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  1. I took the tall flimsy J pipes to a muffler shop that did custom S S pipe bends. Tough. Has white PVC sleeves that spin on big washers on the bottom. The boat can push the trailer sideways with no bending. I use 2 S S U bolts on each pipe to frame place.
  2. Drive around boat yards with junkers in the back. Might get lucky. Do a new cover.
  3. Drain a bout a 1/2 of a whisky shot glass of the oil out of the stern drive . IF IT IS in a vertical position. Water comes out ?
  4. Volvo Penta 431 engine exists with that same decal. You are right brick. It is a V6.
  5. I surfed the 431 c iwebsites. did make a 431 engine.
  6. So did I the first 2 times. But a really good biting / gripping prop does create a almost no slip conversion of torque to thrust. The 186 hull is short but wide. So getting on plane is very easy. I sold my bought new 2002 186 2 years ago. Heart & age. Now have a 6 stints, defibrilator & a Pacemaker. I am great at 80. So I bougt a second 2002 186 SSI with the Merc 5.0L . It loves the Powertech PTC4 just like the first 1 does. The boat buyer does water sking as a family. They love the instant on plane with several on the ropes.
  7. As a side note about amount of H P needed. Both of my 2002 186 SSI 5.0L 220 hp carb boats have 18.5' X 8' wide hulls. NO transom extension. No trim pads. They weigh 3200 new & empty. Carry 6 + 200# seniors at least 20 gallons of gas loads of anchors & hundreds of feet of 1/2" line. That is roughly a 5500 pound boat. With a VERY grippy Powertech 4 SS blade. I am on plane in 3 seconds with almost 0 bow lift. WOT is 4400 @ 45 mph gps. Those are at the 5,500 pound weight. The right prop beats big engines with the wrong prop every time. Time to plane if I am alone ? is 0 seconds. Zero bow lift. The boat just accelerates level to the 48 gps very fast. The acceleration force pins me to the seat. Edit The 5.0L engine is so loafing on plane, that normal voice levels are plenty, between bow & rear seat conversations
  8. 2015 ????? Boat is a disaster. Do not buy it at any price. You were warned by the condition. Leave it alone. Beat up rental ? Sunk also ? Pass on it.
  9. I did a quick web search of your description. with Recalls & problems after it. Lots of complaints. Over many years.
  10. Each brand should have a ...Recall Section.... That way you can decide if your model is never right.
  11. Garmin has been no problems on the boats. Any problem was done by a phone call. My errors.
  12. All the marinas in my area never sold Ethanol gas. They bought none Ethanol high test from Canada. In N J ? State law to use only E 10 %. I do not remember the year that auto & marine parts were all changed to live with all year Ethanol. If not ? Millions of dead cars everywhere. I use E 10 only all year in a dozen lawn & generators . I let the engines run out of fuel with almost empty fuel tanks. Never rebuilt or repaired a carb. in 50 ? years or so.
  13. Soldier is right on about props disappearing for any number of reasons. I removed the S S props & put on beat up scrap props in any storage place that was not VERY secure. with guard & cameras.. Never lost a junk prop. BUUTT A couple of people found DIFFERENT SAME appearing props on next spring. As the engine had different WOT rpms. Your call.
  14. About every 3 or 4 years my mechanic & I would cut open the fuel filter after BACK FLUSHING it thru a clean cloth into a glass Mayonaise jar. SPOTLESS. Just like a car fuel filter which I never change. So the Real life findings of a normal boat life & the never question a corporations motives for changing perfectly good parts ? Your call. But remember. Fear will out sell logic in most cases.
  15. I will start the disagreements. I did as little as possible.... Never COMPLETLY followed the owners manual. ................BUT I had lower drive unit oil... engine oil changed each fall. 220 hours on the hour meter I changed plugs, DISTRibutor cap & rotor & wires. Never used Ethanol gas. Always had Hi Test marine in it with no stabilizers of filling up for the storage in upstate N Y. Started right up each spring with a 1/4 or 1/8 tank of old gas. Drove to marine dock & filled it up on the non E gas. Bought new in 2002. Never a problem. 1 minor problem. Imtermittant stalling when key was released from the running starter position. But would run if key was held in the starter position. My mechanic takes out his pocket knife & SLIGHTLY spreads all the pins on the plug on the 5.0L engine. Perfect cure.
  16. Hope you are JUST LOOKING at it. It is a waste of a experienced persons time & their money. Pass on it.
  17. I use a hair dryer to speed up adjustment if a instruction sheet of how to adjust, is missing. Some have several steps of warming up. Others have a vacuum pull off to assist.
  18. At least it is not like other sites. Demanding the right to sell anything you post. Might be O K ?
  19. Do your engines have a............Limp Home Mode................If yes. Get a computer read out of your computer error codes. Might get lucky.
  20. Time for some good " In field changes. " By you big block guys. S S threaded pipe nipples? S S over sized washers. Closed cell gaskets. & nuts. Mechanics are better than many engineers. They correct the boo boos for you. A hole saw with a plan. Done
  21. I hope he was very luckier than MOOT . Good luck Lewlam.
  22. Almost forgot. Boat engines really do NOT HAVE a true air cleaner design. So another possibility is the air rushing into to the engine at different speeds. I have found some intakes can whistle a bit. But that is only what I can hear. A air leak can easily go higher than what we hear. Can you put a old folded blanket right over the air inlet or the flame arrestor ? restart the boat note how the dog reacts . Head comes up ? Call to the dog. See if he responds normally or a lot better. You might get lucky. There is a forum of Vortex powered boats. Post there. Some one may have your answer already.
  23. Could be a car / used part.
  24. I sure hope he was lucky.
  25. Tired engine . Needs some parts to run strong again. Have your tach & rev limiter accuracy checked by your good mechanic only. Use a newer GPS unit for speed accuracy.