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  1. MontreAl

    Overnight aboard the JAH Love

    Here we are this past week entering our favorite anchorage at Don Pedro State Park: https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipOvnpRukF6y3FwnI3j1-Usl1Dg1ajwuRNzCSWEC
  2. Never tried any epoxy products. Will investigate for future projects. Thanks
  3. MontreAl

    Engine Room Blowers

    I like Defender. They do not however have the motor alone.
  4. MontreAl

    Engine Room Blowers

    They didn't actually. I was running on one blower for a while and then when the second one quit I decided it was time to do something about it.
  5. The expansion tank probably reduced pump cycling by a third. It does not cycle as often, and it runs a bit longer each time. The bonus is that water pressure at the faucets is stabilized somewhat.
  6. I simply used stainless wood screws. The connecting tubing and fittings actually holds it in place.
  7. MontreAl

    Engine Room Blowers

    Neither of my 2 ventilation fans work. In both cases when the switch is on there is power to the motor. I am trying to source the motors. I have Jabsco Model 35440 blowers fitted with Fasco 2807-513-121 motors. I can buy the blower complete but can't find the replacement 12V motors, which is all I need. Any suggestions?
  8. Here is the expansion, (accumulator) tank I installed: https://www.amazon.com/SHURFLO-182-200-Pre-Pressurized-Accumulator-Tank/dp/B000N9VF6Q
  9. My favorite cool mods are all done on the fresh water system. First I installed an expansion tank so the fresh water pump would not cycle so much: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1kwp6Q61QGKxwqjNA Then I replaced the pull out sprayer in the cockpit sink with a decent faucet piped with hot and cold water: https://photos.app.goo.gl/KanVyhHHezs61hMj9 Next I replaced the faucet in the galley sink with the same nickel plated faucet used in the cockpit: https://photos.app.goo.gl/XZ5LUT2ZBe3AQktb6 Finally, I added fresh water wash-down in the anchor locker so I could rinse the rode as I pulled it up - I piped it with hot water of course: https://photos.app.goo.gl/wXdQhMhZTCH6TCPEA I hope my links to photos works. Please let me know if they do not. Happy Boating, Albert
  10. MontreAl

    Need help - No Crank

    Great pro-tip, WIngnut. Being the amateur that I am, I buffed the old bolts clean with a wire wheel and after lubricating, re-installed them. I hope never to pull the starter out again.
  11. MontreAl

    Risers *and* manifolds?

    Follow up to my riser replacement: After visually inspecting risers and manifolds, I decided to replace risers only. They were seriously clogged and the manifolds appeared to be clear. With new risers installed I test ran the JAH Love yesterday. After several high speed passes along a section of the ICW near my homeport, I am pleased to report a successful result. No overtime alarms. I suspect this may be a temporary fix - as the OEM manifolds age they may also get corroded and eventually restrict cooling water flow. For now, all is well. Thanks for all the advice fellow boaters.
  12. MontreAl

    Need help - No Crank

    Today I replaced the starter and what a job it was. It was tough to break loose the rusted mounting bolts. It was also tough to hold the starter in place while threading in the first mounting bolt. Glad that one is solved.
  13. MontreAl

    Need help - No Crank

    Thanks for the advice gentlemen. I will wack it with a hammer and also change out the engine top relay. I suspect I may need a new starter motor.
  14. MontreAl

    Need help - No Crank

    My '08 Merc 8.1 liter will not crank. The batteries are good and I can hear the starter relay on top of the engine click when the key is turned to the crank position. Batteries have 14.2 volts and there is 14.2 volts at the starter motor. It feels as though the starter solenoid is not activating. Any suggestions on where to look next? Thanks
  15. MontreAl

    Risers *and* manifolds?

    I am not sure what can be visually inspected, aside from looking into the water inlets, which I have done.