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  1. WV Relax

    Overheat update

    Awesome day...........Congratulations
  2. I'm still looking for duct tape; there has to be duct tape somewhere in the photo !!
  3. WV Relax

    Sand paper-Before and After

    Looks great !
  4. Yep, I hung mine on the zipper the first time, and let it warm up in the sun. Still really tight to get it to snap.
  5. WV Relax

    Norfolk Broads

    Welcome aboard
  6. WV Relax

    Sun Deck backrest?

    Didn't know the 335 had that high of a tow capacity. You must have added the 3/4 ton package.
  7. WV Relax

    Removing Bimini from Sunesta 243

    Overtons has a lot of bimini parts.
  8. WV Relax

    For Dog Owners.. Our Faithful Companion....Jed

    Beautiful Dog. May he rest in peace.
  9. WV Relax

    Battery panel indicator lights

    i ask the same question last year. MPM330 helped me out. http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?showtopic=19305&hl=%2Bbattery+%2Bswitch+%2Blight
  10. WV Relax

    Chaparral France

    Félicitations pour le nouveau bateau. Ne pas avoir d'informations précises, je voulais juste dire bonjour.
  11. Also look at the "Contour +2" camera. Similar to the go pro. Just bought one and it's great.
  12. WV Relax

    Do trim tabs ever return to neutral position ?

    +1 Shepard. Two years ago a local woman was riding on the front of a pontoon boat in a simialr position; fell off the bow, between the toons and into the prop. Luckily she wasn't killed but a bad day on the river. Cut really bad on the upper body. I was out sitting on the dock last week. River was/and is up and lots of floating trash (20'-0" trees, tires, junk, etc.) I heard a noise and then saw a small bow rider come around the curve of the river PULLING A SKIER. Looked like a dad teaching his young teenage doughter how to ski. Made me so nervous, I had to leave. WOW is all I can say. When you get too comfortable with anything, that's when it gets dangerous. No matter how experienced you are.
  13. WV Relax

    Bent the anchor!

    yep, try pressing straight first.
  14. WV Relax

    Bent the anchor!

    You'll need a torch. Heat gun won't produce enough heat. Muffler shops usually have torches. Grind off galvanizing before heating. Galvanizing puts off a toxic gas if it gets too hot.
  15. WV Relax

    Intermittent whining engine off

    pressurized water system pump is my guess.