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  1. All good points. If the new used blocks and cylinder heads pass a pressure leak down test.
  2. New untrained help to replace experienced Covid help......... Can easily happen anywhere at any time
  3. Update on possible cause of stalling as load is increased............ I found a web site with SEVERAL pictures of the 5.0 Throttle linkage........... It is a PILE of switches & cams. With the DREADED multipin main engine connector plug. Pull the plug apart & see if there is corrosion on the pins. Slide the connector apart & together at least 5 times. Lock the connector together. Test the power in a gear while tied to the dock. Any difference ? Do not go too high while tied to the dock. You can rip loose from the dock.
  4. Good 5000 RPM in neutral. Check that the big air throttle valve is moving correctly and not jammed with crud. Or not moving at all.
  5. He replaced both pumps & the regulator. Arching erratically when a load is placed on the engine is a symptom. Cheap enough. Idle requires next to nothing in spark power
  6. With a mixed group of people eating & drinking and wet clothes ? I would use a Home Depot orange pail if available. to sit down . Woman do sit down or squat. More than 1 boat has a BIG towel held up by a same sex person.
  7. When I installed a VHF radio in the 186 SSI. I put it INSIDE OF THE GLOVE BOX. Drilled 2 holes in the back of the glovebox. 1 for 12 vdc and 1 for the antenna cable. Simple water proof & no bump the controls location out of the rain. Close door.
  8. All these possible problems are stopped by always..... Draining...... the engines at all the drain points. EMPTY blocks NEVER HAVE FREEZE. Do not mention about ........What about the residual pockets in places..................... Marinas around the world JUST drain blocks. Join them. Years ago Wingnut described the correct way to check drain holes with a piece of wire. Refresh this new group about the purpose of the piece of wire use.
  9. Yes, I know, but this dealer is where I bought the boat and where the boat is located. It turns out that the boat has an engine failure that is under warranty and quite simply it says that it is not covered and presents a brutal budget to repair when the part is not excluded from the warranty. As for the boat, the tank has a fuel leak that I came to know was already repaired by them with resin only that the fuel leak stain goes to the bottom of the boat. As they do not assume anything, I have to turn to the distributor for Europe, to clarify these issues and obtain the warranty manual that was never given to me by the dealer.

  10. There is 1 Chaparral boat dealer in Portugal. Web search www.chararralboats.com Then do the dealer search section. It is listed.
  11. I have taken pictures of heavy MASSIVE wake throwing cruiser passing me drifting in the channel. Out comes the cell phone taking pictures. I drive over to the US CG station And ask for a warning ticket to be mailed to the boat owner. I had 1 cruiser not obay the wake AND channel speed rules. The judge calledus into his chambers. Talk Leave. The cruiser never tossed a wake at me again. BUUTT I could hear him go to massive wake speed after he passed me.
  12. I checked my 2002 Chap radio for a loose connection. It looked just like a car radio . Even my VHF radio is not watertight. Since these types of electronic items are in the open areas of boats. They are not IGNITION PROTECTED.
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