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  1. I am quoting a post from a SEI customer who had the drive changed. He reports he is changing the oil every 10 hours. Because of the metal chips he keeps finding. A new drive has chips ??? UNREAL !! Chips are not ?? Going into the bearings ?/ He was given the ENGINE break in routine. Hire a hamburger flipper & put him in the marine equipment industry. Sad very sad. Chips that get squeezed between teeth surfaces WILL WILL create unreal pressures that rip the oil film apart. Mashing / possible sticking of metal humps breaking oil film. Short gear teeth surface life. Seen it in gears of container ship, hoist transmissions.
  2. Are we serious ? A drive requires a 10 hour break in. Modern metal forming & heat treating procedures for gears should require NO break in period. The gear teeth will WEAR IN ? The bearings will wear in ? Good grief. I would NEVER buy from any of those companies. Please post the company demanding the 10 hour break in period.
  3. Get ready for a major repair bill with 2 cooked cylinders & water soaked cylinders not having enough oil between piston, rings & the walls. Oil might look like water got to it also. Not even hope full to me. You need some REAL LUCK.
  4. AS a side note about good running carburators in the Evinrude 9.9 & 30 hp motors. Idle is mixture adjust. HIGH SPEED IS NOT. Fixed jet sizes only. What size is put in for safe running in vey cold climate conditions ? So that carb is way to rich at Equator. ??????
  5. I think wingnut or Shepherd said the Mercruiser 2002 5.0L V 8 had a oil pressure sensing switch that could delay the spark from starting. Not sure how long a tired battery would take to raise oil pressure to close it. A hot restart in my engine was a instant start. Oil is not really compressable. Or maybe the switches wear in to close quicker ? Do the simple math of a cranking speed in RPM. Divide by 1/2 for a 4 stroke engine . Divide by 60 seconds. That is how many cylinders will fire each second. AFTER A OIL PRESSURE switch & fuel pressure switch close. Pumps do wear out. Volvos are known to fail very quickly. So as they die. Maybe it takes longer to pump up to close any low pressure switch . Or even build up enough pressure to SPRAY IN the correct amount of fuel to run reliably ? My 9.9 hp OB 2 stroke when warmed up. HAND YANKING the starting rope 10" will fire every time & run. It is a 2 cylinder engine. So instant firings on well adjusted carbs or F I are / should be the norm. But If F I ? How do you check / readjust / get it perfect ? Volvo training / Mercruiser school ?
  6. Gasoline on occupied docks with charcoal grills ?? Somebody is grilling dock # 3. FIRE FIRE
  7. Could be slippery on green scummy ramps. Pick the driest & least green scum covered ramps.
  8. Power and speed are also determined by when the & how the cam is timed to T D C of the piston. We would advance the cam timing & distributor timing on stock engines for cool weather running only.
  9. But if they sell 1/2 as many for 2X the price ? Happy company & dealer.
  10. Shepherd1 Is absolutely correct about hulls with a planning pad having terrible cavitation / blowing out problems at ANY speed or turning at any speed. My 186 SSI was fast at 51 GPS. But dangerous doing ANYTHING ELSE. The speed prop was perfect for me alone. could NOT get on a plane with 6 200# seniors spread evenly around the boat. The prop " blowout totally if revved over 2300 rpm. Great ! Very dark clouds coming & I can not get up on plane. For a 1.5 mile run to beat wind & waves A 2 minute run at most. 45 minutes later we docked in white capped high waves. BUY A GRIPPY non cavitating prop if you have the planning pad under it. There is no way any blow out can occur now. As soon as I bought my second 186 SSI with the 5.0l carb engine. I ordered another PTC4 prop. Boat is fearless now. It turns & runs with PWC. 6 people is still a no bow lift forever build up of speed. Climb out is about 2 to 4 seconds The Prop is the BIGGEST VARIABLE on any boat with a planning pad on it.
  11. Exhaust manifold gasket leaking water & boiling away ? Saltwater engine ? 17 year old engine is in need of checkout. A mechanic should pinpoint the location easy
  12. Degrease & rough sand the suraces before repairing.
  13. A BUSINESS TAKES MONEY & IS NOT LIABLE FOR ANYTHIMG ? EVEN IF THE ROOF FALLS ONTO BOATS ? You run a business for money in N J. You are liable. A sign or saying no . Means no defence .
  14. Stern Drive brings up a VERY IMPORTANT point about lug nuts. YOU HAVE to take them off in the dark with the tools in the car / truck. & put them back on again. I carry a 3/4" drive by 18" long breaker bar & socket for all vehicles & trailers wheel nuts. I HAND TIGHTEN the wheel nuts at every tire replacement. BINGO ! If you loose a set of wheel nuts in mud, snow or somehow. The front wheels NEED all their nuts. Borrow 2 from each REAR WHEEL. Take 2 from OPPOSITE side of each wheel. Top & bottom. Good to go.