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  1. MontreAl

    Overtemp Alarm - 8.1 Seacore

    Thanks for the tips, Water Dawg. Did you install OEM parts? Where did you buy your new manifolds?
  2. MontreAl

    Overtemp Alarm - 8.1 Seacore

    Who has changed their manifolds themselves? Is it a straight-forward parts swap, or something esoteric? Short of breaking a bolt in the head, should all go smoothly?
  3. MontreAl

    Overtemp Alarm - 8.1 Seacore

    I stopped into the local MarineMax and had a chat with the service manager. Based on my descriptions of the symptoms, he immediately concluded that my manifolds need replacement. The age of the engine, (2008) coupled with the Overtemp alarm sounding when coolant temperature was only 170 deg F led him immediately to that conclusion. He says the manifold sensors are initiating the alarm. I think I can do this replacement myself. Who knows the best place to source the parts? Thanks
  4. MontreAl

    Overtemp Alarm - 8.1 Seacore

    Greetings fellow Chappies, Once again I am in need of your collective experience and advice. Our '08 Sig 270 has 564 hours on the Merc 8.1 Seacore. I get an Overtemp alarm when coming off plane and back at slow speed. All the while the coolant temperature never exceeds 168 deg F. The thermostat opens at an indicated 159 deg F without fail. At first I thought the sea water impeller was getting old and able to satisfy the engine when operating at 3,000 RPM but not at 1,000 RPM, but then there is the temperature indication. I changed the impeller - there was nothing wrong with the one I took out. I am now beginning to think it may be time for manifolds and risers. What are your thoughts? Does an Overtemp alarm apply strictly for the manifolds and not the coolant?
  5. MontreAl

    '07 270 Signature w/ 6.2

    We have an '08 Sig 270 with the 8.1 liter engine. Top speed is about 48 MPH, which we rarely ever do. Almost all the time we cruise at about 30 mph. I push the throttle all the way perhaps once a year, so the 6.2 liter would probably work fine for my needs. If you don't need to go fast or carry a big load, then I think it will work for you as well.
  6. MontreAl

    It's the small things

    Greetings fellow boaters, The admiral and I are back aboard the JAH Love in SW Florida. We went on a 13-day trip recently to Key Largo, Marathon, Key West and back to Venice. John Pennekamp State Park is the best. Anyway, off the coast of Cape Sable and cruising at about 30 MPH, our single 496 suddenly revved up, followed by an overtemp alarm and safe mode operation. Ah, that sounds like a spun impeller to me. We carry a spare raw water impeller and I have the tools on board to replace it, but since the boat is in the water, sea water will be pouring in as the RW pump is below water level. I know because I did this once sitting in a marina slip. Once the engine cooled enough for me to snoop around, I found the discharge hose on the back of the sea water pump had blown off. The stainless steel hose clamp had rusted through and broken, allowing the hose to blow off. This of course meant that the engine was pumping water into the bilge for about 5 seconds until we shut it down. It also meant that there was a steady drip drip of sea water leaking through the pump and into our bilge. Fortunately I carry an assortment of hose clamps on board. I had to frankenstein 2 clamps together to get the size needed. Then we continued on our trip. Once back in our home port, I inspected every hose clamp and replaced many. I double clamped critical connections. Our boat is 10 years old so I guess this is to be expected.
  7. MontreAl

    Another oil question - No Chap Content

    Note that the PDS for Castrol Edge does not say it meets ACEA A5/B5, rather A1/B1. The new car owner's manual recommends Castrol Edge, so that's what I am planning to use. Rather confusing, no?
  8. I think the best oil advice I have received has been from Wingnut posting on this forum. I use mobil 1 in 2 boats, 2 cars, a motorcycle, ATV and snowmobile. I am sold on mobil 1. My new car, a Volvo V60 with a 2L turbo asks for oil meeting standard ACEA A5/B5, which I think mobil 1 does not. The only readily available oil I could find meeting ACEA A5/B5 is Castrol Edge. What am I missing?
  9. MontreAl

    Wearing Shoes on Customer's Boat

    My boat mechanic takes off his shoes and works in socks - mostly in the engine bay too. The guy who fabricated our new canvas made all the measurements in his socks.
  10. MontreAl

    Power at dock?

    My 2008 Sig 270 uses 110v 30A shore power. It has A/C and it still only needs a 30A power supply.
  11. MontreAl

    Keys Trip

    The admiral and I are leaving our homeport in Venice, FL tomorrow for a 10-day cruise. We thought we might stay a few days at John Pennekamp SP, but after calling them we understand they still have no power or water at the boat slips. It actually reports this on the website, but it is not easy to find: Slips are located in the marina and include bathroom and shower facilities nearby. Moorings are located in Largo Sound with dinghy dockage at the marina. Both include full use of the park facilities, trash disposal, and pump out. Reservations recommended. Call (305)451-6322. Water and power are not included at this time.
  12. MontreAl

    How Fast Does Your Boat Go?

    I got 48 GPS MPH on a couple of occasions. No isinglass, lightly loaded with 2 people, calm seas, no wind. I think that's as fast as my heavy boat will go.
  13. MontreAl

    Taking on water

    Before the mechanic made the caulking repair, I asked a few questions. 1. Do the transom shield halves need to be tightened? No, they are not loose and there is no visible gap at the bottom where it is leaking. 2. What is the alternative to caulking? Haul boat, remove drive and engine. Re-seal the transom shield which probably has corrosion damage and will need to be replaced. This is a big money alternative. 3. Have you successfully performed the caulking repair before? Yes, several times and it always has worked out fine. 4. Has the transom become wet from water passing through? Not sure. If the edges of the transom cutout have been sealed, i.e. with gel coat, then no. If not, then perhaps yes. So, the caulking repair was performed and I am waiting for the 5200 to cure before getting the boat wet. I am looking forward to a dry bilge.
  14. MontreAl

    Taking on water

    Interesting point Chap243. I will quiz my mechanic to get comfortable with his recommended repair. I suspect that re-seating the transom shield is tres expensive. I also want to know if he has executed this caulking procedure successfully before.
  15. MontreAl

    Taking on water

    Update. Mechanic came to the boat and we filled the bilge with water. The leak was easy to spot. It is leaking from the bottom of the outdrive transom shield. Mechanic says he can seal that from the outside with a bead of 5200 at the seam of the transom and the outdrive shield. How does that sound?