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  1. All those companies are with it. They know a empty boat should be level !! As the owner / captain is first on it. He never sees the tilt when off of the boat. My 186 ssi sits way too low in the stern with the V8 in it. 150 # under the bow seats is perfect balance.
  2. You have to remember about the heavy LOAD on the engine just as the boat struggles out of the water. Heavy load on a motor of any type ? Always a LOUD sound. Tractor & trailer going up a steep hill ? LOUD at any speed. Just like your boat coming onto plane. Check with the company about how loud of a exhaust while running your boat onto plane.
  3. It has been posted that some people are not happy with the Quiet mode. Since it is bought to make noise ? The company gives it a louder idle.
  4. cyclops2

    Fuel filter

    In the FULL SPEED forward gear position ? No boat movement ? You have a slipping propellor or the GEAR SHIFTING LINKAGE to the transmission , is not connected anymore. Check the prop for junk wrapped around the blades.
  5. There is NO NO substitute fo massive cruisers & all that it offers to a group of wake surfers . AND their friends & partying. Cruisers are the only SAFE way. With a 4 person PWC or a bow rider to pick up the fall downs.
  6. Best & biggest wakes that last for over 70' behind a boat. Is a wooden cabin cruiser that carries 17 people & goodies . It is a round bottomed hull . Massive 4 to 5' wake. Buy a boat that parties & wakes.
  7. cyclops2


    It is fine. Unless you race for money.
  8. Please throw excessive wakes in designated areas.
  9. I am feeling a money hole. B O A T. The fun is gone. Time for a new girl. Get her checked out first.
  10. cyclops2


    Just remembered a ancient part time seashore job I had about 70 years ago. in Barnagat Bay , N J. I changed all the thermostats in boats at a marina. Real surprises about the HUGE HUGE differences in crud build up in the Thermostat itself and the housing it is mounted in. Some were prevented from opening or closing fully. Others ranged all the way to almost no build up. The variation was there every year.
  11. cyclops2


    Close enough IF 5000 is the maximum recommended. Is the 53 mph on a good GPS hand held meter ? or the boat mph gauge ? Ski boat engines can have a fast wear out of manifolds in salt water. Constant WOT temperatures will close up the coolant passages faster. Take The previous advises of Wingnut & BT Doctor VERY SERIOUSLY about your engine condition. Salt water & WOT all day kills parts of the power train much quicker.
  12. I have never stored any sterndrive in the SLIGHTEST up position. It is ALWAYS in the RUNNING............ in water DOWN position. Never any other position.
  13. Have some MALE guys come to the boat. Add 1 at a time on the starboard side. To see what amount of weight is needed to level the boat. Guys give their weight honestly
  14. cyclops2

    bent prop

    Most people have no idea when a prop is bent a little. At cruising speeds & rpms . 25 to 30 mph . Vibration should be not noticeable
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