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  1. duffy2

    First Boat, First Car

    68 Mod Maverick and a 72 Glastron GT. Both got me many tickets.... The good old days
  2. duffy2

    Please stop

    And this was her very first post... Just WOW....
  3. duffy2

    I'm Outa Here...

    You know, I was so happy to see the end of this post last week.. But alas.......
  4. duffy2

    Is it bad luck not to name your boat?

    But on the flip side, if you leave the sandbar and forgot your cooler, a recognizable boat increases the chance of getting your cooler back.... now, substitute wife for cooler and re-read....
  5. duffy2

    Lazy Lake Tahoe Day

    nothing prettier than snow-capped mountains... Don't see them in Michigan tho...
  6. duffy2

    Sea Deck

    I purchased that very model from Sea Deck 5 - 6 years ago.. Fit perfect. They most certainly have it on file...
  7. duffy2

    Brown stains on white vinyl

    I have stains on the head rests of the front two seats. Pretty sure it is because of direct contact with the cockpit cover. Since I made that connection, I have rotated the seats so that the head rest does not touch the cover... Unfortunately, I haven't found the right stuff to totally clean the stain...
  8. duffy2

    Removing Old Boat Names

    Thanks to all that provided intelligent responses .... So, what about all of us with the un-intelligent reponses....
  9. duffy2

    Removing Old Boat Names

    All right. Do we have to beg you for the name??? I'm sure we have all seen worse...
  10. duffy2

    Removing Old Boat Names

    So, we don't want to get into all of the "renaming" processes and ceremonies to ward off bad mojo....
  11. duffy2

    shout out for your city, state .

    Western Michigan - A lot of watery choices... Beautiful four seasons, although one of them could get a little shorter.. No affiliation whatsoever with the Detroit Lions. Please Ford, sell them to someone that cares about football
  12. duffy2

    Trailer modification

    How about doing a bump-out on the back side of the garage. A little lumber and shingles and your all set...
  13. duffy2

    What do you do to pass time during the winter?

    Yes, east coast skiing is not for the faint of heart. I did Gore Mountain and Killington back in college. Skiing on hardpack and ice is a challenge and gets you to appreciate the beer breaks... Nothing like Colorado powder.
  14. duffy2

    looking at getting 243 sunesta

    I have a 2002 Sunesta 243 with the 6.2 Merc Bravo III and absolutely love it. Unfortunately I am taking it from a 20 mile long Muskegon River to a 120 acre lake. I am afraid this boat may be a little too big for the lake. Not to mention that the admiral has been pushing for a pontoon for some time now. I am sure you will love the boat.... If you want to comparison shop, PM me...
  15. duffy2

    Can your boat do THIS?

    The real question here is: WHO'S TAKING THE VIDEO AND WHAT IS HE RIDING ON?