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  1. aha - now THAT seems like the easy route. Perfect!
  2. Call me ignorant, but I have no idea how to gain access to run a wire from the back of the stereo to behind the dash. I have an aftermarket stereo with an iPod USB input, and want to run a USB extension to the helm so I can keep me iphone next to me and change songs, etc. I see screws on a lot of the panels in the aft cabin but don't want to go taking them all out unless I know the easiest route. Thoughts? It's a 2002 Signature 300.
  3. The Belkin does NOT need a battery, it runs with an AC cord. Depending on where your aux jack is, the unit could be bulky with the AC adapter, but my stereo has a rear jack, so I will install it out of site. I will say that I've used it in my house and it works great. Below is a link to it at Home Depot - right now, they're cheaper than Amazon...when I bought mine, it was $30 at Amazon, but it looks like that deal isn't around anymore. http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-5yc1v/R-202839665/h_d2/ProductDisplay?selectedCatgry=SEARCH+ALL&jspStoreDir=hdus&catalogId=10053&navFlow=3&key
  4. LOL - you would definitely win! I like mine, but I like subtle and understated....I don't think it will win any awards.
  5. Appreciate the offer, but I'm actually really starting to like my rendition (if I do say so myself)....or at least something close to that. Geiser, looks nice - I might have to play around a bit with the slant....
  6. Gotta love photoshop... if we go with Bon Bini, I think this is the way to go:
  7. all great ideas...love the "Private Island" idea. We don't 100% have a name picked yet...our last 3 boats we were going to name "Bon Bini" ("Welcome" or "Hello" in Aruba), but we never actually did...not sure on this one, although that would fit nicely on that door.
  8. Any way you can post a pic when you have a chance?
  9. Whoa....love it...but the wife most definitely would NOT!
  10. Thanks for the replies - I actually kind of like the idea of going between the rub rail and the swim platform; I'll probably give that a try. No matter what, I don't think it'll be ideal...but then again, I've had 5 boats and never got around to putting a name on any of them, so anything would be an improvement over nothing!
  11. Hello all, this is my first post here. I just purchased my first Chap, a 2002 Signature 300, and am looking forward to warmer weather so I can get out on it. My question is around the boat name - if you can see below, I believe 02 (or 03) was the year right before they got rid of the external fender holders on the transom. There isn't much space for a boat name. I suppose I could do small lettering at the top of the transom, or even on the tiny vertical surface of the swim platform (the integrated one, not the extended), but I've never been good at envisioning things without seeing them, so
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