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  1. Just today I took another 3 gallons!!! Very hot day, no rain for weeks!
  2. I will check the holding and water tanks, as soon as i figure out WHERE they are and HOW to access them!!
  3. Hello Retlaw Yes, the boat is mine and i bought it about six months ago. She was sitting in the previous owner backyard for about 3 years in log blocks, we put her in my trailer and vacuum, clean, power washed,etc cause i will restore her. I don't know (and i don't think so) that the boat had sunk, the genset was in bad shape but I restore it and is running fine now! The star engine have water in the oil but the port one is OK. It's a project and I hope will pay off, i just finish restoring my 180SL due to rotten deck.
  4. Yes, the boat were sitting outside for 3 years and were recently power washed!! I can't remember if she had water inside before, I just notice cause the carpet got soaked.. Do you think the hull absorbed water?? but from where, the hull and deck looks good, no cracks or damage. http://i1114.photobucket.com/albums/k528/lunnardi/1993%20Chaparral%20Signature%2029/DSC03491_zps24a461b9.jpg Thanks!!
  5. That's exactly where it is, see the pic: http://i1114.photobucket.com/albums/k528/lunnardi/1993%20Chaparral%20Signature%2029/DSC03492_zps7aced0a7.jpg
  6. No pink water, it's dark like coffee, see the pics: http://s1114.photobucket.com/user/lunnardi/media/1993%20Chaparral%20Signature%2029/DSC03492_zps7aced0a7.jpg.html http://s1114.photobucket.com/user/lunnardi/media/1993%20Chaparral%20Signature%2029/DSC03494_zps27139670.jpg.html http://s1114.photobucket.com/user/lunnardi/media/1993%20Chaparral%20Signature%2029/DSC03491_zps24a461b9.jpg.html
  7. I live in South FL, not a such a thing like bellow 50 down here!!!
  8. Yes, the boat is sitting level. I will try to reach the tanks to see if they are leaking or so... First time I drain about 12 gallons, secont time about 7 gallons. Thanks
  9. The boat was always kept cover in a full canvas and this never happen before... and didn't rain since the last time I drain the water (a week ago) and it come again!!
  10. Hello There I have a 1993 Signature 29 that is on a trailer in my backyard, and about two weeks ago I notice water flooding the mid cabin and soaking the carpet. I lift the steps to get access to the hull, close to the sump pump and it had a lot of water. I drain using a bucket all the water (dark like coffee)and a week after the thing is almost full again with the same dark water. The water don't smell bad, so i wonder where it is coming from, there's no leaks in the roof or sides, everything is dry.. Please help me!!
  11. The better way is get it custom build for your boat. In mine I install two rails in the sundeck and attached the pad in the middle, so you have a place to grab and to hold the pad also!!
  12. lunnardi

    Chappa 180SL

    Hello There!! All that i know for now is that is a YAMAHA engine and outdrive..I will let you know if I got more info!!
  13. lunnardi

    Chappa 180SL

    Hello There I just bought a 1993 180 SL and I'm looking for the owner's manual and wanna know more about the engine. Please reply... Thanks!!
  14. Hello everybody!!

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