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  1. As with most wives it's cheaper to keep her. It's unlikely you will find another boat as good for the money plus boats are more scarce out west from my experience which is why I bought mine in Chicago before I moved to AZ 2 years ago
  2. I changed to a Samsung Galaxy S5 from an iPhone 4S a few months ago and it is a superior device in most dimensions. It's faster, has a larger screen, provides more configuration options and is cheaper. I had all my music on iTunes and there was an app that will copy it to an Android phone and even songs that I purchases. More apps are free on Android than for the iPhone so that may be another consideration. My only complaints are connected with the phone operation. Voicemail is a clumsy and I really don't like have to put in a pin every time just to listen to the message. Texting is not
  3. I had my 267 SSX on Lake Michigan for a couple of months and even it was too small for most of the conditions encountered. If you really want a 215 SSI, either the Chain of Lakes or the Illinois River would be better boating with that size boat. The Chain will be a lot more crowded on Weekends but may be closer to where you live. If you really want to boat on Lake Michigan, I would look at a 30'+ cruiser with twins which is what I had the first year I was on Lake Michigan. I was up at Prairie Harbor Yacht Club the 2 years I boated on LM which is right on the IL/WI boarder. Delaney can con
  4. I've had a catalyzed engine now for 2.5 years and have yet needed to replace any anodes
  5. That continuous windshield is what steered the Admiral to pick the SSX over the Sunesta which is what I originally leaning towards.
  6. Personally, although I'm a bit biased, I prefer my 2012 267 SSX to the 257 SSX because it has a better cockpit layout and is a bit longer. To replace my 267 with a comparable layout I would have to go with the 277 which is bigger but also more costly. When I purchased my 267 SSX 2 1/2 years ago it was priced comparably with Sea Ray 250 SLX and Formula or Cobalt when the dealer discount on the latter 2 was taken into consideration. Formula and Cobalt had much higher list prices than either Chap or Sea Ray but offered 20% to 25% discounts off list versus Chap or Sea Ray which were around 15%
  7. I have the newer catalyzed version of your engine and use Mobil 1 15W-50 full synthetic oil. This multigrade is mentioned as preferrable in the Volvo manual and was highly recommended by Wingnut, our resident forum oil guru. You can purchase 5 qt. containers of it at Walmart here in AZ for $24 or so. In CA I have no idea what you would have to pay but I'm sure it's more than AZ.
  8. I had my 267 SSX which is pretty much the same size on Lake Michigan and it was too small except on 1 or 2 very calm days I was out there. It's no fun to be pounded with 2-3 foot waves continuously. If you really want to go offshore in the Gulf look for a heavier boat. I currently have the boat on a reservoir lake in AZ where it is well suited.
  9. I had them reduced from F6 to F5 which is about 1/2" less pitch. At F7 you are two sizes more pitch than mine. I am assuming at F7 you are close to 1" more pitch than what mine are now which could be the cause of your low rpm. If I remember correctly, 1" of pitch is about +/- 300 rpm. I suggest you contact Props Plus in Scottsdale at 480-949-0840 and see what they would recommend. They were the shop that adjusted and balanced my props.
  10. I too, had low rpms when I first put the boat in Bartlett. Turns out I was overpropped from the factory. The prop shop changed mine pitch from the orginal F6 to F5 and now my engine runs up to the 4800 rpm WOT max. If your boat was at a lower altitude when purchased, like mine was, you might need to reduce the pitch on your props for the higher altitude. And yes you could solve your drive and engine rpm problems buying my boat but then you wouldn't have as much to post in the forum!
  11. I have the catalyzed version of your engine and I've never seen the temperature go higher than 160-165 at any rpm level. The lake water temperature these days is 86-88 degrees so as others have said perhaps you may have a guage problem if you have eliminated thermostat and flow restrictions.
  12. If when docking you have turned the drive all the way either to port or starboard, that will put a little additional weight to one side or another. If you have the drive perpendicular to the transom. If it still lists with the drive straight then that is not the problem.
  13. My 2012 267 SSX with a Volvo 8.1L engine does not list when empty and its the same boat as yours so check it to see if the drive is not turned to the side. If not as others have suggested you may have need to redistribute the loading.
  14. 267Bob

    She's Home...

    I knew there was a reason I left IL! Been boating all but 3 weekends since the middle of last October. Even last Saturday when it was 106 F. I've been watching the Chicago weather this Spring and really feel for you guys with all the cold and rain. Glad to see you guys finally may have a boating season.
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