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    230 ssi knock and running rich

    I think you may be stuck in a cold engine condition. That rich condition will ruin oil & soot up sparkplugs & all the valves. I think your engine is running in a full choke condition. THe starting of a warmed up engine with a faster throttle position is the right way to start very rich / flooded engines.
  2. cyclops2

    Overtemp Alarm - 8.1 Seacore

    WE need to know & accept when we have a no win condition. That is when odd ball efforts are called for. Way to go Dave I can remember a group meeting on basket cases. Unlimited beer, coffee & sugared doughnuts to get the best solutions. Sometimes.
  3. cyclops2

    New motor wont start- need advise.

    NEED to be VERY accurate on how the engine dies. Sounds like a loose connection I had on a 2002 5.0L engine. Cold starting engine. Turn the key to starter and instant fire up. as soon as I let the key go back to IGNITION / run position. It would stop instantly. Did this 5 times in a row. I restarted & HELD THE KEY in the starter position engine & starter kept running. Moved the throttle up to about 1000 rpm as a test. Kept running. Released the starter position. instant dead engine. Called my mechanic & told him about it. Piece of cake he said. I show him & he does it also. Says the computer is toast. Whips out his pocket knife & opens the small blade out. Pulls the big electrical connector apart on the engine. Spreads each SPLIT PIN VERY SLIGHTLY. Reconnects the connector. Restarts it normally forever.
  4. cyclops2

    Battery switch in position one very intermittent

    Dealer Warranty work. DO NOT touch the stuff. Do not touch anything. All these problems on a virgin are not right . I would take pictures of every slightest problem & send them to Chaparral Corporate with a letter of concern of it being sold to you as a new boat.
  5. I have a bad felling on the age of the drive in the picture. At 81 I know of dealers / people sharing a storage area who swap a new drive with a older / problem drive on another boat.
  6. That is not a brand new boat . Is it ? 2018 ? Drive looks very used. Call Chaparral with the H I N you see on the transom area ? Send them those pictures. The anodes look way over 6 months. Did the boat sit in salt May to October ?
  7. cyclops2

    Corsa Exhaust issues

    This post makes the start of boating season official. RUMP RUMP RUMP
  8. cyclops2

    New motor wont start- need advise.

    If it is watered down gasoline ? I have proved that by opening the throttle lever to about 1/3 of power position. Then crank away . It will normally run on gasoline with no smell on my small 2 cycle OB motors. The key to starting is a fast hotter burning mixture. Rough as heck. DO NOT RUN LIKE THIS WITH WATERED GASOLINE !! The cylinder walls are without enough oil. You can ruin them if unlucky. It is a quick way to prove watered gasoline
  9. cyclops2

    Fresh water guy looking to the Bahamas??

    I did a web search of...…………. Bimini crossing groups ………….. interesting prep work to be done Arrange for a dock space / slip ahead of time. Prices.
  10. cyclops2

    volvo penta engine stalls

    FOrgot……….. Year make of engine, size ? Carb or F I ? . How long has this problem been building up to be this bad ?
  11. cyclops2

    volvo penta engine stalls

    Paint chips in the fuel pump insides ? again ? Still a problem ?
  12. cyclops2

    Stock Transducer

    If you do a OUTSIDE THE TRANSOM MOUNT ? You can drill WAY up high . No leaks or sinking worry. Call the F F companies for help. The transom mounted ones have a friction mount to allow the transducer to be kicked up if hit by floating junk. New cords & plugs are very small now. The bass fishing boat forums have lots of experienced members that can help you with years of F F experience on the good units today. I use www.ultimatebass.com post in the...……...DOCK TALK section. save you time holes & money. Lots of changes & features to decide about before buying a unit.
  13. cyclops2

    Stock Transducer

    Call the dealer ? Need make & model of boat depth finder. Then call company for what will match up. Companies many different transducers now. I leave boat depth finders set for low depth alarm only. Then buy what F F I Like & use a transom transducer setup.. I wire ALL fish & depth finders ONLY to the IGNITION ..ON... sside of the key switch...………………..No dead batteries a week later.
  14. cyclops2

    I found stuff in my bilge that I don't recognize...

    Looks like a typical collection of findings. Of a yard boat with no cover. In a marina.
  15. cyclops2

    All Original Boat - 16 years later

    I have 2....2002 186 SSI 5.0L …………. NO money spent on worn out parts. None. ………...Oil gas air in trailer tires. Chap & Merc did a fantastic run of that series.
  16. cyclops2

    What Cruiser Would You Buy?

    My safety level calls the Black Pearl a possibly worrisome cruiser. Storm conditions ? It still looks like a large Chinese Junk under full sail
  17. cyclops2

    New motor start up

    Vonshep advice of just cranking for 10 or so seconds is standard practice 0n a complete engine rebuild. A good engine place always does that to prevent D I Y problems. That test can reveal any missing oil gallery plugs. Like low oil pressure. STILL MAKE SURE the water is flowing to wet the pump impellor.
  18. cyclops2

    New motor start up

    You are taking on a lot of D I Y responsibility. who is doing the dry testing of all the sensors / computer ?
  19. cyclops2

    New motor start up

    A way to be sure the passages in the block are filled completely...……. Remove the thermostat BEFORE filling the block with water. Put the thermostat cover back in place snug the bolts. Run the water in from where ever you choose. after water runs out the prop for a minute. Stop filling. Put the thermostat back in. Gasket may be unuseable. Replace if needed. I remember Wingnut saying some thermostat housings ………...HAVE 2 tiny pins between the housing parts. Be careful to get them back to the way you found them.
  20. cyclops2

    New motor start up

    Be ………...EXTREMELY …………..CAREFUL about what position the flushport connections are in !! Also that the connections have NO NO air leaks. I remember a poster having a loose connection that allowed air to get sucked in somehow ?? Any way Be careful if you have caps & gaskets to seal completely.
  21. cyclops2

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    I have seen new boats with below the waterline bilge SCUPPERs get the rubber flaps held open by Zebra Mussels. Over night the boaut had water up to & over the floorboards. New boat dealer said it is a common problem in our waters. I believe it is the Trophy line of small centerline console boats. I alerted a boating friend quick enough for him to start the big O B and get on plane to empty the load of water thru those nasty scuppers.
  22. cyclops2

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    Overpowered boats with big motors will fill up on some steep enough ramps. My 16' Lowe aluminum with the old 1986 30 hp ..... WILL WILL .....pour water into the stern if backed in ................WITHOUT ...............no one seated in the bow seat. Boat is rated for 30 hp. It is a short shaft 15" transom. takes water in easily from excessive boat wakes.
  23. cyclops2

    New motor start up

    I have no experience with a dry virgin. But I would expect whoever install;ed the motor would know that for sure. If not ? Put the garden hose on the clamp on earmuffs and fill the engine for several minutes to allow the tiny bypass hole in the thermostat to fill the block.......... Just like if you had backed it into water at a ramp & dock.. Idle is all you should do for a minute or 2. That will prime the pump & allow it to ram solid water thru the engine. NO dry test firings to make sure it starts !!!!!!!!!!!! Some lower drive unit pump impellors can soften in seconds that way. Outboard lower unit water pumps have to be treated that way also. I ruined at least 2 impellors that way over my lifetime.
  24. cyclops2

    Fresh water guy looking to the Bahamas??

    I am with you Jonny. But on land we get out of a vehicle and sit down under a bridge or whatever. 1/2 way there on water ? I have laid down on the floor and jammed hands & feet under anything to stay in the boat & not be banged around. Chicken out if there is the slightest chance of risk happening.
  25. cyclops2

    1986 Chapparal 204 walkaround

    The drain holes between compartments under the floors. There are small holes in each wall separating a compartment under the floors. Bits of hair, food, tissues ..whatever can build up & slow / stop all drainage. A flexible.... Electricians Snake.... works wonders to break up stuff.