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  1. taoriginal

    Ice Chest

    We have a 2006 256 SSI love the boat came with small igloo ice chest. Ice chest worn out. Is there another one that fits under that seat? thanks
  2. I was going thru the 2017 Chaparral build a boat. If I'm looking at it correctly it appears Volvo engines are not listed. Did Chaparral go 100 Mercury? Anyway dreaming about a new Chaparrral before I retire next year.
  3. I dug deeper and progressive has $300K for spillage thats pretty large I'll run with them thanks for the input
  4. I'm getting quotes to renew my boat insurance 2006 256 SSI. Boat is seldom trailered as we have a place on Lake Conroe. I have one quote from Boat US that includes a line item Fuel and Other Spill Liability Coverage. The other quote from Progressive does not show that line item. There is over a $100 differnce between quotes with Boat US being the more expenive option. Seeking thoughts on Boat US VS Progressive. thanks you
  5. I have a sample on the way price seems fair
  6. Has anybody used this company for replacement carpet for their boat? Prices seem reasonable. My boat is 10 years old and carpet backing is coming all apart and just looking pretty worn. http://www.snapincarpet.com/ecommerce/detail.cfm?id=260&cat=51
  7. Well my boat finally would not start at all Shop called today said its a fuel pump relay minor cost to repair I'll try it out this weekend hopefully that's was the problem
  8. This year it was fluids, filters, and I needed a water pump. I had wires caps replaced couple years ago but I'll check my paperwork might be longer than I think. Appreciate the suggestions.
  9. Thanks for the quick responses So it's something electronic keeping the fuel pressure to the engine. I'll start investigating
  10. I have a 2006 320 Volvo Penta in our 256 SSI. 415 Hours on the engine. Always ran great done annuall maintenance every year. This year it's been hard to start on a few occasions. It starts easier when I put the shifter in neutral and can rev up engine as I hit the key. Any ideas on where to start looking for problems. Just change fuel filter water pump and all the fluids. Thanks
  11. Good Day, I have a 2006 256 SSI boat. Well after ten years I find myself needing to replace the head seat. It's the flushable version with a tank. Is this a regular seat or something I have to special order? thanks
  12. Disc brakes never seen salt water
  13. Took boat out last week Boat ran like top love our 256 ssi But trailer brakes kept sticking forward or reverse McClain trailer electric brakes Any ideas?
  14. I installed my JL speakers today Huge difference well worth the cost Had to drill a few hole to line up screws but very easy job to do
  15. Thanks for all the suggestions. I pulled the old speakers measured the holes and ordered up 4 of these speakers online from Crutchfield. I've always had good luck with them. JL Audio MX650-CCX-CG-WH I'll let you know how they sound. Hope to be on the water this weekend. Suppose to warm back up some down in Houston Texas
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