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    Thanks for the input. I'm running twin 8.1 L Volvo Pentas. Guess I'll have to start keeping a log.
  2. rayray


    Just moved the boat to Naples, FL and will be doing longer trips. Was wondering what other 327SSX owners were getting on GPH. Thanks
  3. Thinking about moving my 327SSX to Naples/Marco area and have been hearing horror stories about using stern drives in that area. Everyone down that way seems to be sporting outboards. My plan would be to keep it on a lift or I could rack stroe it. Your thoughts? Thanks...Ray
  4. We've been looking for some organized trips and predicated on timing and transportation to Miami we are definately interested. This sounds like it would be a great adventure and a great time. I just started packing...lol.
  5. I've been in South Jersey most of my life (Oakcrest High, Class of '69), but have recently been looking for warmer climate so we can become snowbirds. Not familiar with your present area, but certainly hope to see it by water.
  6. That was supposed to be "where in South Jersey?"
  7. Where is South Jersey? And where are you located now?
  8. W...always up for some good bbq...sounds like we have a trip in the making.
  9. JimT...it sounds like the Chesapeake is a must for this summer. We should stay in touch to see if our schedules for the trip are compatable and to see if any others wish to join in. Look forward to meeting you on the water. Our boat is "Seas the Day II", so if you see us, give a holler.
  10. Thanks for replies...we've done a lot of the local stuff (Golden Nugget, Margate, Somers Point) looking forward to expanding our horizons. A trip to the Chesapeak would be great. We would love to do Ocean City, Maryland; Annapolis, St Michaels, even north to Toms River, NY harbor, etc. I hope Waterfront does set up a trip this summer. If not maybe a group could get together...comfort in numbers...lol. Hope to see you both on the water.
  11. Just purchased a 2012 327 SSX at the end of last summer. Now we are looking to take some over nighters. Will most likely look for locations with hotel/motel accomodations. Would appreciate suggestions or if anyone knows of group trips being planned. Thanks and here's to a great safe boating season.