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  1. My N J total electric house with lots of glass is 3, 000 KW Hours in Jan - Feb about 68 F daytime Our 1500 s f ranch. 2 retired people. The furnace is 4.... 5.5 K W heating elements. Glows like a huge toaster grid. 7 days on the big 17.5 K W generator was $ 850 of gasoline
  2. I have tons of space on each side of the engine space. Several 5 gallon pails for toilet & seat Lines lifejackets, insulated coolers Anchors & 300' lines. Other things in smaller latching closed boxes. Do you want to use it as a cruiser for a several day trip? Plan great fuel stop & food places. Check your long range weather for a dock near enough to a pre rented room IF needed. You need to post the overall needs.
  3. Shepherd1 Can a correctly threaded brass pipe nipple ( straight or pipe threads ), 2 flat rubber O rings, 2 S S flat washers, 2 s s tension developing washers ( split, wave or dished ), 2 S S flat / thin nuts, 2 correctly sized barbed fittings replace the plastic part ? Would the above parts work to prevent another breakage ? I have not looked at a boat with that setup.
  4. Try to forget the bad. On to the boating.
  5. Please Mr. Custer. I want to go RUMP RUMP again.
  6. I think the south home has both pumps running at the same time occasionally. could be inaccurate thermostats. Or the sensitivity control is too wide. Overshoots the shut off temperature a lot. Check how the rates are calculated in the winter. Windows or a attic door open. basement windows open. Some systems have TOO MUCH outside air allowed to be brought in. Lots to check out. Not enough insulation in attick ?
  7. Something to remember about all types of circuit breakers. A bad / loose connection can cause VERY HIGH CURRENT SURGES. A C, refrigerator, battery charger on high charge, bilge pumps & any other items on shore power. Can over time cycle on & of AT THE SAME INSTANT sometimes. Current can be hundreds of amps for a second or a while. Happens. That can / may / WILL sometimes cause a tripping. As stated. REPEATED tripping ALWAYS weakens circuit breakers or fuses. They fail. Takes a while sometimes. But it does happen. With power off. ALL POWER cables disconnected from the dock.............. A careful quick check of all connections I a good Idea in your case. Might find a loose or DISCOLORED connection. Also check the connections in the ENDS of your shore power cable. The cable may have a loose connection in a MOLDED END. Can find that be leaving the boat fully powered on shore power for at least 24 hours in hot A C weather. A bad cable will have HEAT at the loose connection. Sometimes a bulge or discoloration will be there.
  8. Do they have proof of WHERE the leak is from ?? At least a definite type of oil ? There has to be a positive trail from some place. Engine . Stern Drive. Plastic bottle of oil with a loose cap leaking. Power trim / steering............... WHAT !!!!!!!!!!! GOOD grief. Charley Brown is working on the boat.
  9. A 2001 boat can have none standard parts by now. Would need data for Shepherd & Wingnut to help you. Engine make & sizes . Drive type. Maybe even a couple of photos to confirm the equipment ?
  10. You may need Chap to call Volvo for assistance. But Volvo may balk saying. The computer says not the engine or any sensors. This is why a new boat gets unwanted in a hurry. Dealer & Chap may argue over who pays how much on a long troubleshooting problem. Dealers can only find what IS defective Damm good mechanic NEEDS a lot of hands on to figure your problem out. Get lucky.
  11. Have ALL hoses and clamps That can be seen. Been checked ? Can a inspection hole be cut out over the tank fittings plate ? You would need Chaparral to give a accurate location to use a LARGE hole saw . Drill the pilot with a 1/4" drill bit. Then remove the drill bit in the hole saw. Replace it with a piece of rod. It prevents the guide hole from getting bigger. It also prevents cutting or winding up wires under the deck as you break thru. NOT A DIY job to learn on. A...B IG floor fan is mandatory to dilute any fumes. As you cut thru & expose the tank space. Checking out is then possible. Warning !! The electric drill HAS BIG SPARKS to ignite & cause a explosion & fire...............This job IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. There is NO NO learning curve or mistakes to be made.......... Can be fatal !! A marina may or may not cut the inspection hole. I would guess at 17 years old. Tank, hoses & wiring are on last safe time.
  12. Except for style. And a possible checking of a engine in horrible sea condition. I like to be in the boat for at sea trouble shooting & replacing a part.
  13. Loose electrical connection. Obviously not on the computer system. Change marinas / mechanics. Better yet Call Volvo. You are not the only one. Very likely. Will they admit to the problem ? Tell the dealer fix it or a new boat. You did not pay money for a unsafe boat. 3 of the same break downs in a car in N J is a lemon. full money back. Your state may be none or different. Good luck.
  14. Disconnecting the power cable at the boat & tossing the cable to the dock . Might cause the end to flop over & into the water ? I have 1 sensitive GFCI in the kitchen area. It trips maybe 1 time every 2 years. for no traceable reason.
  15. I am really getting old. Called Schneider Electric Co. HA HA HA Forgot it is Sunday. Oh Well. Monday I call the NEC / NFP agency to get a hopefully logical & safe GFCI answer on docks & power outlets submerged for weeks. Can new House / land GFCI be used in boats / marinas.