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  1. cyclops2


    That water in the bilge almost means the battery is self discharging ? You might have a loose pin & socket connection in the BIG plug connecting all the engine circuits to the rest of the boat. Been there. It is a long slow problem that gets worse all season.
  2. Boats are like a great mistress.
  3. Decades ago the Barnagat Lighthouse inlet was a cutie in bad combinations of weather & boat traffic. Sea breeze blowing straight into a high tide with submerged big rock edges. Commercial offshore fish boats leaving with big wakes. They would NEVER pass each other in the inlet. 1 would wait in the calmer bay. A loaded returning fisher HAD to take the center of the inlet. Then plow right in with any non commercial boats. Lots of boats scrapped the boulders. They finally really widened it.
  4. Fog & stiff wind while approaching a smaller inlet with assorted opposite traffic. Been there as a passenger. I just put on a life jacket And hoped for the best.
  5. For all the overconfident freshwater boaters & swimmers. 1 shark can, has and does live comfortably in fresh waters for thousands of years with little attacks. You stray into a area it wants to feed in ? DINNER TIME. Bull Sharks are never to be bullied at anytime by any person or animal. The presence of those Asian Jumping Carp in the Misissippi River and Great Lakes ? Yummie Yummie. Bull Sharks have lived in the Mississippi River forever. As long as their preferred supply of fish holds up & you do not go & stay in their feeding area ? You should be as safe as always. Enjoy our fresh waters.
  6. Beep Beep A little Nash Rambler was following me. About 1/3 my size. Sing it !
  7. Was following me.
  8. A little..................
  9. G E RTV sealant in clear rated for outdoor use ? Been there & done that for hinges, A couple of cut to length sticks putting pressure where it is needed for 24 hours. Done with no difficult take aparts. If you do decide to do the G E R T V way. Buy a new tube WITH A END CAP. Just cut the SMALLEST tip opening possible. That will allow you to squirt it into small gaps . I also used very thin sliver of wood to push the RETV completly into the hinge surface areas to get full adhesion. Eyeball the job severtal times before doing it. All were pieces of cake. A little RTV on any hanging down screws completed a nice looking repair.
  10. I get very nasty when a dealer wants perfect money. And gives me a crappy new boat with a load of defects. I am also a used boat boat buyer the last 40 ? years .
  11. $ 15,000 per foot. Lets see who can find the easy buyers at that price per foot. Columbians with cash ?
  12. cyclops2


    Bingo on weather periods changing. Up to about 2000 we would have a sunny period of 4 to 7 days of clear days. Then a wet / rainy front for 1 to 3 at most. I never had weather pains. Now I get maybe 1 or 2 days with no / little joint pain. 7 or more bad days. Barometric drop of air pressure is very painful to mind & body.
  13. cyclops2


    What kind of a winter are you having in Buffalo ? N J is just like a cold, windy late fall day with little sunshine........... Might have to get my Vitamin C from those limes ?
  14. I now cheap down on a replacement sometimes.
  15. I usually am concerned about the bottom of the boathouse overhead door and or door opening when entering the boathouse. You also need to watch out for rising water levels. Some places are getting feet of water changes in freshwater. Salt water can also get big depth changes at river to bay entrances. Did that more than 1 time.
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