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  1. Boatman609

    Sea Ray vs Chapparal

    With the Volvo it is just a learning curve. No complaints.
  2. Boatman609

    Sea Ray vs Chapparal

    I've owned 4 Sea Rays in the past. Never complained about quality. I thought they were well built. The 21 footer I had for 25 years. Kept in fresh water 6-7 months a year. Never bottom painted. No blisters or concerns. Now have a 235 ssi. Happy with the quality. It is heavy for it's size but rides nicely because of the weight. It is the first Volvo I have owned which has some good features and some not so good features. I like both brands.
  3. Boatman609

    Set timing question. 350 mag mpi

    If you are in the boat facing aft looking at the crankshaft pulley and it turns clockwise with the engine running markings to the left of the indicator will be (BTDC) before top dead center. If it rotates counter-clockwise the marking to the right will be (BTDC) before top dead center. So if you have two engines and they are counter rotating to each other, the marks will be on opposite sides of the indicator. I hope this helps.
  4. Boatman609

    My anchor light socket broke.

    Removing the chrome socket is usually the easiest way. I used a metal coat hanger straightened with a small ball of duct tape (sticky side out) and got lucky on the second try. Tied it up to hold it place until I got a replacement. It was straight forward from there. Good luck.
  5. Boatman609

    SO..... I'm being told a need a transom assembly....

    I had the same problem and made a temporary (2 year) fix by shimming the steering pin. I then did the kit which is doable but takes some careful measurements with the provided templates. Careful drilling and tapping for the plugs and some determination to get the nut off the drive pin. I would say this is not for the amateur. Some experience eases the job. Good luck with what you find.
  6. We used to head toward a sandbar with an outgoing tide let the boat get high and dry and clean and wax the boat. No cost that way. had lunch, went for a swim and enjoyed the kids having fun. Just figure out everything you need to take with you.
  7. The first thing I check when there is to open the engine block drains to see if there is and sand or debris coming out of the drains. If there is, I close them run the engine and check them again. There are times you ingest sand and it blocks part of the cooling system and hasn't done any harm to the impeller. It is also a quick, easy and free system check.
  8. Boatman609

    CO2 alarm not getting power

    My boat has 4 or 5 stand alone fuses by the battery switch. One is labeled as 3 amp for the CO monitor. It is a 2003 235 ssi. I hope that helps.
  9. Boatman609

    Docking Light Replacement Bulb

    That was 850 lumens
  10. Boatman609

    Docking Light Replacement Bulb

    Home Depot had the bulbs I needed for my 2003 235 ssi. They came in a package of three. I don't remember the price, but it was reasonable. They are GE halogen, 50 W, lumens, MR16 bulb type, GX5.3 base, 12V. The bulb itself has EXN/CG 50W 12V on it. I hope that helps.
  11. Boatman609

    Navigating the Delaware Past and Present

    At a higher tide you can go almost to the route 295 bridge. There is a 6' 11" tidal change so at a lower tide you can go a little bit past the route 130 bridge. There are only a few places where you can ski anymore. There are usually some fisherman around and sometimes fishing tournaments. A couple of sandbars at low tide provide a place to set up a grill or volley ball net.
  12. Boatman609

    Navigating the Delaware Past and Present

    Hi Allen I had heard Clarks Landing was closing. A couple of friends kept their boats there and they left when they closed the side toward Dredge Harbor. I think you will like Dredge Harbor. It has a good cafe. I watch for you when you come up the Rancocas. I'm the first dock on the left after you go under the Route 130 bridge. Have a great boating season.
  13. Boatman609

    Need suggestions/help

    It definitely sounds like like a fuel problem. My first course of action would be to replace the water separator and fuel filter and then use a different fuel source such as a six gallon fuel tank. There have been times in both cars and boats where something is in the bottom of the fuel tank and eventually gets sucked up by the fuel intake system. This has also been know to happen in the oil pan causing low oil pressure. I would also rebuild the carb a relatively easy job. Good luck. Let us know how you solve it.
  14. Boatman609

    Ski tow clearance

    Skiing from the cleat should not present a problem especially if you are pulling kids on two skis. A heavier adult on one ski can pull the boat if they are really cutting back and forth. For them I would recommend using the ski tow hook. Towed from the cleat for many years. Sometimes used a harness from both cleats. Hope that helps. Enjoy.
  15. The bilge heater is definitely the safest way to go. The water won't circulate through the entire engine because of a closed thermostat etc. I've done the light bulb as an emergency set up , but with an approved thermostatically controlled bilge heater you can set it and forget it. Simple just as unplugging if you will be using the boat.