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  1. Look at Sem marine vinyl coat.
  2. Sweet boat, Enjoy
  3. Very jealous of that set up, Really Nice
  4. I agree with Gnomeally. Wouldn't have any thing else
  5. Does any one know who makes them,or are they built in house. Especially the ones on there bigger model boats.
  6. 95.3 the river Fort Meyers
  7. Shipyard marine in Green Bay, WI has 2011 on there web site.
  8. Ever look at Hydro-Turf? Might be another option.
  9. Show us some pics. We all like to look
  10. My dealer also said you need different muffs for BIII. He sold me the muffs that have asmall rode that goes through the water intakes and then you slide each side together to get a tight fit .
  11. Lakeside marina in Oshkosh, WI, has a 06 285 SSI with 140 Hrs,arch,twin 350s ,and a trailer.
  12. I think I'm going to try Rejex this year.
  13. Very easy to install. I wouldn't be with out one. Hopefully you get 10 people.
  14. Have a H.O. velocity. It's a 4 person one and the kids and there friends really love it. Only down fall it's Hugh.