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  1. My 2002 186 SSI with the 5.0 L 220 hp V 8 is great. The single prop Alpha drive You will have. Allows UNLIMITED prop selections for any type of load or driving. I have a 3 blade Aluminum for 51 MPH at WOT Myself only. But it is useless with any other load of people or acceleration or turning. It slips completely. So I carry 2 props & tools to jump in water & change for either ride. The Prop Tech props at www.propgods.com Are excellent at picking props for what ever use you want My PTC4 is almost zero slippage & impossible to loose grip doing extreme turns & throttle changes at the same time.
  2. There is a simple reason for such quick death from CO. CO BINDS / sticks to Hemoglobin in your blood 240 times tighter than Oxygen. That is why CO deaths are so sudden & severe. The body cells SUFFOCATE very quickly & there is no way to reenergize with all the suffocated cells in the brain. & other organs. NO 2nd chance with CO. Hemoglobin carries the Oxygen thru out a human body.. If it is COVERED with CO. Death is swift.
  3. It is true that CO is very slightly lighter than air. But the CONCENTRATED CO from under the sterndrive displaces all the air from UNDER the stern platform. And for a short distance all around the edge of the platform. I assume the toxicological report was correct on the cause of death ? The USCG site has instructions on the CO hazards of it also.
  4. ONLY with finger tips !!!!!! NO power drill to take off metal chips !!!!!!! IF there is a hose on the back of the gauge ? Remove it carefully. & blow into the hose end. That can sometimes clear the drive hole Dan mentioned. Is there a wet spot on the floor mat under the dash gauge ?
  5. Do you get the degree ? Or do you sign over your plagiarism rights to me ?
  6. Excellent information. Thank you.
  7. Back it in VERY SLOWLY with a helper watching WHILE inside the boat to call out.............. STOP STOP Almost forgot the famous......... I can raise the door enough to get it in !! Then drive out without someone to hold the door up AGAIN. ROOM SERVICE.
  8. Carefully look at each spark plug for broken white insulators or odd colors. Can also be a ignition problem. Check / replace rotor and or the cap. Crank sensor sending a full advance signal. Or a camshaft is being fully advanced to quickly.
  9. My biggest concern is the standing up paddle boarders with the sun right be hind them morning & some sun downs. I now do a zig zag like WWII fighter pilots to catch sight of them. The worst are small people & children. I have adapted to position of the sun angle to prevent the constant concern for their safety. We have a lot of boats up to freighters and 10 to about 20 boats in a busy section. Some of them wear clothes that help them blend in with the surroundings.
  10. I would enjoy a ride in the ambulance with you.
  11. Do not worry about the bottom of the ski panel. NO one will look at it. Just put 4 L brackets to hold the plate in place 4 pieces of CLOSED cell foam will stop any rattle noise.
  12. cyclops2

    2021 267 SSX OB

    Some of us paid with PERFECT MONEY. WE logically expect a perfectly level boat. See many listing cars. New ones ?
  13. It is overloaded with data. Getting very slow. Well fellas. It has been good to know you.
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