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  1. cyclops2

    Single note horn replacement

    I have never found " Buried in upholstery " horns worthwhile . Too loud for inside the boat. No distance outside the boat. It is just a way to beat the USCG rules legally. Totally useless in a windy day with any speed noises at planning speeds. A reason for some collisions in clear weather. Trumpet horns do send the noise primarily straight ahead. Air or electric.
  2. cyclops2

    Winterizing 1st Time

    I am in trouble on both 2002 5.0L engines I only remove the drainplugs in N Y. Naa They never leaked from cracks or a blocked drain valve. Or not pulling the drive. Pure luck all those years on my Mercs.
  3. cyclops2

    Windless anchor for a 276 ssx

    I worked in a MASSIVE metal fabricating shop. We bent & rolled 6" solid round bar into rings. Bent THICK PLATES in 2200 ton presses. You & I are allowing a lot of lost dead time to do that simple plate & box. If you really want to love that compound shape a lot & not do a ooppss. Take a piece of freight lumber about 12" X 12" X maybe 18". Cut the wood to form a shaping block. I would take the block & bow plate to a large wood working shop & see if you would be allowed or they would cut the Cradle shape a little to OPEN or CLOSED . Then you can press on the plate in very slight steps in a none scratching former. We know lots of little steps are better than a big oopps. I would guess that you will have the correct shape in 15 minutes . The job / plate will be right or you will be unhappy. I bent some odd shapes with wood cradles & a curved 4 X 4 piece of oak under a car or fork truck wheel inched slowly onto the curved 4 x 4 curved block. A really BIG bench vice with taped on plywood on each jaw could bend the plate . It is doable. For you & me...…….. If it took all day ? So what !! We work cheap & scratch free. TAPE THE DAYLIGHTS on the bow!!!!!!!!!! The plate can easily scratch it. Piece of cake. Enjoy the challenge. I would. Should it KINK ? That is when you need the large piece of wood to work out the creasing...…...Honestly ? I would go with a gasket to seal the slight gaps between the plate & hull surface. I think it can be a mold wet slime breeding place...…. The gasket WILL ALLOW you not getting To fussy on the fit. The gasket comes in many thicknesses. Worst case apply 2 layers to the plate. I have done that on poor fitting castings. Each prototype is different.
  4. cyclops2

    Single note horn replacement

    You realize a dual note is still going to be 1/2 as embarrassing ? I would be looking at a musical auto horn for real class. Same space..
  5. cyclops2

    The Boatyard

    The truck brakes are applied if you let the seat flip up...……….If they are maintained. He is consistent. Probably gets a bonus for each screwup.
  6. cyclops2

    Right spark plugs?

    Welcome back Shepherd 1. Great to see you posting.
  7. cyclops2

    SSI ran great last

    last time you did a full replacement of worn out ignition parts, fuel filters ? The prop was sold as a quick fix to get the revs up. Not to find the problems. WE need all the information on the boat & engine. State it is in ? Fresh or salt water ? is the bottom hull power washed to keep it clean Have you checked in the hull for it filling with lots of water. More than a inch deep? ADDED The noise can come from the drive TILTED TO FAR UP. Drive shaft joints are at too great of a angle . That will cause bow jumping
  8. cyclops2

    Windless anchor for a 276 ssx

    My only great metal shop closed up. So I can not pass judgement anymore on strangers. I would use his place as a sounding board on any metal work. I just had a lot of freezing water damage replaced on my house exposed foundation walls. He gouged out the loose stuff & filled in the missing chunks on all block webs. Then recoated the surfaces. He then returned the dirt & stone chips to be almost perfect. I thought it would be a day. Surprise it was 2 full days. Being out of work / retired causes me not to judge distant areas. Some places NEVER HAD a great / good fabricating / repair ability. I have 2 mechanics I can trust . 1 is a neat place. Other is a metal scrap yard. Both are excellent. Short of asking locals about recent work done by a unknown shop & a SPECIFIC person in that shop ? Trades are disappearing fast in N J and N Y. I would trust you on my Chap glass work. Before many locals. Best of luck on finding good people. He will need the boat at the shop to do a excellent job. You can do a perfect looking job with the foam closed cell gasket material.
  9. cyclops2

    New owner Vortex VR2430 need assistance

    Yes Paying in full completed a binding contract...…………. Now sue them for triple damages & costs. I have a simpler way that my lawyer now warns crooks about how bad of a Pit Bull I can be. I have him write a 8 X 11 truth paper listing the bad things done to me. I stand out side the business on public property & hand them out to people going in & out. I tell the company personal to contact my lawyer for a resolution. Longest picket was about 4 customers. Easy peasy. A crook understands loss of sales.
  10. cyclops2

    Windless anchor for a 276 ssx

    Go for it Hatem.
  11. cyclops2

    New owner Vortex VR2430 need assistance

    Glad I bought 2 almost perfect 2002 186 SSI with the 5.0 L. I still say. Life is a lot of luck.
  12. cyclops2

    Right spark plugs?

    II am slow to learn new things. But I switched to NGK decades ago. Reason was I CAN get a tech support person to pick a great long lasting spark plug for O B 2 stroke engines. They can be troublesome with cheaper oils. Since NGK tech walked me thru what & how to pick the right plug. Over a full summer of running WITH NO NEED for Sea Foam anymore. The 5.0L carb plugs are spotless. not cold or too hot. No more Sea Foam for it either...………..NGK makes & recommends great sparkplugs. Will be calling NGK for plugs for the new Honda. I found Champion to vary a GREAT BIG amount on quality.
  13. cyclops2

    Windless anchor for a 276 ssx

    I am referring to mounting on a Aluminum plate located UNDER the deck. The top of the windlass would be just UNDER the bottom of the deck. A hole above the windlass unit allows full manual use with cranking lever if needed. The hole in the deck is sealed with a heavy duty threaded plate flush with the deck. The anchor line can be angled with a piece of bent S S pipe / tubing. That pipe is sometimes called a hawse pipe in larger ships. Do a web search of........... Anchor Chain Hawse Pipe ............... It shows many ways . Simply modified adjustable turnbuckle to lock the anchor snugly in place. I forgot to remember the locker shape & size............ So ..........A simple flat plate of Aluminum with a FULL length hinge at the stern edge would allow it to be placed right over the hole for easy operation in manual mode when needed. Also allows the chain lock to be accessed easily. Could also put the hand crank and the splined drive shaft in a spring bracket Also. By adding a simple bracket with a hole thru it. That would allow cranking up 300' much easier. You could get a 18 " to 24" piece of drive shaft to get the handle way above the hatch . WITH THE HATCH CLOSED DURING CRANKING............. That will make cranking easier than a deck mounted with a short shaft. Meds are in me.
  14. cyclops2

    2017 337 SSX

    Check your bilge pumps for running a lot due to leaks in the drive hoses & cracks around the drives hull fastening plates. A C & generator plumbing & hoses are possible leakers. A lot of electronics can consume power. I have left the music power system on, depth finder, night lights, etc. So can defective shore powered battery chargers. A defective battery can pull all the others down if the battery selector switches are left in the ALL position. You are now a experienced boat stuck in any gear operator . Turn the ignition off & brake with the shifting engine . If you can process this problem fast enough again. The marina mechanic gets the repair bills. To reimburse you.
  15. cyclops2