son in Law as we WOT .
  15. cyclops2

    Improvement of steering

    A 29 footer will need a HUGE kicker to do any speed in current & wind. Plus steering that far from centerline is very difficult on the prop thrust angles. We tried that decades ago. Steer a boat from the rear settled into the water ? Barely possible with 1 main engine. He is doing the best he can to save a buck. Wear & tear is about 0 at that rpm. Hours on a boat are only important to a salesperson for more profits. How the boat looks & runs sells it to a serious buyer. Keep pocketing the money.