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  1. Brick, I believe im in that range. Not too often I get to push it like that. Unfortunately I do not get to try for a few more months.
  2. Good questions thanks. Engines have always seemed to run great, and have 80 hours on them (3 seasons). I did do the break-in by the book. Boat does rest for 6 months without being used. Fuel is always treated and ran thorough a week before it is pulled out. Overall boat runs great just want to see if i can get her up a little faster.
  3. Looking to see if anyone out there has any experience on selecting the prop pitch for the Sig 350 (formerly the 330 before 2011). I have twin Merc 5.7 Mag 350 Bravo 3 and am using stainless 24 pitch props (came with boat). I am thinking of lowing the pitch slightly to get on plane quicker. I'm ok when the boat is not heavily loaded (just 4 of us) but once i add a few more people it obviously slows me down. I notice that many other cruisers of similar size that i ride in have little issue getting up on plane with the same 5.7 engines and 12 or more people . For me it takes a lot more time
  4. Wanted to pass along an update. Finally talked myself and wife into the 21. Thanks for all of your input. Now we just need the ice to melt here in Chicago.
  5. Really depends. On a sig 350 I use them when I have anyone sitting in the back seats. I am in a shallow lake and need to get up quickly to avoid the stern from dragging in the water. The tabs get me up fast and I immediately back off as soon as on plane. From there I only use them to balance the boat. If you find you are having a hard time getting on plane don't hesitate using them.
  6. It does have the chairs you are talking about. I'm going to have her read your post. Thanks for the info. We have spent more time deciding on this boat than we did on the cruiser. Go figure! Thanks again.
  7. Yes it has the 5.0. Typically the dealer I work with stocks boats with larger engines. I would not consider this boat with the 4.3. I'm definitely leaning 21 but wife isn't crazy about idea of spending the extra 8 large deer.
  8. Cyclops2 thanks for the reply and i totally agree with full rides before closing. However there's a little more to the story I didn't mention since i wanted to keep the post short. We own a 2013 chap 350. I am very close with the dealer and actually help them out at the local boat show (chicago). There is no other brand for me to buy, just not interested in others. Ive been through chaparral training and feel it is the best brand out there for us. They have 1 of each in stock and I do want to make my decision before either one sells so I can put a deposit down. I do not want to wait and th
  9. Hey All, I've been going back and forth on getting a 19 or 21 H20. Very experienced boater looking for a ski and fish. I haven't been able to test drive either boat and need to make a decision is the next few days so a sea trial is not an option (ice and no water for at a least the next month). Was going to get the 19 but want to make sure I don't make the 2 foot mistake ( done that before). I want to see if anyone out there has been on both or at least the 19. Want to make sure 19 can handle some chop caused by other boats. 1 report I saw said 21 was much better, night and day to the 21. J
  10. We have a 2013 350 (same as the boat you have) and wife talked me into bow thruster. I very rarely use the bow thruster as boat handles great just using the twin engines. I will add that we park stern in, and the channel we are in is only 40 ft wide with boats on each side. With a 35ft boat not a lot of room to give, however this boat does well. If you absolutely can't get comfortable just using the twin engines to maneuver then it can be worth every penny to make docking an enjoyable experience.
  11. When buying our 2013 350 the wife talked me into the bow thruster. I was against it but now 3 months in, it was the greatest boating decision i have ever made. It works great and really helps with those cross winds. I don't use it much but it is there when I need it. Funny part is I am one of 2 boats in marina with the bow thruster and the marina crew made signs for us saying "handicap parking w/ a picture of a bow thruster". Reality is they are just jealous.
  12. In Feb 2012 we bough a new 2012 290 so I can relate to some of the issues you are seeing. Let me first say I no longer have this boat as we traded it in for 2013 350 to get more space. A. Yes the front 2 port lights on port side and both on starboard will collect water. This was the only issue we had that wasn't solved as it is part of the design and has been this way for many years (older 280's). It bothered me at first but I got over it and kept a towel handy to collect water when window was open. B. We had some issues with heat/air not starting after long periods of not using. Was usu
  13. Thanks all for the input. We are going to stick with the bowthruster. Had the opportunity to make a last minute change but with having to trim up it seems like it wouldn't work as well or if at all.
  14. Anyone use the axius system in shallow water? At times we need to trim up while docking. Not all the way up but drive is about 2/3 down. I am trying to find out if the axius system will work. Was thinking it may not work as well. Any input is great.
  15. Hey Matt. My name is Jeff and I will be at the Chicago show working in the Chap booth. I'm a customer of the local dealer and am helping them out for a few days. Stop by and say Hi! Jeff
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