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  1. cyclops2

    Boat Starts Hard After Long Runs

    My mind is going fast . No control over speed of recall. Dude
  2. cyclops2

    Boat Starts Hard After Long Runs

    1 other possibility. Water getting into the cylinders. Pull each plug out & look for 1 or more cylinders that have different colored sparkplug insides.
  3. cyclops2

    Boat Starts Hard After Long Runs

    Size of boat & electrical equipment in it ? Refrig, Hot water. Leaky hull with bilge pump running stuck on a lot. 120vac AC with a 12 vdc to 120 vac inverter. Combination of all things mentioned.
  4. cyclops2

    Any opinion on Mantus Anchors?

    The anchor, chain & winlass looks great. Could you post the anchor company & model ?
  5. cyclops2

    Boat Starts Hard After Long Runs

    Age of boat / motor. Should not be heat. I vote for corroded battery or starter connections. Starter contactor contacts wearing out. Starter motor brushes or commutator segments worn out. or All of the above contributing to the slow build up of speed. All heated air in chambers will be pumped out in 2 revolutions of engine. . a blink of a eye in time. Or is the engine GROANING for 3 seconds from super slow crank ? Forgot a weak battery. age of battery.
  6. cyclops2

    Battery Charger Issues - Low Voltage on Batteries

    Roady Do you do a fully recharge of all batteries before winter storage ? How about spring startup ? recharge then ?
  7. cyclops2

    Battery Charger Issues - Low Voltage on Batteries

    Not a good sign that all 3 are dead. Are any of the 18 cells low on water ? Top of the lead plates are showing clearly ?
  8. cyclops2

    Battery Charger Issues - Low Voltage on Batteries

    What year is stamped on the batteries ? Are all the battery cells filled with enough water ? The date sticker can be on a side or top........... Like 4/2016 or even 4/16.....Equals month then the year.
  9. cyclops2

    Duo Prop Repair

    Bingo on new props being checked by a local prop shop. The box does not have what you ordered.
  10. cyclops2

    Lake Powell Anchoring Question

    CHECK & repair any chaffed rubbed lines or loops on the ends. Have a tool to open & close any links. Spare cotter pins & the pin if dropped & lost in sand. Obviously NEVER GO OUT if high winds are a risk. In the open with a cliff wall to break the 75 mph gusts ? HAVE A EPERB on land if the boat pulls loose & goes away. You must have a float plan with times & dates with marine agencies to come & save you if on a island. See A simple piece of cake on islands & remote areas. NEVER SWIM after a drifting away boat........... The EPERB rescue beacon will save the swimmers life as he stands on the beach & waves good by to the boat.
  11. cyclops2

    Any opinion on Mantus Anchors?

    This is a good paper on anchor tests. Enjoy Independent anchor performance testing PeterSmith.net.nz
  12. cyclops2

    Any opinion on Mantus Anchors?

    Years ago I read a paper about all the types of anchors being tested in different conditions . Types of bottoms, wind pulls from different angles, other odd stuff. They really tried to find the weak spots / condition of each anchor. No anchor did everything. I remember the heavy Navy anchor being up to 1 set of conditions. T basic goal of the tests was ............who holds best. A anchors sole job. Looking pretty was not a requirement. Neither was storage of one. I will try to find that article or a similar one. I think it was a sailboat magazine. Guessing in a 80 year brain is painful. Web search................yacht anchors which is best............I did a quick search looks good.
  13. As Inspector Clueso in the Pink Panther said. " It is just a blemish. " That damage is scary to me. Glad you & the boat survived so well. Buy a Chap and make it home.
  14. cyclops2

    4/3 blade bravo props

    See if you can get the % slippage BRFORE BUYING ANY PROP. Many years ago I checked with Mercury racing about different props made only for very low " blow out " in sharp high speed turns. Told me he would not put a " High 5 " on his own boat. Family / my boat with a 5.0 L. Turned out he was right & honest.
  15. cyclops2

    Is an Optima battery worth it?

    O K Mr. 1 eye is not perfect either. I abuse the battery in the small fishing boat. I easily run the battery down to 12 vdc resting voltage sometimes. I do NOT recharge it when docked. I do some extra high speed running the next time out to fully charge the battery back up to 14.7 for awhile. The resting voltage next trip is 12 .6 vdc. But I am not going to come near 8 summers of life.