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  1. That could well be!
  2. A potential buyer hand-spun my duo propeller and said it was in bad shape. He could hear the gears turning and could feel the gears turn in the propeller blades. I just got the new lower outdrive back from my mechanic, and I thought the noise was normal. Should I take it back to my mechanic? Does yours make noise?
  3. Thank you! I will tape up the four holes in the morning and let you know if my impeller is still intact.
  4. What is up here? Hooked up the muffs, turned on the water full blast, started the engine and noticed that the water temp gauge started moving too soon. Got out and looked at the muffs, and there was no water coming out of the engine, as there usually is. All of the water was coming out of four holes in the front of the lower outdrive. Of course I immediately turned off the engine. What's up? Impeller? I just got the boat back from the mechanic!
  5. Okay, I lowered the price to 10K, listed it on craigslist in six coastal California cities, and listed it on eBay. Thanks for all of your comments.
  6. Thanks for all of your helpful comments. I decided to avoid Boats.com and Boat Trader. I went with Craigslist. Now we'll see how it goes. So far no nibbles in two days. I know she's priced high, but I will negotiate. I also posted it on the Chaparral Facebook page. I like the suggestion to delete and repost on Craigslist to keep it at the top. If she doesn't sell by June 1, I will go with one of the yacht brokers at the local marina (all of whom have a $3,500 minimum commission). FYI here is the ad: http://ventura.craigslist.org/boa/6146624512.html
  7. Good suggestions. I actually bought this boat used, in the middle of the Arizona desert, no test drive. I guess I was lucky. It turned out to be a great boat.
  8. Do prospective buyers expect a test ride? I don't want to schlep the boat down to the ocean and launch it every time someone is interested in it. Maybe I should lease a slip?
  9. I've got to sell my favorite toy because arthritis is making it too hard to do all the things that need to be done when you own a boat. I am definitely going to list it on Boat Trader, but I've heard that Craigslist is subject to a lot of scams. What do I need to do to avoid getting ripped off on Craigslist?
  10. Thanks! I'll give that a try if the sun doesn't bleach them out.
  11. I was able to get rid of the blue mold stains on my white vinyl, but nothing I do seems to eliminate the brown stains. What are they? Rust? They seem to mostly on the tops of the vinyl. Anybody had any luck removing theirs?
  12. Help! Suddenly the threads are breaking all along one row of vinyl seatback upholstery. What do I do? It can't be re-sewn without removing something. Is there a video or a site I can go to that will show me how to get the upholstery re-sewn?
  13. The lug nuts on my used trailer are so corroded I had to jump on the breaker bar to get them to move. Then it took an hour to get them all the way off of just one wheel. Even getting new ones on is hard labor. How do you keep lug nuts from getting corroded in salt water?
  14. Mine rusted through, also. What a mess! I tore it out and installed a plastic one about the same size. It was a very difficult job. Chaparral should have used plastic in the first place
  15. Chaparral made it so you can't just replace the wiper blade like you can on a car. You have to replace the whole effing arm! So where is the best online place to order a wiper unit for a 1997 Chap Signature 24? I want to make everything nice and new before I sell it later this month. Thanks!
  16. Yes, we have inspectors at the entrance to every lake where boats are allowed. Their degree of thoroughness ranges everywhere from a teenager walking around the boat and looking underneath, to an old guy with a flashlight and a Q-tip looking into everything, including in the anchor well, in the engine compartment, and even under the batteries! Imagine driving your grandchildren 200 miles for a vacation at the lake, only to be turned away when they ask you to lower your outdrive and a drop of water falls out. It happened to me.
  17. To protect California lakes from Quagga and Zebra mussel infestation, the state requires that every boat be 100% dry before it will be allowed to enter a lake. Every time I lower the outdrive, a little seawater drips out, thereby eliminating any chance of putting my boat in a lake. What is the best way to get all of the water out of my Mercruiser engine?
  18. I pump the handle up and down as demonstrated on the toilet, but very little water enters the toilet bowl. It flushes fine, but seems to pump out as it is filling. New holding tank and all hoses are air tight.
  19. How does water get into the toilet when I pump the handle? I looked under my boat and couldn't find a hole. Is the trailer covering it up? Is it back by the I/O?
  20. I had to remove the two batteries from my engine compartment to install a new holding tank and I can't remember how to hook them up. There is a heavy red cable and a heavy black cable, and two smaller red and black cables with fuses. I have one switch with "Off" "1" "All" "2" Can someone tell me how to hook them up? Better yet, send me a photo of the hooked up batteries? ~Thanks!
  21. My holding tank sounded empty, so I took the level sensor off and started to fill the tank with a garden hose. After about 4 gallons I heard a pop, then it started leaking heavily from the back side all over the engine compartment. Fortunately it was all clear water. I have never heard of a holding tank with a major leak like that. Do they have a safety valve? I can't see back there to tell what's going on.
  22. I do not have a Vac-u-Flush. I have to twist the handle and pump it up and down.
  23. I have never been able to get the waste out of the holding tank. I have never owned a boat with a holding tank before, so it is a huge mystery to me. I follow all of the directions on the pump. I even prime it with ocean water. But when I stick the nozzle in the hole and twist the red handle, nothing comes out. Even if I hold it there for several minutes. What am I doing wrong? Do I have to do something with the toilet flush valve? Or is it a candidate for the marine repair shop?
  24. I want to take my 8-foot Zodiac with a 3.5 hp motor out to the Channel Islands and explore some caves 12 miles off shore. Does anyone have any experience or advice regarding towing the craft? I don't see any other viable option for getting it out there. Thanks.
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