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  1. Thanks for those answers about looking for debris on both items. That information should help a lot of people start their trouble shooting with this problem.
  2. Thanks for the follow up. Good to know it was an easy fix.
  3. So ruling out a spun hub, is there any "simple" way of testing the cone clutch or the engine coupler without pulling the drive or the engine?
  4. I have never seen a Mercruiser to Mopar conversion. That sounds interesting. Just remember and Alpha one is only good for about 300 hp. A Bravo one is good for about 400 hp. Me being a Chevy guy would go for a 383 stroker for the extra horse power all the measurements would be as original. I agree with soldier4402. Don't do this project to make money. Do this project because you enjoy the look of the boat and want to save it from the boat grave yard. I know this from a wooden boat project I have going. Best of luck with it and keep us informed of the progress.
  5. Great pictures and history of the area. I started boating on the Rancocas Creek about 1955 with my parents at my uncle's house. I now have lived across the creek from that location for 41 years. Had a few friends that kept boats at Clarks Landing and have breakfast once a week at Castle Harbor Cafe and go by boat to Dredge Harbor Cafe to eat there.
  6. Easiest test would be to pull the belt off and start the engine and see if it goes away.
  7. You have the common symptoms of a bad accelerator pump in the carb. This can sometimes confirmed with the engine NOT running look down the throat of the carb while someone pumps the throttle. A stream of gas should be observed. If not replace the accelerator pump. Most people rebuild the carb if they are doing this.
  8. I agree with newboat2016. It isn't the hours that you are at the helm, but practicing different situations. I have practiced with different boats because each one is different. The canoe is different than the kayak and the jet ski, jet boat, outboard, I/O and inboard. So practice with your boat in different current conditions and wind conditions. You'll be surprised how quickly you get proficient in your boat.
  9. You can call JB mobile marine at (609) 220 3030. Jergen does very nice work. I have not used him on my Volvo Penta. He has done work on two other boats. He is located in Cinnaminson NJ. I don't if he crosses the Delaware River to the Pennsylvania side but it definitely worth a call.
  10. With the problem being with both batteries, a loose ground connection is a possibility. It is common to both batteries.
  11. I usually try to eliminate electrical problems first. I simple hook up a timing light around the plug wires one at a time and watch the flashing light as the problem occurs. If the light flashes consistently for each plug that pretty much eliminates an electrical issue. If the light stops flashing or is irregular on any or all of the cylinders it would start me trouble shooting the electrical system. For the fuel portion make sure the vent on the gas tank is open. When it starts to die pump the ball on the hose to see if that makes a difference. Those are a couple of quick checks to try to pin point the system causing the problem.
  12. It is possible it is the backing of a covering that was on the bunks. What is the condition of the present bunks? I would wet it down with hose or pressure washer, spray on "the works" toilet cleaner or some hull cleaner and then try pressure washing or scraping with a putty knife or something like a scrub daddy.
  13. Used epoxy with no problem. Sanded the surface with 80 grit before the epoxy.
  14. Instead of using Starboard on a few projects, I went to Dollar Tree and bought a cutting board. Cut it to size. It worked well for the uses I needed and might work in your situation.
  15. Sorry didn't see that mentioned