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  1. Thought that looked like the good ol California foothills in the background. Looks like a nice find a challenging project. Where was the barn at that it came out of?
  2. Seadek-I would provide a template for your layout to Seadek. If you rely on a previous customer's pattern you're also relying on the accuuracy of that customer's layout and their skill level in doing so. Also, swim deck sizes vary from model to model. Be safe, make your own, you can't return it once you've got it.
  3. I would keep an eye on #7. If it didn't come up with the oil put in the cylinder you may have a valve or head gasket issue.
  4. Trim tabs: ultimately I think you'll want them. Stereo: Adaquate for stock but could be much better. I'm planning on donating my deer to an upgrade for this next season. As far as arch mounting, keep in mind that most of the sound is intended to be directed toward whoever is at the end of the tow rope. Beaching it: Did it all the time with my previous boat and it showed. Still have a virgin keel on this one and plan on keeping it that way. 3M offers some nice keel guard kits if you don't mind the slightly funky look. Congrats on your new ride, we need pics when you have them. Too bad you only have a 5 week long window of use.
  5. I named mine "CHILD SUPPORT". When I stopped paying it I could more than afford the boat. Get a lot of laughs on it. Just the one meaning, nothing deep.
  6. +1 Less volumetric area for condensation to form in. There is water in your gas.
  7. 88 here last Saturday. Temps have been up and down though. Should stay out until early November. Biggest problem is no lakes close by with water left in them. Have to drive an hour and a half. P.S.-Members in Florida and the gulf states need NOT respond to this post!!!
  8. I'm jealous. With our lake system our here you're stuck where you launch, one lake. Pull out and trailer somewhere else and then you're stuck there. I would love to have the freedom to go from place to place like you can. And such beautiful scenery!! Not that ours are terrible but here at the lower elevations of California some of our lakes have nice shorelines and some look like the surface of the moon! Nice pictures, thanks for sharing. Hoping to get in a couple of more runs before the weather turns.
  9. That's a bit of a stretch don't you think?
  10. I buy my Mercury 20W/40 from Amazon. Order is filled by Shorts Marine out of Delaware. Cheepest price I've ever seen on the oil at 29 1/2 deer per gallon and shipping was reasonable at about 18 deer for 3 gallons. I purchased 3 gallons last winter. Only down side it was about a 2-3 week lead time for delivery as I recall.
  11. What engine did you go with?
  12. Go for the larger boat with the larger engine. Kids grow, weight increases, kid's freinds start coming along and suddenly you have an under powered boat. The larger engine will be a plus when it comes to resale as well. And like Wings says TABS, TABS, TABS. I wouldn't go without them on my boat. Arch with all canvas options a must with your kids, gotta have some shade. Do enjoy whatever your decision is.
  13. 3 weeks ago I left the straps on, what a bonehead. hadn't done that since 3 boats ago! Saturday however I pulled off a launch, pulled out, and drove 80 miles home with no incidents, getting better after 30+ years!
  14. And you're still married??11...Congratulations! Welcome and enjoy your new ride. Be safe.
  15. I put the Seadek on my swim deck earlier this season. I really like the the fact that it stays cool at 110 in the sun and is soft. I checked West Coast's website. Looks like some nice work they do. They should expand on their photos to show off their work. Where do you normally boat at?