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    Bow Thruster

    So no one has ever boated in my area & came in at 3 pm ? Glass at 9 am. White caps coming in WITH a 5 knot river current. High bowed Chaps.12" clearance dock to boat & 12" clearance neighbors boat to me. HA HA HA Bow & stern thrusters........... Boats are NOT cars.
  2. cyclops2

    2017 H2O hunting while at low speed

    There is a learning curve with the FINS. Do a first time out when it is quiet at your docking area & little wind or current. The boat WILL HANDLE DIFFERENTLY. DO BE SURE to check for prop tip clearance BEFORE DRILLING !!! My very cupped & raked prop was close to the fins. But no real problem. The very INCREASED more sensitive steering is the biggest change. I panicked the first time I yanked the wheel quickly. Learning curve to GRADUALLY learn. Do a series of tighter & tighter turns to know what to expect in a snorkeler popping up right in front of you while on plane. Did that one while alone. If I had people on board. UUGGHH injuries.
  3. cyclops2

    Impellar Housing

    1 local marina provides a small airplane ladder bolted to the floating docks for easy bow in docking & boarding. Looks odd. But very nice on none ESP high sided boats. The boats have 2 removable S S posts plugged into gunnel surface. Then a 2 or 3 step box inside the hull. So easy for handicapped people.
  4. cyclops2

    2017 H2O hunting while at low speed

    KJDR Maybe your dealer is not the greatest if he could not correct the gauges problem ? Lately Chaparral is making the dealers the final FACTORY Q C & repair shop. Drives repeat owners away quickly.
  5. cyclops2

    2017 H2O hunting while at low speed

    They are ONLY BOLTED to that flat plate above the propeller. NEVER THE HULL.. both of my 186 SSIs have the wander fins. Not perfect in reverse with the V8s. But the Huge prop causes large side shifts in reverse with out the fins. I am surprised the bigger boat with V 8s is also wandering Hatem has 2 bolted to the underside of his arch. Still wanders. Oh well Note Hatem is a stock holder in both trim tab companies.
  6. cyclops2

    Spotlight Installation

    A dealer can do the job just as good or better than the factory. Give them a call.
  7. cyclops2

    2017 H2O hunting while at low speed

    We are driving boats that HAVE NO RUDDER !! Do you still wonder why the boat has no directional stability ?
  8. cyclops2

    2017 H2O hunting while at low speed

    It is called Bow Wandering. Deliberately designed into modern boats. Why ? Beats me. But old fashioned inboard drive shafted boats, never do this Bow Wandering.
  9. cyclops2

    Today's fishing report

    Comes with a harpoon !!
  10. cyclops2

    Engine add ons

    There is a streamlined glue on nose cone for lower units . Go faster friend added 1 to his drive. Made a difference
  11. cyclops2

    2017 H2O hunting while at low speed

    I solved that problem with a www.wanderfin.com IT DOES AFFECT the steering. more sensitive at faster speeds. I drive accordingly.
  12. cyclops2

    Spotlight Installation

    Do you have a 12 volt power outlet there ? Plug into it.............. If the spotlight is not to strong. Pick one at the current limit of the outlet ?
  13. cyclops2

    Impellar Housing

    I backed a little to far into a muck & sandy spot. Fantastic virgin 2002 Alpha impellor & housing toast as it struggled to power out. It was only 14 years old. A baby !!
  14. cyclops2

    CRAParral Never buy!

    A pair of happy Cyclops.
  15. cyclops2

    Boat won’t start! Please help!!!

    Caution you could have a starter STUCK with the starter jammed into the engine flywheel. I would remove a battery lead. THEN CHANGE the 90 amp fuse. THEN RECONNECT the battery lead. That will prevent the overloaded fuse from burning your fingers. It would also prevent the arcing from ruining the clean flat surfaces.
  16. cyclops2

    Boat won’t start! Please help!!!

    If the new 90 blows again ? You do have a serious short somewhere. DO NOT keep putting in new 90 fuses. Post back.
  17. cyclops2

    Thoughts on a windlass anchor

    Powered anchors are a joy. At 80 years old I did a synchronized bow & stern anchor setup. It controls 2 heavy lead window sash weights. They are virtually weedless in all weeds. I had to add some S S small pulleys along 1 side of the boat to have both wound on the same line drum. It allows anchoring so that the sun is always at our backs when fishing. Key fob for the winch is nice. It is on the 16 foot Aluminum fishing boat. But you could do 1 full sized bow winch & I reduced stern sized winch. A little boat shift position to keep the sun on a side of the boat is nice. It could also be used to prevent side to side swinging in a wind condition.
  18. cyclops2

    Boat won’t start! Please help!!!

    Change the 90 amp fuse first. Then continue.
  19. cyclops2

    low oil pressure alarm.

    DIY flushing modifications can be done. If you know where to put in a " T " with a garden hose fitting on it. Hopefully Wingnut will help you on the engine cooling system you have.
  20. cyclops2

    Engine add ons

    I forgot to mention your stern drive has a hp limitation. So there are several limiting factors to consider.
  21. cyclops2

    2001 220 ssi GAS GAUGE NOT WORKING

    You will be sorry if the engine stops & can not restart reliably. Fix it before the next cruise.
  22. cyclops2

    Engine add ons

    Save money & time. WITH A Warranty. Get a crate engine from Summit Racing. They have any size & hp you could want. But they might crack & destroy the transom of your boat. Have boat friends who over powered the transoms.
  23. cyclops2

    Engine add ons

    Of course you can.
  24. cyclops2

    Hull Identification Number

    Somebody cheated big time.
  25. cyclops2

    Electrical issue 2003 Sig 240

    Check the wires. Both the + and - jumper wires on those switches. Also either of the longer feed wires at the end of the jumpered circuit switches. The problem should be those wires. Could be the long wires screws. That are screwed to the solid metal + and - connection bars. Check all the push on connectors of those switches.