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  1. cyclops2

    Starts one day, all day, next day wont.

    Need Wingnut . Does his motor have that oil pressure time delay switch on startup cranking?
  2. cyclops2

    Trailer/Bunk Question

    Hatemus you should have center rollers kid.
  3. cyclops2

    Trailer/Bunk Question

    All my life time of using trailers have plenty of LARGE SOLID NON DEFORMING CENTER / KEEL ROLLERS. I never had any trailer without adjustable center rollers or adjustable bunk board holders.
  4. Thank you very much.
  5. cyclops2

    The Lighting Thread

    The boats with light bars & bright docking light ? Are off duty police.
  6. cyclops2

    Starts one day, all day, next day wont.

    Hope it is a carb engine.
  7. cyclops2

    Starts one day, all day, next day wont.

    If it always cranks fast enough everytime? But refuses to run ? It is either a fuel delivery problem or ignition problem. Since the fuel system is now completely controlled by computer and electrical circuits. we are left with lots of connectors & plugs. The number of things that can cause intermittent running..........What did you mean by saying....Advance the throttle and it ramps up a LITTLE ?? That means it eratticly fires some cylinders ? Are we back to the IAC valve dying slowly ? Motor make, size , F I or carb ? How long have you run it with no problems ? new to you boat ? When? Some backround does help. Have you tried to start it way above 1/4 throttle ? Like 1/4 to 1/2 to eliminate the critical idle mixture circuits?
  8. cyclops2

    The Lighting Thread

    We have a major poker run this weekend in Clayton. Both turbine boats will smell like old French fry oil, overheated. UUGGHH
  9. cyclops2

    The Lighting Thread

    LOOK / LISTEN TO ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE ME WEARING EAR PROTECTION ???? Are I not the greatest boat owner in the universe ?
  10. cyclops2

    Motor squeal not sure where its coming from

    Be very accurate about the noise sound / pitch. Is it a chirp? Or a squeal ? Chirps on Hondas are always the wide Serpentine Belts. Toss a cup of water on the RUNNING belt. Sound always stops chirping. Squeals are bearings.
  11. cyclops2

    2 new engines, overheat alarm

    Sparkplug reading time. Compression testing time. Read both hot & cold. Are the same heat sensors being used from the old engines ? Could the freezing have damaged both / all of them ? Running & separate alarm sensors if that way ? Exhaust gases leaking / blowing into the water system ? Wrong head gaskets ? Cylinder head bolts not sealed correctly ? Head gaskets need all bolts retorqued. Also click on the black tag box arrow. Life repeats itself.
  12. cyclops2

    Trailer/Bunk Question

    A side view would help with the engine hatch up . But it looks like the ENGINE WEIGHT should be over the steel frame of the trailer. Those 2 different bunk boards should be O K. Adjusting the rollers correctly under the keel is the most important adjustment on a trailer
  13. cyclops2

    Smell Gas When Starting

    Cold F I engine ? You should not smell those rich cranking mixtures. I go with the back pressure in the exhaust system leaking out somehow. Realize that once the engine starts running. It can suck in all leaking fittings, evaporating fumes. If it is a liquid fuel leak ? I would expect to smell some fumes on shutdown also.
  14. cyclops2

    Trailer/Bunk Question

    St rakes are all those narrow flat surfaces on the bottom. Chine is as Hatem said. Chap is right about possible uneven weight on strake. The weight should only be on the centerline keel. The keel should be equally supported by all the centerline rollers. The boat should BARELY touch the padded bunk boards.
  15. cyclops2

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    Those are riffles for a short distance. I Remember the several 10 ' plus standing waves in the 1950s in several N J inlets. You timed you runs to the tides because the boulders in the inlet bottom were so big. You did not go out in any approaching storm weather. The uneven bottom would eat a 60' off shore racer gunning it.