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  1. I have the same boat and motor with the GXI version. I experienced the same exact problem several years ago. Took me a couple seasons to get it fixed and not sure what the issue was. I have not had any major problems or repairs to engine/out drive. I have done only routine scheduled maintenance with the exception of replacing two ignition coils. You will know when the coil goes bad, boat will run terrible and make knocking/backfire noise. I think the culprit was a cylinder down due to either spark plugs or the ignition coil going bad. That is where I would check first. I also replace the
  2. FYI--Chaparral has warning documentation against towing a tube with a Wake Board Tower--it can cause damage and void warranty!
  3. Bar Keepers Friend is incredible on rusty stainless and no need for sand paper.
  4. Table Rock is our home lake. There are a couple very active Table Rock Facebook pages, best bet is to ask or join them as the above information has been posted multiple times on FB. You made a great choice as Table Rock is one of the best lakes in the US!
  5. KJDR, I have no issues, but I have a totally different boat. I used to own a 23 foot Glastron CVX that had low speed wander and it annoyed the #$^% out of me. Never understood why or was able to correct it before I upgraded boats. I googled the problem and below is decent article explaining why and a few tips. First thought that crossed my mind was there is something up with the range of trim on your out drive. Below article mentions to trim up slightly at slow speeds to help. https://www.boatingmag.com/how-to/controlling-low-speed-wander
  6. gators5

    21 H2o Surf

    Has anyone wake surfed behind one of these Volvo FFD and Malibu Surf Gate Chap combos? If so, what was the overall experience like?
  7. Thanks WWT, your explanation makes sense as to shortening the life of the VSR. I will change the frequency of using the charger to not using it in boating season since we are on the boat almost every week and keeping the charger hooked up while not in use 100% of the time was most likely overkill.
  8. Don't know, haven't been to Norfork in years. This forum has a pretty active Norfork section, you may post on it and get some good intel. http://forums.ozarkanglers.com/forums/
  9. I have checked and it appears to be correct per diagrams. The battery switch is the stock OEM, Iooks like a 2 battery Blue Sea with 1, 1+2, off and 2 as selections. I do have a 2 bank smart battery charger connected when boat is not in use, connected directly to batteries, not the switch/VSR. I charge it with the battery switch in off position. Could it be activating the VSR the whole time it is charging?
  10. I think my VSR on my factory battery switch has gone bad for the second time in 3 years. Gonna order a new one and install. The power to my boat doesn't turn completely off, only partial when switch is in off position, for example everything still has power but not enough to turn motor over. I replaced the original VSR with a new one about 3 years ago when I experienced this first and it resolved my problem. Now it has come back. Anyone have ideas or similar issues in what the root cause could be?
  11. Spent last Saturday out on Tablerock, current level is 928.5--about 13 feet above normal. Boating is fine, just be aware that there is some extra floating obstacles in the water because of the high levels and flooding of tributary rivers.
  12. I had the same issue in finding a cover that protected the entire boat and arch. I ended up having a custom one piece cover made by a local canvas shop. Very happy with the results, the entire boat is covered, protected and stays much cleaner.
  13. I also have the 264 with snap covers and the factory mooring cover. My boat is on a lift under roof in our slip year round. I wasn't happy with either of the factory covers since they don't protect the arch, top and speakers. I had a custom one piece cover made that goes over the top of the arch and covers the entire topside. I use it now as my only cover and it is well worth the money. My only complaint is I wish it went further below the rub rail than the current 8-10 inches.
  14. tomnjoe, There are two restaurants over at Coney Island in the cove across from Point 7. Sharkey's Pizza which isn't very good and Lakeside Resort--highly recommend.
  15. Anyone have one of these? Check out the video. I want! http://noprofileboatlifts.com/
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