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  1. First boat owner and 2nd post to this forum.. got great replies on first post.. Anybody know where I can download the instructions sheet for the DS0141 Depth Finder that comes as an option on a 2006/7 210SSI? I am trying to determine if the unit is faulty or not.. when we go in water > 200' deep the depth finder shows 0 on it and will not display any depth correctly after that.. even in water only 8' deep (unit still shows 0').. depth gauge works fine as long as we staty in water < 200' deep.. Thanks in advance to those who reply.. Paul.
  2. That's all for the replies.. good to be part of the forum.. I will try and contribute as best I can.. Project #1 - replace bow rails on 210SSi (2006)... sounds like a tricky proposition but we'll give it a try.. going to start by seeing if I can get to the internal bolts from the side seat cushions.. if this proves problematic then we'll try the speaker cutouts... hopefully ti is not that difficult.. One bow rail is damaged but still attached by all 3 bolts.. the other bow rail is not damaged but the center blt has worked loose and fallen inside... I have priced out two new rails @ $345 direct
  3. Hi, First time poster and first time boat owner.. thrilled with my "new" (new to me).. Chaparral 210SSI (2006) ... it only has 76hrs on the motor but needs some TLC in the bow rail department (looks like the previous owner let the tower drop onto the bow rails and they are both damaged.. Does anybody have nay information on how to replace the bow rail (how do I remove the rail?, presumably need to remove the side cushions.. Is there a maintenance manual out there that shows how to replace items on the 210SSI? Thanks all i nadvance who take the time to respond.. Paul.
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