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  1. Is this the condition sometimes referred to as "Bravo-itis". My '08 270 Sig with 8.1 Merc & B3 had a cooling water pick-up hose that had corroded closed. If was replace by a local indy mechanic without removing the engine. Now, however, I have what I consider to be excessive water intrusion at the stern. Perhaps I have a corroded transom plate? Is water intrusion a symptom of transom plate corrosion?
  2. Greetings all, I saw more than one Chap this past weekend on a two night cruise from Venice, FL to Tarpon Springs and back. Anyone on this list live up that way? Sorry, no pictures.
  3. Greetings boaters, We are back in FL and our Sig 270. On start up, I smelled burning rubber. On closer inspection, I noticed the alternator had seized and the belt was slipping. Researching replacement alternators for my '08 8.1 liter Merc and there are apparently two basic choices - new OEM Mercruiser for $240 and new other brand for $80. So, what say you all-knowing Chappies? Which should I buy?
  4. I wonder if the fresh water tank vent was installed? Perhaps it was not and water can not go in if air does not come out.
  5. I remember speaking with Chap customer service when my recently filled tank being to leak. I told them their boat had turned into a bomb. If it blew up, then the adjacent boats and marina would catch fire and my boat has Chaparral in big letters on each side. There was a pause on the other end of the line and then the reply, "we will stand behind that". The scariest part for me was climbing down into the engine bay and disconnecting the bilge pump just before the float was about to lift and pump gas into the bay. Thankfully there was no spark when I unplugged the bilge pump.
  6. The tank is made from aluminum and if brackish water is allowed to sit in the bilge for an extended period of time, the tank will corrode and eventually leak. I prefer a molded plastic fuel tank over aluminum.
  7. Contact Chaparral customer service in Nashville, GA. They are your best bet.
  8. My '08 Sig 270 also developed a gas tank leak, so this will not be news to Chaparral. Here is a link my story and happy ending: Good Luck, Montreal
  9. Greetings boaters, I would like to have warm water at the anchor locker to wash down the rode upon retreival. Has anyone ever plumbed this? What type spigot would you recommend?
  10. Greetings Chappies, I am considering installing a flexible solar panel on the bimini of our Sig 270. Something like this: My hope is that it will keep the batts topped up when the boat is sitting on my lift and I am away. Question: Does the solar panel need to be disconnected when the engine alternator or shore power on-board charger are in use? Will the panel be damaged by the other charging sources? The product description indicates that the panel controller includes diodes to allow one-way charging only. Thoughts?
  11. I think the bimini on my Sig 270 extends about 3 feet aft and the brow extends about a foot forward of the arch.
  12. I have an '08 Sig 270 with arch. I like it because I usually run with the isinglass installed and the arch keeps it tight. I do not know if the bimini provides the same capability.
  13. Not sure what Chap uses, but I replaced my snap-in cabin carpet with Amtico from TTCustom Marine.
  14. My Sig 270 does not have a fresh water tank gauge. I fill the tank each time I go out and try to use as much as possible. This way the water does not get rotten and smell bad.
  15. I think the largest plate is 9". A typical dinner plate is too big. Our rotating plate in out Tappen MW broke, so I took out the rotating cog and we use it without the plate.