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  1. 70 On the Interstates.
  2. The jet drive does appeal to motorcycle people. A couple of boaters have both and are on 1 or the other.
  3. You could REWIRE the music circuit feed wire.... ONLY..... to the 2nd battery directly. That would require lifting the engine hatch & turning the master switch to #2 battery for music. But that would allow the radio to be left on forever if you forget to turn the switch back to # 1 battery each time. You could do a fully isolated turn on & off of the music. By installing a 12 vdc relay 20 to 30 amp. rated. Powered by a dash mounted switch. The switch then positively turns the radio on & off of the 2nd battery. The radio will come on to a set station & volume every time. No matter what position the ignition switch is in. Even OFF. A true 2 nd battery only powering the music / radio. Worst case is forgetting to turn the switch off for music/ radio when leaving the boat. 2 nd battery could be dead a week later. But the engine battery is fully charged. Parts needed. Battery, fuse close to the 2nd battery + post. Switch only if just a standard radio only.............. Or a switch & the 12 vdc relay. 2 wires to the dash switch . 1 from the fuse on # 2 + post to switch. another from dash switch to the optional 12 vdc relay if you want to use a amplifier pulling more current.
  4. You do have to pick a .....ACR .....That does not have lockout ( no charging ) if a battery is too low of a voltage. They can refuse to charge . Remember someone knowing about a make & model with that feature ??...........I would always want the alternator to keep charging the O K battery. And not touch the shorted or very low one.
  5. bbwhite is correct on the difficulty of removing FULLY CURED calks. after a year or so ?? Good luck . We stopped using it decades ago.. Never pull a plate or flange apart & smear it on the 2 surfaces to make a better seal. Fatal mistake to try and pull them apart. A flame or big enough heat gun is needed.
  6. This could be a topic with several good ways of doing it. I have always done it with the main battery switch that allows the following selections of battery in use. OFF---#1----#2----both together. Reason for such simplistic switch is if either develops dead short ? Connecting the remaining good battery across it. Will quickly run the good battery down to zero also. So the fully good battery MIGHT start the engine & get you running. But if left connected to the shorted battery. It may not crank fast enough on the next stop & restart.................2nd great battery is unable to start the motor again. PLUS. Your engine alternator is being cooked to death trying to charge up a dead, shorted out battery. The both together is ONLY FOR a battery that fails COMPLETLY OPEN . It is far safer to only use only 1 battery at a time. Then the short circuit battery can not drain down the OTHER GOOD BATTERY. How alternators are built & wired can affect the batteries greatly if 1 is a dead short. Some boats have fuses or circuit breakers to protect the alternator & wiring.
  7. I have never considered any boat / toy having more or less resale value. I buy a toy / boat because I like the looks or performance. I have never spent a penny on it for someone else's maybe preference. Living hundreds of miles away and working the night shift.
  8. Every weekend I watch the water for ANY TYPE OF PLASTIC............ A simple sandwich bag is dangerous. Or a falling apart diaper. Plastic table cloths after or during outdoor parties with high winds. Holiday weekends & for days later . The after sundown speed freaks are busy chopping up all plastic stuff to get sucked into intakes. Amazing how the pumps work with so much plastic around the blades. A slow constant rise in running temperature is cause to check inlet slots. raw water Pump vanes. Thermostat. Circulating pump vanes. 1 or several of those can gradually become partially clogged. I knew a family that chopped up 1/8" diameter floating plastic lines & spread them around for the annoying PWC to destroy their pumps. It convinced the jets to stay out of their area.
  9. Since I always buy new. I have never had a " tight nut or prop ". But I do know mechanics pound the props horribly to get them on. That WILL make a prop get tighter each time. Add in a electric or air impact wrench. Result is. " Go get the big, clam shell, bearing puller. "
  10. I do the 2 X 4 also for loosening & tightening. Almost fell off the 6' ladder more than 1 time. Groin muscle pull splits hurt for a while. I do prop changes with the boat at the dock also. 2 X 4 floats nicely.
  11. My storage place has said a extra 2 weeks will be no problem. Too much skim ice near docks & shore every morning.
  12. Sounds like a friend that moves BIG bulldozers is needed. They have very low trailer beds. IF IF they can support the boat in the correct hull places to prevent damage.
  13. The 5200 should seal forever. with water pressure on it. Common fix for saving a buck. would want to get all the water out to prevent any water freezing / EXPANDING next winter.
  14. Not a excuse for Chap service. But all the companies are into their busiest time of the year. Add in people quitting, injured, computer screw ups . Etc. I always ordered a new boat by the end of December if possible. Just to avoid slapped together boats. By extra, temporary help at the lowest wage.
  15. Can Chap put the stern base in now ??
  16. Badge & I found 2 good marinas. There are more good ones out there.
  17. Does the preserve pay for damages for negligence ? I am sure you would have to pay them if your tree hit their property ? Maybe they will agree to cut /trim trees that are a hazard to anything on your property ? Have them cut up & remove their tree & pay for repairs to your fence. Lawyer letter with photographs should do it.
  18. Outstanding find Paul.
  19. A stern light mount is very good place. If the flag hangs limp or flutters a little to the bow ? You are possibly breathing exhaust gasses if moving forward.
  20. 1 time ? A guest dropped a tray of food & oily dips on the carpet. Sent it to the dry cleaners. Perfect job.
  21. Covers get washed, both sides, on a clean, no splinter, dock. Dried . Sealed on the outside surface only.
  22. Do you take the flag down at or before sundown ? I simply put the flag on the Anchor Light mast. I put the white light on at night running. I do store it if not running at night. My USN Navy genes win out.
  23. Time to fill a 2 rider is 30 to 40 seconds. A typical 10 X 10 tube about 3 to 4 minutes. The model AHP-12HP is psi regulated to 2 psi max or 1 1/2 psi during normal rate of filling.
  24. A quick check with Airhead towables was good & bad. They have no idea how long it takes to fill a " Big Betty " 4 person tube. Caution some of their towables have FOAM FILLED sections. Good to protect riders. But forget about complete collapse & storing. They will E MAIL me with data to fill with the big 12 vdc pump. Total minutes. Some of us must have that pump & a 4 person rider ?
  25. Those big inflatables really need the huge VOLUME air pumps to enjoy using them. Huge C F M rating is all important. Low pressure with high C F M rating. Quick search has plenty of high C F M units on 12 vdc...... How big is your filling tube diameter ? That can be the stumbling / limiting point