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  1. That was done in a couple of N J repair places. Boats, planes & cars. Do not be surprised about it happening in your area.
  2. Every year boaters with over night generators running either almost die or do die when the wind changes direction on bow & stern anchors. Tide runs fast enough..... to let a side breeze blow the generator exhaust up the side. Exhaust is hotter than the air. Rises, cools a lot & is pulled into the boat. Purely a Russian Roulette condition to live with. That is why a good marina WILL NOT LET ANY GENERATORS RUN WHILE TIED TO THEIR DOCKS OR PIERS. Just to big of a lawsuit risk. They should know they are risking CO poisoning. You have to work out a safer way. When anchored. If the CO alarm fails ? No second chances. I honestly do not know how safe running the main engine at idle with their underwater exhaust would be in a worst case condition. I mention that If you put a 200amp alternator on the engine to power everything ............No advice on you doing what I & others have done.
  3. It is used to REDUCE the chance of electrical current leakage to a higher or lower potential contact nearby. Rarely is any breakdown voltage or leakage current specified. Conductive grease. Has finely ground metal powders mixed into it. Thermal grease. Conductive & insulating. Grease. With no electrical properties specified. Such as wheel bearing grease. Dielectric grease. A good one will specify thickness for a given electrical voltage. All good dielectric greases are a better insulator of electrical currents than air is. Dielectric is normally a materials resistance to the passage of electrical currents......It has a dielectric breakdown resistance of .000000003 amps, at 10,000 volts, per mm.
  4. I would be VERY CAREFULL about any insulating greases. Computers can use very low voltages & currents for some sensors. A grease might cause erattic readings. Been there & caused that problem. Drove me batty for awhile a year later.
  5. Most of us PAY for the mechanical & electrical. He on the other hand can do repairs that he is happy with. Eggman is a boating buddy I would like to have.
  6. My ramps, wind directions & river currents forced me to use 4 S S poles & rotating white PVC sleeves. Goofy looking. But it does the job. I have had people ask me. " Are you going out ? That is at least a 7 to 10 mph current. " A little pucker factor is involved. Edit Just remembered. For high spring water levels & currents. I bolt on a about 400 pound piece of mainline railroad track. It holds the trailer at 45 degress down river angle while load & unload.
  7. We are starting to unzip our zippers .
  8. Are you people ALL propping for WOT alone in the boat ? Or doing the real propping for a FULL ? MAXIMUM load of people, food, toys and pulling a water person ? 2 entirely different props. No avoiding it. Edit I jumped into the water & changed props based on the load I would carry.
  9. Disregard the weight differences. It has NO NO effect on the boat performance in the water. Why do I say that ? because the 250 pounds is is going to have the exact same effect on performance as ADDING 1, just 1 large sized adult. Should / will not / even notice the weight difference. The throttle lever WILL also make the gasoline consumption difference 0 when you add a load of people. If you can afford the bigger engines ? Buy 1 of them. I say these things after buying a couple of standard sized engines & going thru the expense of many props to find the best one............................Bless Powertech & their prop exchange program. I use the Factory Tech Reps. Then placed the order with Prop Gods.
  10. I took the tall flimsy J pipes to a muffler shop that did custom S S pipe bends. Tough. Has white PVC sleeves that spin on big washers on the bottom. The boat can push the trailer sideways with no bending. I use 2 S S U bolts on each pipe to frame place.
  11. Drive around boat yards with junkers in the back. Might get lucky. Do a new cover.
  12. Drain a bout a 1/2 of a whisky shot glass of the oil out of the stern drive . IF IT IS in a vertical position. Water comes out ?
  13. Volvo Penta 431 engine exists with that same decal. You are right brick. It is a V6.
  14. I surfed the 431 c iwebsites. did make a 431 engine.
  15. So did I the first 2 times. But a really good biting / gripping prop does create a almost no slip conversion of torque to thrust. The 186 hull is short but wide. So getting on plane is very easy. I sold my bought new 2002 186 2 years ago. Heart & age. Now have a 6 stints, defibrilator & a Pacemaker. I am great at 80. So I bougt a second 2002 186 SSI with the Merc 5.0L . It loves the Powertech PTC4 just like the first 1 does. The boat buyer does water sking as a family. They love the instant on plane with several on the ropes.