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  1. Gents, thanks much. I think it might be a grounding wire that is loose, or one of the amps is on its last leg. I know there are two amps on board, I just have to locate the #%^$&%$ things. They aren't in the obvious/easy to get to places, so time to start undoing panels and tracing wires. Az, I will definitely try flipping the channels and see what I come up with.
  2. So have this issue that started. With our wet sounds speakers/clarion head unit. Haven't had any problems up to this point, sound quality had been amazing, tunes are a big part of our atmosphere while out on the water. But recently encountered an issue that I am frankly stumped on. Seems to be some sort of feedback or static on the right channel side of things. As you turn the volume up, the static (for lack of better description) gets worse, almost like distortion. I pulled every speaker and made sure all connections were tight and didn't notice any grounding wires, that might cause a s
  3. As a retired USAF SrNCO, it is heart warming to know that so many boaters actually "get the meaning" of the holiday and always take the time to day thanks. I fly the American Flag at the house year round, as well as on the boat. To all who have and continue to serve -- Thank you, stay safe, and know that it makes a difference
  4. I can't really add anything new, but I can say that I have never had a boat with a completely dry bilge. There is always some amount of water. Certainly not gallons as you stated, but would be curious if you do find any more areas that might be the cause
  5. Zion, very sorry to hear about all your issues. We haven't experienced too many things with our 327, knock on wood. Had some EVC issues, that took a good while to resolve, but after that things have been smooth sailing. Ours also lists slightly to poet, and after talking with dealer and chap it is due to design; water tank and fuel tank, along with waste tank all being port side, weight distribution is off a bit. But nothing too serious. Hope you don't have any more gremlins to deal with and can enjoy a much better and fun filled 2nd season with your 327
  6. As far as our waterways here in DC/NOVA/MD even the rear facing seat is not legal to use while boat is in motion. All occupants must be inside the confines of the cockpit/bow seating area. We got stopped cause I had a spotter sitting there, while we were kneeboarding, and told the spotter had to move inside. Only while anchored or not underway is it permissible to sit on the bow deck or Rear facing transom seat. But, as we all know, each state and jurisdiction is different as is the interpretation by the authorities.
  7. I know that in DC/Northern VA waters it is illegal to be sitting/laying on the bow while the boat is in motion. We for stopped twice by both Coast Guard and Harbor Patrol. Fortunately we were only "wanted" and no ticket was issued.
  8. Will be interested in everyone's feedback on it. Would be a great addition to have a way to place shade in the how, where everyone usually hangs out.
  9. Looks great, and certainly adds to the classiness of the 327!
  10. Looking good. Will be interested to see how the caulk lines turn out!
  11. Actually it was a crack at the base of the raw water pump. From what we could see/feel, it wasn't the gasket. The water was by no means spraying or coming out fast enough that would have indicated gasket/seal failure. I think the pump was just old and it was at the bottom where there had been some rust accumulation. Believe it just finally gave way, fortunately it was a slow and steady release of water, rather than massive rupture, otherwise I am not sure anyone would have been around in the middle of the night when the high water alarm went off. Best advise, always check and double check e
  12. Strick, sorry for the delayed response. I would say, and I am sure most would agree, make sure on top of having a survey done, you take the time to check certain things yourself. While this is by no means a complete list - more just highlights of things from the experience noted above -- make sure you have working bilge pumps, and highly recommend that if they are small capacity ones, you upgrade them to something a bit larger. Ensure there is nothing clogging the bilge pumps either. Amazing how a bit of slime or some residue chunks and clog the pump. Maker sure you batteries are in goo
  13. Will be interesting to see if there is any follow up to this story. I know I haven't seen much said about it, since this past weekend. Would defiitely like to know what his explanation was for the maneuver and then his not heading backin to check on people And completely agree that e or two bad apples, often gives the other 99% a bad name. Same as with the military, or fire/ems, or any other profession that is supposed to be there to support the local populace. We often forget. About the countless others who do the right thing, go out of their way to assist, and are overall very good peopl
  14. We saw them towing it out from the wall yesterday afternoon under the escort of two DC Harbor PatrolUnits. All I can say is that I am not surprised by this. We have not had the best dealings with DC Harbor patrol. And if as reported they were responding to "person or jumper in the water" that still does not obviate the need for safety and common sense The fact that he did not respond back to the scene, made no hails to check on injuries and damage, shows how bad of a unit this is. And if there were other boats damaged by responders that is even worse!!
  15. So for all my fellow boaters that are n the DC area and boat the upper Potomac to include the Georgetown/Three Sisters area, be aware that DC harbor patrol has at least one officer that is enforcing a "law" that dates back to the early 1900s --which states it is illegal to "swim, float, or otherwise be in the water" of the Potomac. It is okay to be engaged in tubing, wake boarding, etc. but apparently just taking a dip to cool off or having one of those floating islands is a big no no. Oh and don't stop the boat, take a break between tubing and use the tube as a raft, that is also not allow
  16. If you have the entertainment area (sink/fridge), vice additional seating then the 12volt will be on the u deride lip of the countertop, facing aft. Basically facing directly toward the door that leads to the swim platform. If you don't bend down and look, you would never see it. The second one is in the cabin in the cabinet that houses stereo, USB connections, TV antennae control, air conditioning, etc. At least that's where they are on my 327. Hope you are enjoying the oat and having good times with it!!,
  17. DCBiker97

    Best GPS

    Posting for Garmin, can't say enough about them. All thee of my boats have had Garmin GPS/chartplotterSo, and everyone of them was superb. As technology advances, so do the Garmin products. Currently have 5208 and love it, the touch screen is great, the amount of area you can see with bigger display gives great situatial awareness, and upgrading to the g2 vision charts really is worth it, if you like lots of data with multiple display venues. IMHO I don't think you can go wrong.
  18. Feel free to hit us up on any questions, always happy to help, since we have been through Most everything with the boat over the last year and a half.
  19. Congrats, you will definitely love the 327!! It is indeed a fantastic boat, and a dream to drive, as well as just hang out on. Still very few of them n the water it seems, so they are real head tuners. +1 on Delaney's comment on the twin screws, a little patience and practice and you will be docking with ease. All done with throttles, no need for wheel movement. Again agree with Delaney, go with the upgrade and get the g2 vision chart card. Really is worth it, IMO, and gives you so much more flexibility and data from standard charts. So happy to hear we have another 327 owner. So keeps u
  20. We go with 89octane, which is what Volvo recommends, but also the only grade available at our marina. And hard pressed to find anywhere that doesn't have E10 in the DC area. As mentioned adding fuel stabilizer/ethanol treatment every fill up or every other fill up is good idea and cheap insurance. Given high humidity levels, phase separation certainly a much greater possibility.
  21. Would suggest having the fuel line and vent line checked for length, which may be causing fumes to collect. We had the exact Sam reissue, and while it looked as though the fuel line was a direct horizontal run, it did have an almost imperceptible downward slope. I made the same comment about gravity to working to full advantage. As it turned out the fuel fill line needed to be shortened and the vent line had a dip, thus causing backup and very slow filling, which was #%^$&%$ frustrating.
  22. I would've concerned with the canvas covering over the fuel vent. There should be no obstructions to any vents, especially fuel vapor vents. Also, if you are not boating alone, consider having someone else do the sniff test, cause if you have spent time fueling your boat and sitting right next to the fuel vent, you might be overexposed/hypersensitive to the fumes from having been breathing in for the time of fueling. +1 on checking the fuel lines them selves as often times, as they age, they may be allowing vapors to escape, and you not having an actual leak.
  23. I had a factory installed tower on my previous SR 290 sun deck, and didnt have any issues with it. No stress cracks or loose bolts/backing plates. Bimini was Integrated and had no problems retracting or deploying. As for pulling tubes, we used it all the time for that key reason, was the perfect height and gave more maneuverability. One thing you do have to check, is that some states actually have laws/restrictions on using a tower for tubes, but not for wake boarding or skiing. As with any add on, or even factory items for that matter, it never hurts to routinely check for loose hardware/
  24. John, What's the latest on repairs, didn't see you this weekend, so hopefully they are getting you taken care of and will be back on the water real soon
  25. No real thanks necessary, I did what I would do for any fellow boater in a bad situation. Certainly wasn't how I had planned to spend the Sunday, but sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and jus have to go with it. I credit all my years of boating and my 21 years in the military with helping me to keep my wits about be, helping to control and manage the situation with not only the DC Harbor/fire patrol, but also the marina staff. We were just thankful we could do something before the situation got too far beyond control. Certainly isnt the easiest decision to climb onboard someone else
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