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  1. On my old Wellcraft I had the same issue. Everytime it would rain I would get damp carpet at the bottom step. It turned out to be the rubrail. I sealed it with marine sealant at the joints along the hull and it fixed the issue. Not sure if the Wellcraft and your Chap are constructed the same.
  2. I have a 2006 330 with 6.2 inboards. I bought mine back in 2012 with extremely low hours similar to what you're looking at. Be prepared for a lot of replacing lines, belts and anything else that can dry rot. Once you get through that first season of using it a lot, it gets much better. Inboards are great. Love the maneuverability the provide and the reduction in corrosion exposure. You will burn a ton more fuel than your outdrive counterparts and you give up some top end speed. Not really a huge issue in this size boat IMO. The worst thing about the inboards is the reduction i
  3. MPM, You may be right as I've never piloted a 330 with outdrives for more than a sea trial. However, I have spent some time on Sea Rays and Rinkers in the same size range with outdrives and I definitely find it easier with inboards for whatever reason. May be just a personal preference. Strick, Congrats on the 290! Those are great boats!
  4. Strick, I have an '05 330 with the 6.2's and V-drives. Overall I love the setup but I've listed a few of the biggest pros and cons I've noticed. Unfortunately I have no idea what percentage of the 330's were made with inboards but it's a very small number compared to the I/O's made. Pro's- No outdrive maintenance! This is a big one (especially in salt water) and why I originally chose inboards. Easier to maneuver at idle and around docks. 6.2's sound great and have plenty of power! I get asked if they're big blocks frequently. For whatever reason, the inboards sit lower in the water and a
  5. Repairs just finished today and should be back in the slip on Saturday. Luckily no damage to anything thanks to you and Tom getting to it before the water left the main bilge (besides the faulty sea water pump). Thanks for checking! I had them do a lot of preventative maintenance and check over everything. Replaced both sea water pumps/impellers, belts, etc. While it was pulled I had them check/rebalance the props (was supposed to be done before launch), check the running gear, etc. In addition, I took your advice and had them up the GPH on both bilge pumps. Tom was right about these guy
  6. Let me first say that I don't post often but TXTWIN and MPM330 were instrumental in my joining the Chap family two years ago. Their advice and expertise were hugely appreciated when i was going through the survey and inspection phase of my purchase. I am extremely grateful to them for thier help. and guidance in buying my 330 In additon, the information provided by them and the rest of this forum has always been an extremely valuable part of owning a Chap. I have to get better at sharing my experiences (both good an bad) with my 2005 330 and I will certainly try going forward. Ill start wi
  7. I wanted to thank everyone for the help this forum provided as I went through the purchasing process on my new (to me) 05 Chap 330! Today was a great day as we brought her home up the Potomac River after having her delivered from Florida yesterday. Thankfully she ran very well. It was definitely a little stressful though since I'm stepping up from a single screw 26 footer and we discovered that the port battery needs to be replaced (won't hold a charge). I will post pics as soon as I have some. Todays weather was less than desirable for some good photos. I especially want to thank TXTWIN,
  8. Hello all! I intend to be making an offer on a 2005 330 with V-Drives within the next week. I was wondering if anyone on the forum has had any experience with the 6.2 Horizon Mercs and v-drive setup in this boat? I noticed that Chaparral no longer offers the option on the 350's currently in production (or at least thier website doesn't offer it). Is there any particular reason this setup is no longer offered? I'm familiar with the pros/cons of an inboard vs sterndrive setup, I'm just wondering if there were any known issues to cause Chaparral to no longer offer a v-drive option on this mod
  9. Thank you all for the responses! The survey is scheduled for Thursday and I'm hoping all will go smoothly. It's good to hear that the twin 350's have enough power for the boat AND tubing (albeit with the extra fuel cost). It's also amazing how quickly Chap owners are willing to respond given its mid-January and most other boating forums seem like they're "shut down" for the winter. It sounds like everyone is happy with the overall build quality of Chapparal and loves their boats. This is fantastic news and increasingly rare with other boat manufacturer owners. Hoping to be in the club soon
  10. Thanks for the info! That makes us feel a whole lot better since we were wondering if we'd have to give up tubing when we stepped up to this boat. How is your overall impression of your 330? Any issues or things I should be on the lookout for? Thanks again for the reply!
  11. Happy boating everyone! New to the forum here and looking for some help. I'm having a survey done on a 2002 Chapparal signature 320 this week and was wondering if anyone had any advice on any common issues or things I should be on the lookout for/ asking the surveyor to dive deeper into? She's got twin Merc 350's with Bravo III drives and looks to be well taken care of with some minor cosmetic issues that will need to be addressed. My GF and I fell in love with Chap's at last years boat show and have been looking for the right one ever since. The layout and build quality of the 2002 320 (w
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