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  1. Hi Kris, I was recently told that I could install DPS-M drives and transom plate without pulling the engines. Is that true? If so, what is the difference between DPS-A and DPS-M?
  2. I had same problem. The speaker wires at the rear of the stereo were not properly connected. Every time I pulled the stereo out (putting stress on the wires) it worked fine in the cockpit, but with the stereo back in place it was intermittent, until I finally repaired the wires.
  3. I'm concerned because recently the starboard engine developed an intermittent whining noise....coupled with an occasional thumping like something was knocking on the transom....does that sound consistent with a bad gimbal joint? Also, I had a prop foul with a loose line and tore up the port drive housing. So, instead of dropping thousands on these repairs (and possible future ones on these drives), I am considering going all the way and getting Ocean X's.
  4. Thanks for the response...since you are nearby, can you tell me who did the work for you and/or offer a mechanic recommendation?
  5. Hi, shortly after purchasing a 2004 Signature 290 with 5.0 GXi's and XDP drives, I found these forums and realized I probably made a mistake. The boat had no problems at sea trial, but one engine just started whining intermittently. I plan to have this boat for a long time, so my question is: if I decide to invest in replacement drives, what is the best possible drive for the money? I am on the (freshwater) CA delta, but would like to use the boat in (saltwater) SF Bay as well. I am looking for the "bulletproof" option, as I don't want to make the same mistake twice! Thanks in advance fo
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